Fashion trends for 2019

2019 is just around the corner, and it’s time for lovers of gloss and style to be interested in current fashion trends. From season to season, design preferences change, and it is almost impossible to keep track of the subtle change in fashion ideas. But to understand the main directions – it is quite possible!

Fashion clothes 2019

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Fall and winter 2018-2019 street fashion trends will appeal to lovers of casual style. After all, “everyday gloss” not only does not lose its relevance, but also becomes extra-fashionable.

Trendy denim for a casual look

Expensive dresses from eminent designers can be safely left for grandiose receptions, which happen only a couple of times a year. The rest of the time can be spent in comfortable cut jeans, a trendy blouse or shirt and flat soles – and you will not cease to be considered graceful and stylish.

[stextbox id=’info’]In the new season, denim will become the queen of street style. Almost any necessary element of the wardrobe today can be made of jeans, whether it be a shirt, dress, skirt or overalls.[/stextbox]

Oversized denim jackets

At the same time, fashion 2019 is again loyal to oversized things: and this can be said not only about the trends regarding denim jackets, but also about the main trends in women’s clothing in general. In short, whatever you choose, look for an oversized model – especially if it’s a denim-style jacket or a midi-length denim skirt.


Leather luxury

On the heels of hyper-popular denim comes leather clothing. Natural and artificial, official and everyday, expensive and budgetary… Today you can find a leather skirt in any store that is at least somewhat self-respecting.

Trendy leather is the best solution for spring and autumn

[stextbox id=’alert’]Leather things, despite the many advantages, have a significant drawback – it is better not to wear them on hot days. Even in things made of genuine leather it will be uncomfortable, so spectacular dresses and tight-fitting trousers should be postponed at least until the fall.[/stextbox]

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The example of leather items, perhaps, best shows how fickle fashion trends are. In the 90s, this is a sign of belonging to social circles with which it is dangerous to deal; in the 2000s, it is either a symbol of bad taste or a sign of a rocker party. And now, on the eve of a new decade, wardrobe items made of leather are the main trend in women’s fashion. Not having a single leather item in your wardrobe in the fall and winter of 2018-2019 is at least bad manners, if not a crime.

Celebrities in leather dresses

[stextbox id=’warning’]Beginning fashionistas need to get at least a leather skirt – it can fit perfectly into an office look (unless, of course, your company has a strict dress code) and evening dress.[/stextbox]

And the long leather cloak will not at all become an inappropriate reference to the Matrix. On the contrary, now it is a sign of high style. If you are prone to outrageous and extravagance, try to combine such a raincoat with bright accessories – for example, burgundy shoes and a red handbag. It will turn out ultra-fashionable. And don’t forget the expensive neo style glasses!

Penelope Cruz leather coat

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At all times, shoes are an indicator of the state and sense of style. The main trends in the world of shoes, boots and ankle boots will remain almost the same as in 2018, but there are still a couple of reasons to update the shoe shelves.

So, the absolute trend of the autumn season is rough shoes, decorated with large metal buckles and dotted with aggressive spikes.

Rough boots with a light dress

Even more confusing is the fact that on the catwalks, models combine such boots with delicate, airy dresses – and even things in the field of “lingerie style”. And folk wisdom says – what appeared on the podium, then wait for the people.

trendy shoes

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The second bright trend, which no shoe lover can pass by, is transparent inserts. We are talking not only about sandals, but also about boots, ankle boots and even sneakers – literally about all models.

transparent shoes

Of course, if the shoes are designed for the cold season, the material for the transparent insert should correspond to the expected temperature outside the window. Often this is not the case. However, nothing prevents you from enjoying the fashion trend in the warm season – fortunately, autumn will still provide such an opportunity.

Mixing textures

The fact that eclecticism is now in fashion has been said since the beginning of the tenth years of this century. But how often have you heard that mixing textures, styles and colors is the main trend not only in the world of women, but also in men’s fashion? But in the fall and winter of 2018-2019, this is exactly the case!

Eclecticism in women’s and men’s clothing

The combination of the incongruous has long ceased to be a novelty. Agree, the world has long known that even for a wedding, if it is not too classic, today you can wear a polo shirt – and at the same time look completely appropriate.

Combine the incompatible!

But the real trend of 2019 is a mixture of textures, materials and fabrics. Leather can be combined with velvet, knitwear with tweed. The trend is also manifested in accessories – this autumn, bags made of several types of fabrics and materials will be in special esteem. For example, the trend will be a combination of leather and fur – the popularity of a bizarre combination can already be seen from the photos of Western models on Instagram.


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In an effort to cover the main fashion trends, discussing the classics is too boring. But for lovers of a strict style, we emphasize: all classic things remain relevant, but there were some small changes. You can either accept or reject them, but you must know about them:

  • The little black dress will be extremely short this fall. At the same time, you don’t need to be naked – it can be combined with tight tights, a long coat and oversized jackets.

Short dress with tight tights

  • Classic pumps will get decorations in the form of large stones of different colors. The most important thing here is not to choose cheap models with low-quality stones. In this case, you run the risk of becoming not a style icon, but its antipode.

Chic shoes decorated with stones

  • White, black and other classic shades are still trendy, but they just need to be complemented with bright and saturated colors. For example, a classic-cut tweed coat this fall can be an exceptionally bright, almost flashy color – yellow, red or even fuchsia.

These rules will make the old-fashioned classics a little more modern and interesting.

Color spectrum

The wine color begins to gradually give way to scarlet. Going from deep, slightly…

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