Fashion trends for autumn 2019: current trends and photos

Fashion trends for autumn 2019 will finally please those who did not like the trends of past seasons with the dominance of oversized sweatshirts, puffy jackets and oversized coats. After all, such things completely hid the figure. In the autumn-winter period of this year, designers urge young ladies to be completely frank. Fashionistas should stock up on a few ultra-sexy, almost nothing-covering dresses that, despite the cold, will have to be worn on every appropriate occasion. In our article, girls will be able to find photos of stylish bows and have time to acquire trendy new clothes that will be relevant immediately after a hot summer.


Fashion trends for autumn 2019 in women’s clothing

Fashion experts have prepared a lot of surprises for fashionistas that will certainly cheer you up in rainy autumn weather.

Dresses with slits

Despite the impending cold, the cuts will be relevant in the autumn-winter period. The most relevant will be asymmetric cutouts in the waist area on dresses of various models.

Stylish autumn looks with bright accents

Military style

Going to the store for a new stylish coat, take a closer look at military-style clothes. Such a new thing not only looks sexy on the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, but will also be incredibly relevant in the upcoming season. Among the novelties are the styles of women’s raincoats and coats, reminiscent of an overcoat, uniform or tunic.

fashion coats

Layering and shifting things

Layering colors, fabrics and textures is another fashion trend this year. Moreover, the trend is not only an unusual cut, but also the creation of a stylish image from a large number of things that create the desired effect.

Stylish autumn sheepskin coats

Another fashion trend this fall is reversible new clothes. Moreover, the wrong side should be distinguished by brightness and contrast. This trend will allow not to throw out of fashion fur coats and fur sleeveless jackets, but to give them a second life, simply turning them inside out.

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Lacquer and leather

Bright coats of bold colors made of lacquer and leather will decorate the everyday look of any fashionista. Also, do not be afraid to decorate outerwear with interesting prints.


plush fur coats

Faux fur coats migrated from last season and will be relevant in the winter of 2019-2019. However, now preference should be given to multi-color models with floral motifs, stripes and patterns.

Faux fur jackets

Stylish shoes and accessories

Fashion trends for the fall-winter 2019-2019 season affected not only clothes, but also shoes. Also, designers did not disregard bags, belts and other accessories.

Stylish autumn images

Novelties in the shoe world

When choosing a stylish new thing for the beginning of autumn, you should look at the classic version of pumps, as well as models with low heels. To give the image of lightness and ease will allow mules without backs. The photo below shows photos of shoes and boots that correspond to the fashionable autumn trends of 2019.

Spectacular over the knee boots

At the onset of the first cold weather, stocking boots will warm the legs. This model can be supplemented with slits and trendy lacing. Also, designers offer stylish ladies insulated closed options.

Shoes with heels and low heels

Various interpretations of cowboy boots will also be in fashion, models with a high and voluminous top, as well as half boots with a wide top and high heels that do not lose their relevance.

[stextbox id=’info’]Idea! To create a trendy bow, you should get shoes and boots with transparent elements and bare areas.[/stextbox]


The world of bags offers fashionistas a wide variety of options. The trend will be both mini shoulder bags and bulk bags-bags and chests in oversize style.

Bright handbags

Fashionistas can safely wear semi-circular, rectangular bags, accessories with round handles and fringe, as well as the main hit of this year – belt purses.

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As for colors, classic colors (chocolate, black, white), as well as animal prints, will be in fashion.


The strap will be an interesting addition to any image, emphasize the dignity of the figure, correctly place the accents. A medium width belt can be worn over any clothing, be it a dress, blouse, coat or raincoat.

Ideas for autumn looks with belts


Volumetric necklaces, pendants, earrings and other oversized jewelry will be especially relevant this fall.

original jewelry

[stextbox id=’info’]Idea! Do you want to stand out from the crowd? The new trend of this season is the fashion for different earrings or an earring in one ear. [/stextbox]


Where without headdresses. In the autumn and winter of the 2019-2019 season, fashionistas will warm their heads with stylish and warm fur hats. Both voluminous and neat styles are in trend. The color of the fur should be chosen in accordance with the image and personal preferences.

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Trendy shades and colors

In the upcoming season, designers preferred natural and natural shades, but left them saturated and dynamic, which is incredibly important for the autumn-winter period.

Among the most popular shades of 2019-2019 are:

  • outrageous orange-red grenadine;
  • dark and warm port;
  • delicate pale pink;
  • attracting golden-lime;
  • calm blue Marina;
  • deep and juicy orange autumn maple.

Intense yellow tones

Along with the shades that are relevant today, the following colors will be in trend:

  • Metallic – these things are like movies that take place in the future. Despite the large number of podium looks in “metallic” clothes, while in everyday life fashionistas are advised to look at shoes and jackets of this color.
  • Camouflage – such a print involves the use of edemas of red and marsh, as well as the use of plant motifs.

Bright autumn dresses

  • Plaid – colored plaid, Windsor plaid, glencheck … almost all color options will be popular this season. Vezhi with such a print are especially relevant for girls who prefer a business style in clothes.
  • Leopard print is an option for wild predators. The fabric of this color can be used for tailoring a suit or a trench coat. For more discreet ladies, pumps in the tone of leopard wool are suitable.
  • Neon – oddly enough, but the fashion of the 80s does not leave the fashion catwalks. Today, girls can safely dress in acid-colored clothing, whether it be a raincoat, tights or hair tie.

Clothes for autumn 2019 with bright prints

Lingerie, pajamas, cowboy style and 80s fashion – the fashion trends of autumn and winter 2019-2019 dictate their own bold rules. The gurus of the fashion world offer fashionistas a large number of variations, so every woman will be able to pick up at least 2-3 trends for her…

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