Fashion trends for fall 2020

World catwalks tirelessly pamper modern fashionistas and today offer bold fashion trends for autumn 2020. Unusual creative solutions, bright prints, stylish and sometimes unexpected combinations of textures and fabrics – we will present all this to your attention.

Autumn clothes for the office and for a party

After tracking all the proposals of fashion designers, we concluded that black and gray are the leaders of the autumn season 2020. Stylists offer to replenish the wardrobe with clothes in these shades. On the podium, beautiful options for going to the office, to friends or on a date were presented.

Closed black dress to the floor

In autumn bows, bet on modesty and restraint. Then you will be known as an uncompromising fashionista. Complete your wardrobe with a floor-length dress in black. Puritan style is by far the most spectacular. Long sleeves, a closed neckline, a skirt to the floor – what you will be stunning in.

Meringue dress

In wide circles, it is also called the princess dress. If you love extravagant style, are not afraid to experiment, dreamed of a big hall and a beautiful dance with a prince, then this option is for you. Choose puffy dresses with a floor-length skirt, decorated with silk and satin ribbons, pearls or embroidery. Feel like an aristocrat even in the office.

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Cut-outs at the waist

For a perfect figure, jersey dresses with cutouts at the waist and abdomen are designed. They can be asymmetrical, modest, or vice versa, defiant. Practice shows that it is light dresses that are used in a special way – gray, milky, white.

Knitwear is the perfect companion for autumn

The current fashion trends in clothing for autumn 2020 indicate that a knitted dress will become a leader among other wardrobe items. World-famous designers have relied on comfort and presented numerous collections at their shows, which were dominated exclusively by knitted dresses. Tight-fitting or loose-fitting, they are beautifully combined with pumps with heels, with high over the knee boots or boots with a wide top. You will definitely feel comfortable in this long sleeved dress.

Bet on latex

The fall season 2020 will open a new page in the world of fashion trends for modern fashionistas. Eminent couturiers offer to wear dresses with drapery, long skirts to the floor, suits made of thin iridescent latex. The most closed outfits create the effect of modest impregnability. Excite the imagination and make you an interesting little thing.

fluffy things

The fashion of the 60s and 90s is back on the catwalk. Now it’s stylish to wear fluffy things that turn you into a kind of cloud. A sweater, dress or an interesting blouse with this effect will be a great addition to an office or romantic bow. But remember that such fluffy things are not suitable for overweight women, as they visually add volume.

drama frock coat

Add some theatrics to your look. Choose for yourself a dramatic embroidered jacket or an elongated frock coat. Outwardly, such a wardrobe item resembles a stage costume for one of Shakespeare’s tragedies. But in combination with laconic plain trousers or a skirt, stilettos or stylish boots, it will look perfect.

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Two-piece suit with a skirt

Among the main trends in women’s fashion for autumn 2020, there is also a strict two-piece suit. And its lower part is by no means trousers, as we are used to seeing, but a strict skirt below the knee. Its distinguishing element is a side high slit. It is desirable that a formal suit be made of coarse wool. Such an ensemble will become a stylish bow for negotiating with business partners. A strict suit made of wool can be elegantly combined with pumps or high stylish boots.

A note of madness in an office suit

For business ladies and those who work in the office, world-famous designers offer interesting suits with a skirt or trousers to replenish their wardrobe. What is important here is not the set itself, but its interesting, slightly crazy cut. So, at the world fashion weeks, unusual costumes were presented in which the jacket has the most bare shoulders. They also noted an interesting version of the design of the Burberry jacket, which had beautiful peculiar wings concocted from a light flying fabric.

Gray jersey bandeau top

For owners of a small, neat chest, a knitted bandeau top will be an ideal find. Made in gray, it goes well with any classic shade of trousers or skirt. You can complement such an ensemble with a laconic elongated jacket of a free cut. A small piece of knitted fabric quickly elevates you above the rest of the fashionistas.

Top autumn clothes

Once again, fall 2020 fashion pushes gray to the top of the catwalks. If you are interested in what will be in fashion from outerwear, then replenish your wardrobe with a stylish gray cashmere coat in men’s style. Strictness, closeness, classic – three elements that form your fashionable bow.

A motley carpet is no longer a carpet

Strange as it may sound, but world designers advise modern women of fashion to put on interesting outerwear that looks like a grandmother’s carpet. Stylish ponchos, coats and elongated jackets in such colors are the trend of the autumn season.

Quilt as a coat

Warming can be unusual. This is repeated by numerous intricate fashion shows. In the autumn collections, quilted coats in pink shades were noted. Outwardly, they resemble a homemade blanket. That’s just the style and cut – a little more interesting. Choose for yourself a coat with a fluffy skirt and a belt, a model with puffy sleeves, a laconic version of a straight cut below the knee.

Patchwork and leather

If you like to stand out, pay attention to leather trench coats, coats and raincoats sewn in patchwork style. Their distinctive detail is the patches of skin sewn together. Moreover, they can be made both in monochrome and have contrasting shades.

Double-breasted coat

For those who prefer retro style, interesting models of double-breasted coats have been developed. Choose the black version of the dress with contrasting metallic buttons in gold, bronze or silver.

Unusual fashion pieces

When choosing autumn fashionable clothes, it is important to pay attention not only to models, but also to interesting features. These are:

  • Psychedelic houndstooth. If earlier this version of the cage was considered optimal for any type of figure, today you need to be a little more careful with it. Fashion designers offer interesting optical effects with the location of the “houndstooth” on the fabric.
  • Maximum long fringe. And in this case, the couturier is urged to follow the basic rule – the longer the fringe, the more fashionable. Choose for yourself a dress, jacket or skirt with the longest possible fringe.
  • Rain on clothes. Contact…

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