Fashion trends for summer 2020 for women over 50

Fashion trends in clothing for summer 2020 offer a lot of fresh ideas for women over 50. Choose what techniques you will embody in your stylish bows!

Light palette

Many stylists are sure that women absolutely in vain refuse light things in their wardrobe, relying on their imaginary impracticality. For summer, this palette will be the most fashionable and beautiful solution. You can make sure from personal experience that an outfit made in light colors is great. young and refreshes the look.

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So, in the summer of 2020, you should not ignore the relevance of free white dresses, trousers, shirts and milky jeans. All these things can create spectacular monochrome ensembles paired with each other, but at the same time they can also be successfully combined with bright accents. For example, fuchsia, blue or azure, orange, red or yellow can be included in a stylish summer bow. An unconditional must-have is a rich pastel palette that looks great in the company of light things.

[tds_note]When creating successful bows, you can use the universal advice from stylists, which says: the closer the thing to the face, the lighter it should be.[/tds_note]


Dresses are considered to be the most stylish, beautiful and feminine clothes in the summer wardrobe. Of course, having crossed the line of 50 years, you should not ignore these things, you just need to be especially selective about the models you choose. Fortunately, in the summer collections there are many new dresses that do not have significant age restrictions.

  • The undisputed must-have of the 2020 season is the shirt style, which really has excellent versatility. This cut, in its classic design and midi length, looks both discreet and attractive, and due to this it is an excellent choice for every day.
  • In addition to the famous shirt model, other variations of dresses with a vertical row of buttons will be in demand in the summer. Such a design technique is not only in line with fashion trends, but also advantageous. slims silhouette.

  • Not far behind in popularity are classic A-line dresses and straight-cut models. If you want the selected model to serve faithfully for several seasons, bet on a laconic design without unnecessary decor.
  • Feminine and light wrap dresses perfectly accentuate the waist, mask imperfections and will be directly involved in creating stylish images for any occasion.
  • For special occasions, stylists recommend having the legendary sheath dress in your arsenal, the classic design of which never goes out of style.

Moderate oversize

Considering the modern fashion for a free cut of things, a woman over 50 should temporarily put aside all overly tight styles on the far shelf. In the 2020 season, at the peak of popularity, there promises to be a semi-adjacent or loose fit. But stylists do not advise getting too carried away with this trend at an elegant age and suggest that one oversized item will be enough in a harmonious outfit.

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I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that such a fashion trend is not at all associated with the baggy and heaviness of the silhouette. For example, this summer it is incredibly fashionable to emphasize the waist with a belt, combined with a loose fit.


Summer fashion 2020 for women over 50 suggests not to ignore the relevance of Bermuda shorts. This stylish novelty of shorts, which has no significant age restrictions, is universally combined with any top, looks restrained and stylish. The key features of this style is a loose elongated cut, which is often combined with an oversized fit. This basic bottom can be interestingly combined with various options for summer tops, but combinations with a fashionable elongated jacket are considered the most stylish solution in the 2020 season.


Many readers will probably be surprised by the fact that stylish jeans are considered the best friends of women over 50 years old. The fact is that the actual and at the same time practical and concise model coolly refreshes and rejuvenates the usual outfits. For example, this summer it is worth taking note of denim without scuffs and decor in light blue or beige colors. A straight or slightly tapered cut is welcome.


In case of an evening cold snap, you can have a cozy loose cardigan with horn buttons in your wardrobe. Moreover, such a model looks great not only in the base, but also in accent colors as in the photo. This cardigan will be able to successfully make friends with almost any look, whether it be a dress, a T-shirt or a shirt in combination with jeans, trousers or skirts.

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Wide pants

Fashion trends in clothing for summer 2020 for women over 50 distinguish as their favorite and wide trousers made of natural texture. The main highlight of this model lies in the amazing ability to beat even banal and familiar top options. To see this in practice, you can mix a basic T-shirt or tunic with wide trousers: you will see, the image will immediately sparkle with new colors.

[tds_warning]Pants with an oversized fit promise to look especially relevant – they are great hide the belly and visually lengthen the silhouette.[/tds_warning]


It is believed that transparent textures are an absolute taboo for women of elegant age. But there is a pleasant exception to almost every fashionable rule. So, women over 50 can afford discreet and concise models of clothes made of weightless texture and combine them according to the principle of layering with plain basic things. Such a fashionable technique will add a touch of charm, lightness and airiness to the summer look.


It doesn’t matter if you work in the office or prefer a more relaxed rhythm of summer, a trendy pantsuit will take its rightful place in your summer capsule in any case. The fact is that modern brands remove the shackles of a strict style from this clothing, so they offer to style it in different directions. For example, in the 2020 season, you can experiment a lot on the selection of shoes for a trouser suit, choosing not only pumps, but also sandals, mules or sneakers.

To create fashionable image with such a novelty, you need to make sure that it is in strict accordance with current trends. For example, stylists consider it a win-win investment this year to buy straight trousers (possibly with arrows) in an ensemble with a loose elongated jacket. This set looks especially stylish in pastel and bright colors. To create a winning look, designers suggest combining this suit with a geometric bag.

Texture combination

Fashion trends in clothing for summer 2020 for women…

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