Fashion trends in clothing 2021

Fashion trends in clothing on 2021 have a lot in common with last season, however, there are a number of distinctive features that every fashionista needs to know about. From the article you will learn about what colors, fabrics and styles will be in trend in 2021, you will see photos of the most stylish outfits for women of different ages.

Fashion trends 2021

Fashionistas need to brace themselves as 2021 will see them changing their wardrobe a bit. Recently, designers have been updating trends every season, offering women new options for stylish looks.

Trends for 2021 are no exception. The stylists proposed several new trends and made fashionable adjustments to the existing ones.

Textures and fabrics

First of all, you need to pay attention to trendy fabrics and materials. Incredibly popular will be:

  • leather;
  • suede;
  • velveteen;
  • velvet;
  • denim.

Denim in 2021 will be out of competition. Stylists suggest using this material for sewing not only jeans, but also skirts, jackets, dresses and overalls. extremely popular in 2021 year there will be total denim looks, however, when compiling such fashionable image note that different things are made of material of different shades.

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Plastic products continue their fashion procession in 2021. Despite the controversial comfort and convenience of such material, not only shoes, but also outerwear, dresses and skirts will be made of plastic.

Colors and colors

Poisonous colors in 2021 are unlikely to be popular. A more restrained and calm palette comes to the fore. Fashion experts identify several key shades:

  • green;
  • grey-blue;
  • soft and desaturated yellow;
  • red;
  • Gray.

The palette is replete with colors, while gray is designed to balance fashionable looks. After all, this color fits perfectly into any palette, combined with various shades.

The trend is both plain and printed materials. Do not lose their relevance and animal print, abstract motifs, stripe and floral patterns. At the same time, fashionistas should remember that when choosing an original color palette, you should not experiment with a cut, otherwise you will get too flashy and catchy outfit.


Dresses are incredibly popular among women of all ages, and a variety of models will help you choose the option how to for students, and for women aged from 50 years.

AT 2021 year in trend there will be both unisex outfits and incredibly feminine models. Do not forget about sports cut dresses, with asymmetry, bare shoulders.

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Particular attention should be paid to dresses that meet one or more of the fashion criteria below:

  • Models with puffed sleeves. The original cut and the unusual shape of the sleeves have been inspiring designers for years. Moreover, such a highlight is present not only on fashionable dresses, but also on jumpers, blouses and cardigans. On dresses, “flashlight” can be of any shape and size. The most trendy option is a dress with a straight cut, complemented by a puffy lantern sleeve. fashion trend 2021 years for such dresses will be a real find for obese womenafter all clothes with voluminous sleeves perfectly hides the fullness of the arms and shifts the focus from problem areas.
  • Short dress with long sleeves. The undeniable hit of 2021 is a simple mini dress with an asymmetrical neckline and one long sleeve. Puff sleeves and puffs are also suitable for mini dresses.

  • With bows and ribbons. These dresses create a very feminine and romantic outfit. The look is cute and yet very stylish.
  • Trench dress. This is one of major trends new season. The style is extremely self-sufficient, therefore it does not require any additions. At the same time, it is equally well suited for both young girls and women. for women over 40.

  • Dotted. Such models create a light and airy look in a retro style. This color is just perfect for the summer season. At the same time, designers are advised not to limit themselves exclusively to black and white peas, but to use various color variations.
  • On buttons. In past seasons, this trend was used on fashionable skirts, today designers have transferred it to dresses. This, simple at first glance, decor looks very impressive and stylish.

  • Red with a pattern. Bright red models have moved from last season to the new one. However, now at the peak of popularity, not just plain models, but also dresses decorated with prints. Designers suggest using floral motifs as a pattern.


The undeniable favorite among fashion skirts in 2021 will be midi length models. Maxi length skirts are also no less relevant. You can also wear mini models, but they will not be so in demand.

Among the most trendy skirts are:

  • narrow and straight with a flared bottom (mermaid);
  • pleated models of medium length;
  • a pencil skirt that does not lose its fashionable positions and seems to remain in trend for many more seasons;
  • models with high waist;
  • to the smell.

To create everyday outfits, medium-length skirts are more suitable, while for evening looks, you can choose a floor-length model.


The undeniable trend of 2021 is jeans. They are the best fit for the desire of designers to create comfortable, practical and at the same time incredibly attractive looks. A wide variety of styles will be relevant, so every fashionista will be able to choose the right one, based on her proportions and type of figure.

  • High waisted jeans look feminine and stylish. In 2021, it will be the most popular and sought-after model. Such clothes slim, visually lengthens the legs, stretches the figure. If a girl has extra pounds in the waist, in this case it is better to choose a model with an average fit – it will allow you to correct the problem area.
  • Boyfriends also do not lose their popularity. In the new season, they have become more baggy and narrowed to the bottom. The most popular and fashionable models have turn-ups or a raw edge at the bottom. Combine these jeans with voluminous blouses, tops and voluminous cardigans.

  • Palazzo. These jeans will be a real find for the warm season. Models made of thin denim create a romantic and very stylish look. Denim palazzos with deep slits on the sides are one of the main new products among fashionable women’s clothing in 2021.
  • Mid-rise straight jeans are making a comeback in fashionistas’ wardrobes. The main advantage of these pants is versatility, they fit almost any figure and fit into images in various styles.

  • Since last season, flared jeans have been gradually gaining momentum, regaining their former popularity. Moreover, in 2021, designers offer to pay attention not only to floor-length models, but also ankle-length or slightly below the knee flares. It looks very original and unusual, but perhaps such models will take root. Hollywood…

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