Fashion trends in clothing for women: spring-summer 2019

The fashion trends of the spring-summer season in 2019 carry original design solutions for women, which make it possible to opt for elegant and practical clothes. Complex styles are left far behind. Bold combinations of fabrics of different textures and colors, embroidery and patchwork, floral prints and ethnic motifs are in fashion today. Further on this and many other things we will tell you in more detail.


Top Best Spring-Summer 2019 Trends

After looking through a lot of photos from fashion shows, you can highlight the top trends of the spring-summer 2019 season in clothes that are suitable for absolutely all women, regardless of age and body shape. The main trends this year are as follows:

  • Colored stockings and tights. These are brand new for 2019. They can be both translucent and quite dense matte. Colored tights look perfect with a variety of dresses, skirts and tunics in neutral tones.

colored tights

  • Dress shirt. They are the main trends of 2019. These dresses are made from both cotton fabrics and denim. It is ideal for both everyday wear and informal parties.

Dress shirt

  • Free style. Oversized clothing has been a major breakthrough in the fashion industry for more than one season. Such things have earned their popularity due to practicality and convenience, which is very important for every modern girl. With the right combination, you can achieve the creation of fashionable images that will be appropriate for going to work, to the office, to study, or just for a walk.

Oversized clothes for summer 2019

  • Lace. Now finishing things with lace is the main trend of fashion trends in the spring-summer period. They are decorated with dresses, sundresses, blouses, T-shirts, trousers, shorts and even swimwear.

elegant lace

  • Pantsuit. Another trend of this season, which has been in fashion for more than a year and has become rightfully considered the basic clothing of a women’s wardrobe. Stylists recommend choosing absolutely any model. The main thing is that the style fits perfectly on the figure.

Stylish trouser suits

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Today, white is in fashion, so when choosing a trouser suit, opt for this particular color palette, as it is an indestructible classic.[/stextbox]

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  • Plastic. Things made of plastic today are the most popular, especially among young people. Transparent windbreakers, raincoats and raincoats, bomber jackets and biker jackets are bold and non-standard clothes that will appeal to true connoisseurs of high fashion.

Transparent raincoats

[stextbox id=’info’]For those who do not risk wearing plastic clothes, you can replace it with plastic accessories that will complement the bow and make it more original.[/stextbox]

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  • Fringe. It can be used both in a minimal amount for decorative trimming of pockets, and for the manufacture of full-fledged items, for example, dresses, skirts, tops and wraps. Vivid examples of fringed clothing can be seen in photos from fashion shows such as Marco de Vincenzo, Hermes, Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler.

Fringe on women’s clothing

  • Color blocks. Almost every fashionista who wants to match all fashion trends is thinking about what colors are fashionable this year. After looking at the photos of beauty bloggers and world celebrities, one can highlight the fact that, like last season, bright and juicy tones are still at the peak of popularity, especially their combination in one bow. For example, if earlier yellow tights and a hot pink dress were a sign of bad taste, today it is a cool outfit that matches high fashion trends.

Bright color block

Spring-summer fashion trends for women after 30

After 30, every woman knows “their” styles that suit her type of figure. Nevertheless, despite her age, every woman should look fashionable and elegant. Therefore, guided by fashion tips in clothing from Evelina Khromtchenko, we have collected the best trends of the spring-summer 2019 season, which will be useful for absolutely every woman who has overcome the thirty-year barrier.

Classic. Black dress

The little black dress is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. It should be simple and elegant, without any additional frills. Also, women over 30 should not forget about a white dress shirt. It will go well with both classic trousers and jeans or shorts.

For women over 40

Women over 40 in their basic wardrobe can not do without a trouser suit. It will be ideally combined with both heels and wedges. For special occasions, you must definitely have a simple dress, without various decorative elements. Nevertheless, the materials for the manufacture of such an outfit must be of high quality, so that the finished product “sits” on the figure.

Trouser suits for winter and off-season

Loose fit summer trouser suits

Women over 50

At this age, when choosing things for your wardrobe, you need to be extremely careful. You should not buy products with ruffles, flounces and rhinestones, but the color palette should not be boring and dull. Women over 50 should not limit themselves and wear only skirts below the knees. At this age, it is allowed to wear more jeans, shorts and various styles of trousers.

Elegant and bright 50

Over 50? It’s time for trendy looks!

Fashion trends for evening dresses

Today, as in previous years, the main outfit for an evening out is a dress. Therefore, if you aspire to be the “queen of the evening”, we bring to your attention several fashion trends of 2019 that every woman should follow in order for her evening wear to be elegant and, most importantly, in trend. These include:

  • Veil, train and capes. Such attributes of evening dress add chic and dizzying lightness to the image. In addition, they lengthen the silhouette, visually hide a couple of extra centimeters and the female figure is significantly transformed.

Semi-sheer dress with a train

  • Dresses with flounces and tiered frills. Such dresses are quite versatile as they can be used not only at evening events, but also at other solemn events.

Flounces and ruffles

  • Godet or “mermaid”. These are classic styles that have not gone out of fashion for more than one year. Their only drawback is that they are suitable only for slender girls with ideal parameters. Otherwise, the dress of the year can only emphasize all the flaws of the figure.

Dress year and models with a bustier

  • Bustier or bandeau. Despite the simplicity of the style, these are quite original and elegant dresses that give the image even more femininity. For those who are afraid to bare their shoulders once again, stylists offer to hide them…

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