Fashion trends in clothing: spring-summer 2019

The spring-summer 2019 season is the time for bold fashion trends and unexpected clothing combinations. We have compiled for you the most complete guide to the hot new products of the coming season. Use it as your ultimate style cheat sheet to keep up with the latest fashion trends!


Color palette

To find out about the actual colors of the warm season, we turned to the undisputed expert in this field – the Pantone Institute. Obviously, nature itself served as inspiration for choosing a fashionable palette.

  • Designers fell in love with a completely joyful and positive shade of yellow – canary. Of course, it should take pride of place in your wardrobe if you have grandiose plans for spring and summer. Dressed in this sunny color, you will fight back against the off-season blues and attract many smiles from passers-by.

  • The master of 2019 will not allow you to get lost in the crowd – “living coral”. This complex shade is not for everyone, but you can always treat yourself to accessories in this design.

  • A confident position in the fashion world was taken by juicy reds and oranges, namely Fiesta, Playful Red and Turmeric.

  • A powerful spring antidepressant is clothes in the fashionable color “Pink Peacock”. Such a fresh interpretation of pink has pleased many fashionistas, and they have already managed to buy at least one dress in interesting colors.

  • A more delicate pink color of the new season is the shade “Sweet Lilac”. It is perfect for you if you want to bet on tenderness and femininity in your images.

  • A magnet for admiring glances and a great mood is the Golden Aspen color. This tone radiates happiness and warmth, which means it is the best suited for spring and summer.

  • Another stylish representative of the family of yellow shades is Mango Mojito. Of course, this is an unexpected decision for everyday life. But if not now to try bold ideas, then when?

Very beautiful color

  • An unexpected guest of the bright palette of the warm season is the shade “Blue for the Princess”. It is so deep and noble that it definitely deserves to be in your wardrobe.

  • The color of the spring-summer season goes well with the shade “Barrel of Pepper”. This color adds an interesting twist to any outfit and spices it up with a feminine mood.

  • For girls who are not ready to immerse themselves in bright colors from head to toe, spring-summer fashion trends have declared the warm and tasty shade of “Iriska” to be relevant. We recommend combining it with a black and white base to create a subtle play of tones.

  • An excellent base for your fashionable experiments can be the color “Terrarium Moss”, which is an up-to-date reading of the familiar khaki.

  • Neutrals also included Soy Beige, deep Eclipse, cool Sweet Corn and muted Granite Brown.

As for the actual prints, checks, stripes, black and white polka dots, sewn-on flowers, drawings of flowering trees and colors under the skin of a python have won their place under the sun. Logomania has also gripped the fashion world: various inscriptions and brand logos become a stylish accent of any clothing.


Perhaps such a purchase will be one of the most practical investments in a stylish wardrobe. The famous Coco Chanel claimed that a trouser suit can be a worthy alternative to a little black dress. The lady thought he was just as versatile and elegant.

In the new season, trends have relied on minimalism and deprived the trouser suit of any decor. The most simple cut of a fitted jacket and cropped trousers is welcome. But you can not limit yourself in colors. The upgrade of this trend in the spring-summer season is the most striking performance.

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Interesting! Stylish bows with a trouser suit do not necessarily involve classic pumps. With cool sneakers, no less stylish images are obtained.


Bicycle shorts

This is a trend that surprises and shocks, but at the same time is gaining popularity in record time. Now this once-sporty piece of clothing goes well with miniskirts, shouldered jackets, oversized sweaters and shirts. When choosing shoes, you can opt for pumps or sandals.

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The warm season is unthinkable without bold stylistic decisions and bright colors. If you also think so, then take a closer look at the trendy neon things. The principle of choosing such clothes is elementary simple: the brighter it is, the cooler it is. Lemon, light green, ultramarine and hot pink shades were especially held in high esteem by the designers.

In such a bright outfit you will definitely be noticed.

Washed out denim

The trendy “varenka” today is present not only on jeans, but also on dresses, T-shirts and accessories. You definitely won’t go wrong if you decide on a jumpsuit or jacket in colors with greetings from the 90s.

Floral dresses

Among all the fashion trends in clothing for the spring-summer 2019 season, a dress with a floral print takes pride of place. For women of any age, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate their femininity and elegance.

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Dress with one bare shoulder

Another model of the dress that appeared on the top shows is the open-shoulder style. In this version, a daring mini dress, an elongated transparent dress with embroidery decoration, as well as a model with exquisite ruffles on the shoulders are presented.

Many designers have successfully combined 2 trends at once and complemented the bare shoulder with a polka dot dress print.

Pleated skirt

Do not rush to put away the pleated skirt on the far shelf – it will remain with us for at least one more season. This is really an ideal option for both the feast and the world, which boasts excellent compatibility.

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Transparent raincoat

The unconditional trend of recent seasons is transparent clothing. You have probably already noticed the fashion frenzy on transparent trench coats, bags and shoes, and the raincoat in this design has already managed to become mainstream.

You can see interesting ideas and the theme of this trend in a selection of photos from the main shows.

In the bag

Almost all designers agreed that the fashionable image this season would be incomplete without a headdress. In the top collections, their choice is so diverse that it is incredibly difficult to choose a single model. We believe that you should not hold back your fashionable impulses and buy whatever you like, be it a hat, cap, baseball cap, scarf or bowler hat.

Bright scarves have gained particular popularity. They can act as a scarf or bandage, and also become a fashionable accent on the waist or arm. Fashionistas also decorate bags, sandals or shoes with such a stylish accessory.

Wild West mood

Fashion trends for the spring-summer 2019 season in clothes and shoes are largely inspired by the spirit of the Wild West. This means that suede and…

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