Fashion trends in makeup 2020

Fashion trends V makeup on 2020 year will please with its practicality and originality. Makeup artists have tried to make-up can be used in the preparation of everyday images, and also provided fashionistas with the opportunity to use what they like. From the article you will learn about fashion trends and the main trends of the season.


The basis

A well-chosen foundation is the key to a perfect make-up, regardless of its style and color. Sculpting, a clear highlight of the cheekbones and a powerful highlighter are gradually moving away. Also in 2020, it is better to stop using correctors, bronzers, sparkles and blush with a metallic effect. Makeup artists strive for the most natural beauty, and the products used should only emphasize the freshness and hydration of the skin of the face.

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Instead of dry highlighters, experts recommend using oil-based or water-based foundations, fixing with powder on top in the T-zone. You can also experiment with liquid highlighter, which can be mixed with foundation.

“Invisible” makeup

trend on all natural and natural continues to occupy a leading position in all areas of women’s fashion. He did not bypass the fashionable make-up – among the current trends, total nude occupies the first place.

To create such an image, you will need a minimum amount of cosmetics. It will be enough to tint the eyelashes a little, make up the lips with beige lipstick or translucent gloss, make a few light strokes of nude shadows to match the lips.

[tds_warning]The main requirement for “invisible” makeup is a perfectly even tone of the face. [/tds_warning]

With a properly made make-up, it should seem to others that there is no cosmetics on the face at all, and the key to a fresh and attractive appearance is solely your merit.

Such makeup has rejuvenating effect and is ideal for young fashionistas.

“Natural” blush

Bright cheeks as if from frost are in trend again. If it is not cold outside or you are not going to sit in the cold, then blush will come to the rescue. Today they can not be spared and generously applied to the entire cheek.

The application technique is simple – away from the center of the face and as fashionably closer to the temples. Ideal if, in addition to blush, you pick up shadows to match or paint over your eyelids with blush.

For lips, you can use nude, pastel, and also lipstick bright and juicy colors.


Matte make-up in sepia shades is another fashion trend of 2020. The main distinguishing feature is the use of a common color scheme for lips, eyes and even contouring. In this case, the shades may differ slightly from each other, but they must be combined with each other.

Particular attention should be paid to coffee shades, which look very attractive with soft shading.

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To make the image perfect, the makeup should not have clear lines.


Analyzing fashionable trends makeup on 2020 year, special attention should be paid to brows. In recent seasons, the trend has been pronounced and voluminous lines, but in the new year, makeup artists decided to give preference to naturalness. The absence of bright color and clear lines, a shade that exactly matches the hair color is what you need for beautiful eyebrows in the new season.


The trend will be wide and narrow, blurry and clear lines. Arrows can start from the middle of the upper eyelid and move around the entire eye, ending in the middle of the temple. In this case, you can use eyeliner not only in traditional brown and black shades, yellow, blue, orange and white are in trend.

[tds_note]The thicker and more voluminous the arrows, the more fashionable and original the makeup looks.[/tds_note]

Bold experiments with arrows are welcome, they can be:

  • with sharp and round ends;
  • double;
  • different colors.

The emphasis on the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid will add expressiveness to the look.

Smokey eyes

If speak about eyes, then smokey eye makeup is still in fashion. Makeup artists offered fashionistas the widest scope for experimentation. will be in trend

smoky gradients in a variety of colors:

  • black;
  • brown
  • purple
  • green;
  • blue.

You can also play with the shape – round, elongated, with long arrows, each girl will choose the smoky eyes she likes.

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It is not difficult to make such a make-up, because for a slight negligence, experts suggest using not only brushes, but also your own fingers.

[tds_info]In the new season, fashionistas should pay special attention to a slightly sloppy make-up without clearly defined lines and transitions.[/tds_info]


Fashionable in past seasons, the matte texture of lipstick will remain in trend. Glossy and satin lipsticks will be added to it, as well as a tint, which allows you to create the effect of kissed lips.

Bright colors

If a fashionista wants to focus on her lips, you can safely experiment, because makeup artists offer to use almost the entire palette of juicy shades. Among make-up fashion trends For lips 2020 you can select berry, burgundy, various shades of fuchsia and even black.

When creating a make-up for every dayWell, one accent is enough. Using bright lipstick, you should not highlight the eyes too much, it will be enough to lightly paint over the eyelashes and emphasize the eyebrows.

wet texture

Delicate and versatile – these lips will complement any makeup. The wet texture goes well with various shadows, arrows, ideal as a finish to the image with smokey eyes and nude make-up.

Transparent gloss will make the image as natural as possible, while adding volume to the lips. If you want to add brightness, you can use colored glosses with a slight beige-pink tint.

“Spider Legs”

If mascara glues eyelashes – today It’s not a problem. After all, makeup artists have made “spider legs” in the list of fashion trends.

To make such a fashionable makeup yourself is also not difficult. Carefully paint over the eyelashes on the upper eyelid, artificially connecting them into small bunches. The lower lashes can also be slightly blinded to each other.

color block

Bright and rich shades of shadows are perfect for creating popular colorblock makeup. Favorites will be brick, canary, salad, pink and other colors. The main requirement when creating such a make-up is the absence of pronounced contours. At the same time, the colors should remain bright and accurate, and the strokes should be broad. It is not allowed to use halftones, shading, smooth transitions.

colored eyelashes

It is unlikely that with such eyelashes you can go to workbut for a walk with friends or a party, this makeup is perfect.

Experts suggest experimenting not just with colored mascara, but picking up bright and even neon shades. In this case, it is recommended to paint both upper and lower eyelashes. In this case, it is better not to use eye shadow.

Glitter and…

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