Fashion trends spring-summer 2019: new items with photos

Clothing is something without which no modern person can exist, so it is not surprising that fashion trends change every season and spring-summer 2019 is no exception.

What is the best thing to wear in bad weather?

Spring is sometimes difficult to call the ideal time of year, due to the fact that heavy rains at this time of year are not uncommon. But fashion designers have thought about such a “jump” of nature and have taken care of the presence of fashionable capes and rubber boots in their collections.

So, next season will be popular:

  • transparent capes to the floor;
  • pants made of a special film for rainy weather;
  • translucent dresses with a fashionable print that are worn over ordinary clothes and look elegant;
  • rubber boots of all colors and colors.

Designers decorate their work with interesting inscriptions and use light and bright colors so that even in bad weather you can look bright and cheer up other people with just your appearance.

Sports are the most important

It was rather unexpected that quite a lot of models in sportswear appeared on the fashion catwalks. Fashion designers explain their idea by the fact that in the summer, a girl should first of all feel comfortable, but at the same time, this does not negatively affect her appearance in any way.

Women’s fashion spring-summer 2019 collection includes all sorts of prints, unusual patterns and silhouettes that emphasize the figure and fit in with today’s energetic lifestyle.

Interesting “fabric” combinations

It is worth noting that the next feature of the upcoming season is chiffon combined with eco-leather. Leather items with transparent or openwork inserts look quite interesting.

They add to any image a certain freshness, attractiveness, and certainly will not leave without male attention, as a strong part of humanity is very fond of “mysterious” clothes.

Suede products are at the same level of pop popularity. Despite the fact that this trend has not left the fashion catwalks for many years, fashion gurus are not going to get rid of it in the future.

By the way, this applies not only to women’s and men’s outfits, but also to fashionable shoes in 2019.

Slightly losing its leadership positions jeans. But still, such models at the shows surprised with new solutions, silhouettes that breathed new life into the classic fabric and, if I may say so, a certain freshness.

What’s going on with the waist?

Baggy clothes, oversized models, broad shoulders – all this will not prevent the waist from returning to its rightful place in 2019. And that’s not all – in many fashionable bows, it is on the waist that the color accent is made with the help of a belt, scarf, interesting pattern or beadwork.

And somehow, fashion designers managed to do the almost impossible – such clothes look great on almost any non-standard figure, while hiding problem areas.

Another focus is on the legs.

If in the summer or spring there is a desire to attract even more attention to yourself, pay attention to fishnet tights, which have taken a strong leading position in the coming season.

To highlight the legs also use:

  • colored plain tights;
  • thin tights with complex geometric patterns;
  • leggings “for fitness” with the effect of shimmering and iridescent structures.

What shoes are best to choose?

This time on the international market there are completely different and different models of shoes, sneakers and ballet flats.

So absolutely every female representative will be able to choose shoes for herself in the spring-summer period of 2019 without much difficulty and without violating the fashion trends that you see in the photo:

  1. The focus remains on platform shoes, with flat soles and high heels. At the same time, the latest models are presented many times more.
  2. For the most part, a stable wide heel was presented, although a thin low stud also appeared on the catwalks in some collections.
  3. If we talk about the form, then shoes (sporty, romantic, casual) with a square massive toe will take a special place. And only in elegant shoes there is a narrow, but again a square toe.
  4. Attention is also focused on the ankle – for this, an interesting weave of straps, wide ribbons, colorful patterns and rather bright color combinations are used.
  5. Young girls who love short dresses should pay attention to unusual shoes. It can be decorated with colored feathers, massive beads, sequins and other eye-catching details.
  6. And the most extravagant decision of the next year is to wear shoes, and any other kind of women’s shoes with a toe or golf, which kills two birds with one stone, since this feature immediately focuses on the legs.

And what about the male field?

The fashion trends of spring-summer 2019 for men were mostly a complete surprise. Fashion designers decided to try something completely new and began to shorten everything.

So in the coming season, men are expected to:

  • cropped classic trousers;
  • cropped shorts;
  • wide shorts above the knees.

As for the top, the situation is the opposite – even in summer, shirts and T-shirts with long sleeves will be offered, and jackets, sweatshirts and vests will even lengthen.

Feminine ideas in the men’s wardrobe

There is not so much brutality in men’s clothing this time. On the contrary, some prints and color schemes are more reminiscent of women’s fashion, which looks quite unusual.

Looks have become romantic, with the addition of small accessories, bright fabrics and a certain lightness – while many men still look masculine and attractive to women. The main thing is not to overdo it and feel good about the measure.

If we talk about shoes, then the situation here is slightly different than for women. The fact is that fashion designers offer the male population to wear sneakers and shoes on bare feet in spring and summer, for greater ease and convenience.

And if you choose socks, then they should be short, in a contrasting color, and, if possible, repeat the pattern that is depicted on the clothes.

Trendy colors for men

The hit of the season will surely be a vertical strip combined with a rather unusual palette of colors.

In addition to the traditional gray, blue and swamp shades in 2019, there will be:

  • terracotta;
  • amaranth;
  • cinnabar;
  • lime;
  • mint;
  • complex shades of red.

In general, almost any color in the spring and summer of 2019, the name of which a man cannot pronounce, will be included in all fashion trends, as in 2019. Please note that this also applies to women’s fashion.

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