Fashion trousers 2021 for women 50+

Fashion trousers in 2021 have become a trend for young girls and women 50+. In adulthood, a lady knows how to hide the flaws of her figure and emphasize her advantages. To do this, you need to select clothes individually, and not chase new products. The article describes the styles of trousers for women with different physiques and social status.

What pants should women over 50 choose in 2021 to be fashionable and stylish

Choosing pants, you should not go from one extreme to another. On women of fashion 50 years of age, very narrow or, conversely, wide trousers will not look very advantageous. It is better to choose neutral models.

Classic pants. Many mature women prefer this style, and for good reason. The current straight cut suits any type of figure: for thin and curvy ladies. Hides the sides, visually slims the legs. The main features of these trousers are smooth arrows on the legs and a pronounced waist. This is a universal option. Suitable for daytime and evening events.

Jeans. Oddly enough, but this type of trousers on adult women looks very attractive. The right color and cut of these trousers is not only fashionable for women over 50, but also rejuvenates. Jeans in combination with different things create images for any meeting and mood. Suitable for every day, for friendly meetings, in the office, etc. Can be combined with tunics, loose blouses, standard tops and long cardigans. From shoes, it is better to choose models with a flat sole or with a small square heel. But there is one caveat. Do not choose jeans with rhinestones, fringes or embroidery. Such a colorful decor can add vulgarity and cheapness to the bow. From the color scheme it is better to give preference to the standard options: black, blue, blue and beige.

Pants-pipes. Pants of this cut make women thinner, correctly correcting those extra pounds. They add an image of restraint and aristocracy. Therefore, mature ladies look especially elegant in them. The main advantage of these trousers is the high waist. It hides a rounded belly well. Therefore, this trendy style of trousers in 2021 is suitable for women over 50 with a big belly. Dense fabric visually stretches the figure. When choosing, you need to carefully choose the material. It should be a quality fabric that does not wrinkle and looks neat. You can pay attention to models with a shortened length. Open ankles add a feminine touch. Pipes look good in different colors. In addition to the standard gray and beige, you can choose mint and lemon shades. You need to be careful with the purple palette. Such a shade can fill.

Pants length 7/8. These trousers are also included in fashion trends for mature ladies. This length has retained popularity since 2019. This item includes capris and culottes. But the second option is suitable for owners of narrow hips. Straight-cut capri pants look great on curvaceous women. They create a proportional silhouette. It is important to remember that any model should be with a high fit. It helps to correct the figure.

Pants-bananas. An interesting model that has been in demand among adult women for more than a year. The main feature of these trousers is a loose cut at the hips and narrow cuffs at the bottom. Women of fashion with a different figure can wear such a model of pants. But there is a nuance. If you have voluminous hips and narrow shoulders, then this style can visually add extra pounds to the lower body. Bananas can be used for both informal events and business meetings.

The best colors and prints for pants

A fashionable image for mature women must be created taking into account the color scheme. The most popular trouser colors this season are:

  1. Black.
  2. Gray.
  3. Brown.
  4. Saturated blue (bright shades are best avoided).
  5. Beige (suitable for summer and spring).

Not so often used pink, burgundy, green, blue and khaki. If you want one of these colors, then you should not choose a neon palette. Too bright shades for women 50+ will create a frivolous look. These pants will look out of place. Therefore, for informal meetings, it is worth choosing calm tones.

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As already mentioned, purple should also be handled with care. At first glance, this is a noble color. But it emphasizes all the flaws of the figure and skin. It also creates a tired look. Therefore, it is better not to use such shades. Or choose a combination of purple and gray.

When choosing prints, there are also nuances. Many patterns distort the figure. Only some of them slim adult women. In particular, the Scottish cage and floral pattern. The first option creates a complex harmonious bow. If we talk about flowers, then they can be chosen for summer looks. Moreover, the pattern should be small and not occupy all the trousers. Otherwise it will be tasteless. If you do not know what to choose, give preference to plain models. They look good anyway.

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Fashionable trousers in 2021 for women over 50 are natural and comfortable, photos of different models prove this. Among the variety, the owners of any figure can find a suitable model for themselves. From the palette of colors it is better to choose restrained, calm tones.

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