I will tell you which pants to choose this season to match the latest trends, as well as models that will no longer be fashionable in 2023.

Fashion trousers 2023 – main trends and trends

We can say with confidence that wide trousers will again become the main trend of 2023. These are models from cargo trousers to leather pants. Such models go to women of any age – for girls and women over 50 years old. The main trend is models with wide and smooth silhouettes.

Also in the trend will be straight cut jeans, jeans with a low waist, frayed denim and flared trousers. Pencil pants will remain timeless classics, but in the most free and casual versions.

As soon as the good weather comes, shorts will fade into the background, giving way to pirate trousers, both with sheer trim and bright fabrics, and with baggy inserts in denim, linen or leather.

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Wide leg jeans 2023

Wide-leg jeans are one of the most popular types of jeans this season 2023. The most popular and trendy ones are models in lighter colors, beige, white, blue-green.

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Cargo pants – spring-summer 2023 fashion trend

If you are looking for the most trendy trousers, definitely go for cargo pants. The 2023 season is simply saturated with the style of the two thousandths. Now cargo can be found not only in street style. They are ideal for a more formal look, such as the office.

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Suit pants

Tailor-made suit trousers are a timeless wardrobe must-have. They have become mainstream at the moment because they are comfortable and stylish. They are now worn not only to work, they are one of the undisputed kings of street style.

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frayed denim

Denim will dominate every look this year. This is what we could see on the catwalks in the Diesel or Bluemarine shows. We will see this distressed denim effect in different trouser styles such as baggy jeans or flared jeans. They will always have that 2000s shade that pairs with low waists and wide belts.

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All indications are that leather-effect trousers will remain in fashion in 2023. Leather has been leading the way in street style for several seasons now, and we continue to see it on the runways.

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According to the catwalks, free-cut Bermuda shorts will be a favorite of fashionistas in spring and summer, leaving the usual shorts in the background.


It is clear that tight pants and jeans are out of fashion, they are no longer worn. And oversized models are the star of the moment. But thigh-hugging trousers with a slight flare at the bottom will remain a timeless classic. Choose models of a freer and more relaxed silhouette.