Fashion trousers spring-summer 2023

Fashionable women’s trousers in the spring-summer 2023 season promise to become the basis of many stylish and comfortable looks. Let’s talk about the leading trends of the season so that you can choose the best novelties for yourself!


Add a dash of audacity to your spring look with cargo pants — an undoubted trend for spring-summer 2023. The key feature of the model is the presence of voluminous pockets. More recently, cargo was considered a military style, but today designers have decided on a new interpretation of the trend: trousers with pockets in romantic pastel shades.

With slits

The basic wardrobe of spring-summer 2023 will definitely not interfere with fashionable trousers with cuts. Vertical lines not only look super stylish, but also visually slim the silhouette and add height. Great bonus!

Even laconic black trousers with slits look fresh and interesting. Take on board such a stylish shake for a basic wardrobe!


Fashion spring-summer 2023 dictates the trend for wide trousers, which can give women’s looks a relaxed and elegant look. Designers combine a free cut with an oversized fit – this is how the female figure appears in a favorable light.

Palazzo trousers ask for a laconic top and high-heeled shoes with a short stature of the girl. Tall fashionistas can rhyme a wide cut with a basic tank top and sneakers.

Low fit

Fashion trousers for women in the spring-summer 2023 season are also presented with a nostalgic low rise. It is interesting to combine the trend with greetings from the 90s in modern looks and look stylish.


Fashionable beige trousers are the main find of the 2023 season for fashionistas who love elegant and feminine looks. Choose your favorite style and combine it in light monochrome ensembles – in the warm season, such a stylistic device is especially appropriate.

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Women’s fashion for the spring-summer 2023 season draws attention to the relevance of trousers in bright colors. To add juiciness to the images is easy with the help of novelties in trendy red, pink, blue, orange or green.

The most fashionable technique is a combination of minimalistic, but bright tops and bottoms based on the principle of color blocking. Dear editors have already added this stylistic device to favorites! It remains only to take a pill of courage and go! — to collect compliments and admiring glances.

in a cage

Spring 2023 will be a stellar time for plaid print with its inherent versatility and practicality. A fashionable motif is easy to combine in images, picking up the top to match one of the colors of the cage.


The extravaganza of geometric motifs continues with the relevance of the vertical strip. Fashionable trousers 2023 with an expressive print are suitable for overweight women, as they visually stretch the silhouette. To the indicated bottom, it is appropriate to pick up calm monophonic blouses and T-shirts.

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A fashionable accent in the form of relaxed culottes will freshen up any women’s looks for spring-summer 2023. A cropped and loose cut risks landing the silhouette, so it loves to be combined with high-speed shoes.

With tucks

Trousers with tucks in the spring-summer 2023 season are a wireless solution for women who are used to combining style and comfort. This is a universal model, which is elementary in combinations. Stylists recommend including tucked trousers in the basic wardrobe of spring-summer 2023 – the decision will be justified by many fashionable and beautiful looks.

Leather pants

Leather pants have maintained their popularity for a record long time. The spring-summer 2023 season will be no exception. Leather trousers are presented in various fashion trends: wide and straight cut, with and without tucks, in the form of culottes and cropped. Any chosen model will play an accent role in the image and be combined with a laconic top.

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A promising novelty for spring 2023 is corduroy trousers. Models from an interesting texture are presented mainly in light and pastel colors.

Our spring-summer 2023 fashion guide for women’s trousers showed a pleasant variety of new products. This choice of trends proves that this season will be extremely fashionable and interesting!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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