Fashion vests for autumn 2021

Autumn is not a reason to dress in raincoat jackets or warm hoodies. The fashion world invites modern women to pay attention to such a wardrobe item as vests. This outerwear is not as popular and in demand as, for example, short coats or jackets. But the main advantage of vests is that a variety of textures, styles will allow you to create an outstanding and original image.

What fashionable vests can be purchased for autumn 2021, what to look for when choosing a model, and whether fashion trends should be taken into account – we will talk about this later.

What vests will be in fashion in the fall of 2021

Vests are a fashion trend for several seasons. This thing can complement the image, and make the bow extraordinary and memorable. The vest trend 2021 is quite diverse and extensive, so that every girl can choose a comfortable and stylish option for herself.

Fur vests

This wardrobe item appeared a few years ago and holds its leading position among vests. Why? Firstly, a fur vest looks expensive, luxurious, and secondly, it can be combined with any clothing, be it jeans and a longsleeve or a feminine dress.

With the help of a fur vest, you can create both a bold and gentle look. It all depends on the selected invoice. But, it is worth mentioning right away that voluminous vests will not adorn curvy girls of short stature. However, for owners of piquant forms, you can find models from long-haired furs (arctic fox or silver fox). Models with leather inserts on the sides visually “stretch” the figure and make it more slender.

Denim outerwear

Fashionable denim vests are relevant for the fall of 2021. Fashion designers have made sure that these vests are warm and comfortable. For the cool season, it is important to buy models with a warm lining.

A denim vest is a whimsical thing, because it needs to be selected clearly for the image. Models with a hood are suitable for city-style and sportswear. Variants with a strict collar can be worn with both a suit and dresses. It will look strictly and at the same time modern.

Knitted vests

This part of the wardrobe will probably never go out of style. Strict, original vests can be worn both at school, college and work, and at a meeting with friends or a date. The versatility of a knitted vest lies in the fact that with the right choice of color and style, the girl will look stylish and beautiful.

Knitted vests

This outfit has been on the “Olympus of Glory” for several seasons. Moreover, the variety of knitted vests is so extensive that you can choose what you really like. Short vests are more suitable as an addition to the created image. It is worth paying attention to vests in nude, pastel colors. Colors like these rule this season.

Long knitted waistcoats to the floor will favorably hide all figure flaws. Girls of piquant forms are better off choosing a fine knit. She slims, and the right size hides the stomach and generally looks presentable and stylish. Such things can be easily combined with both trousers, jeans, and skirts, dresses.

Leather vests

Leather vests are also relevant this season. It is better to choose elongated options, because they can warm in cool weather.

Women’s vests 2021: fall fashion trends

The trends of 2021 cannot but rejoice, because the color scheme is so diverse that every girl can look modern and stylish. This season there are no clear demarcations when choosing a color, the main thing is to harmoniously combine a vest with another wardrobe.

Beige and its shades. Vests of calm, gentle tones are suitable for any occasion. Beige color refreshes, gives the image of tenderness and romance. Beige is beautifully combined with both black and brown shades.

Gray melange. Another shade in the trend of 2021. Harmoniously combined with any type of clothing, both with a white shirt and a black turtleneck.

Coffee with milk. Bright brown vests are unlikely to be found this season, but a muted shade is the trend of this year. Pleasant, coffee-milk color looks rich and luxurious.

If you are a fan of bright, variegated colors, do not be upset. The fashion world has taken care of bright fashionistas, and offers them vests in yellow, scarlet, burgundy, purple, pink, light green. Moreover, you can pick up a vest in more muted shades.

But the same cannot be said for prints. Let’s describe the most trendy prints of this season.

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Strict cage

Photos of fashionable vests for autumn 2021 are put on a pedestal cage. A rich palette of colors, from delicate nudes to bright reds, allows you to create a strict, and at the same time fashionable look.

Striped vests

This season, vests are relevant, both in horizontal and vertical stripes. The choice of color is obvious – delicate pastel or contrast of white and blue, as well as gray and brown.

Floral vests

To achieve a feminine and romantic look, you can use vests with a floral, sophisticated print. This season, models with large, voluminous flowers are not relevant. Small flowers on knitted vests look especially gentle.

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Fashion vests 2021 are warm and feminine, strict and formal. This season, the variety of choices will not make you choose your favorite thing for a long time.

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