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Fashion vintage in summer wardrobe 2020

In preparation for the summer season, girls not only pump up the body, get rid of extra pounds, but also devote a lot of time to shopping, buying new things for the wardrobe. In the summer of 2020, vintage style will be in trend, so it’s worth remembering what the ladies dressed up in those days.

vintage things

Dresses in the style of the 80s

The trend is again outfits that were at the peak of popularity in the middle of the last century. Dresses decorated with:

  • voluminous shoulders;
  • puffed sleeves;
  • huge bows;
  • wide belts;
  • openwork cuffs.

Dresses in the style of the 80s

It is desirable that the outfit is made of silk, velvet, corduroy. Color ornaments, floral elements, all shades of red and fuchsia are in fashion again.

floral print


This piece of clothing should reach mid-thigh, have a straight masculine or barely noticeable fitted cut. The cult thing of the 90s found a place in this fashion cycle.


At the peak of popularity – blazers of both neutral shades and bright, even acid ones, for example:

  • light green;
  • raspberry;
  • yellow.

A scarf, neatly tied around the neck in the form of a bow or tie, can complement the stylish look. A belt tied on top of outerwear or tied in a knot will look very relevant.

knotted belt

Shorts, cycling shorts

No fashionista can do without shorts this summer. Designers agree that this piece of clothing should become the main thing in a girl’s arsenal. A set of high-waisted Bermuda shorts and a men’s blazer will add style.

Bermuda shorts

Ladies in colorful bicycle shorts also shine on the catwalks. They can be worn with long T-shirts, hoodies and even with a men’s shirt. You can finish the look with massive sneakers, a baseball cap and a shoulder bag with a thick strap.

original bag

Denim sets

Jeans have not gone out of fashion for decades. This summer, the absolute favorite are denim sets:

  • oversized jackets with jeans;
  • shirts with mini or maxi skirts.

The main condition is that both things must be of the same shade.

denim skirt

Colors should also be taken more saturated and deep. Stylists recommend wearing these things on a naked body. Accessories made of massive beads, leather-based bracelets and colored earrings will help to diversify the image.

Denim items

No wonder they say that everything new is a well-forgotten old. In the summer season 2020, vintage items will be in fashion. Do not be afraid of experiments: the more unusual the image, the more original the girl will look.

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