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Fashionable and elegant puffy skirt dress for 2019

A fashionable women’s down jacket is rapidly moving from the category of work clothes and ski equipment to the ranks of stylish and solid things for real fashionistas. Puffy jackets and coats acquire elegant lines, stylish cuts and incredible decorative elements. Fur trim, knitted inserts, unusual belts and original pockets, prints and applications make the down jacket a real work of art.

The most elegant can rightly be considered an elegant down-dress with a flared fluffy skirt for 2019, which does not even look like outerwear, but rather resembles a cocktail or evening dress. Such coats and short coats are designed not only to warm in the cold, but to emphasize the unique style of the owner. Let’s figure out who needs such a thing in the wardrobe, and what are its advantages. Photos of models for 2019 can be viewed further on this page, detailed descriptions are also offered:


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Down jacket dress for 2019 – main features (with photo)

Photos of down jackets-dresses for 2019 make it clear that this element of the wardrobe is quite self-sufficient. If you have to attend an outdoor celebration in the cool season, a down-padded dress will seriously compete with expensive sheepskin coats. The top of such a coat is usually as close as possible, and the bottom is made like a half-sun skirt.[affegg id=130]

In order for the down jacket to sit perfectly on the figure, its filler must be of small thickness – this means rather low thermal insulation properties of the thing. The waist can be decorated with a belt to match the fabric or a contrasting belt with an original buckle. Usually models without a hood are in demand, because such a detail is more characteristic of sportswear. But fur stand-up collars and fluffy turn-down collars will be a great addition to a feminine look. Often, products are decorated with drapery elements, bows, embroidery, rhinestone appliqués. And this is not all the main features of such models, which can be seen in the photo below:

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It is better to wear a women’s flared down jacket without a headdress, but in bad weather you can wear an openwork hat or a fur hat that is not too voluminous. Pants, and even more so jeans, are categorically not suitable for such clothes, let there be tights or thin leggings on the legs. When putting on a dress under such a coat, keep in mind that its hem should not be visible – choose a dress a little shorter than a down jacket. High-top boots are only allowed if they are stocking boots. Ankle boots or ankle boots will look more harmonious with such a coat. Shoes are a win-win option for a light flared down jacket for 2019, especially if you have thin legs – then massive shoes will aggravate the situation, and graceful pumps will emphasize the slim figure.



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Women’s flared down jacket – options

A quilted coat-dress in 2019 does not have to be fitted, options include cuts in radically opposite styles. Styles that expand from chest level are popular – this is an indispensable option for women in position and owners of an imperfect figure. But for curvaceous ladies, this style will not work, the thing will seem shapeless and baggy and will give your silhouette a couple of extra sizes.

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Fashionable women’s flared down jackets in 2019 can be accompanied by loose sleeves. The already low heat-saving performance of the thing is reduced, so this coat is worn exclusively for special occasions – it will not be able to warm you. To remedy the situation, choose a down jacket, where there is a knitted cuff inside the free sleeve, then the breeze will not blow into the sleeve, and you will be comfortable.

A short A-line coat with ¾ flared sleeves supports the trendy trend – retro style. The perfect addition to it are high gloves and a miniature clutch envelope. And a floor-length quilted coat in classic dark shades is a great choice for middle-aged fashionistas or those who are shy about their figure. The form-fitting silhouette and lack of bulky filler will help you look slimmer and more attractive.

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Another plus in favor of a down jacket dress for 2019 is its lightness. You can not only look gorgeous at any holiday, but also take part in active entertainment – contests and dances. Against your background, girls in banal fur coats and short fur coats will fade into the background, and you will find yourself in the center of everyone’s attention.[affegg id=130]

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Author: Marina Laktionova

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