Fashionable ankle boots for autumn 2020

The range of fashionable ankle boots for autumn 2020 pleases not only with classic solutions, but also with trendy new products. Such a variety of models will surely allow every fashionista to decide what shoes to add to her wardrobe.


First of all, many readers are probably worried about the question: what fashionable color of women’s ankle boots will be most popular in the autumn season. Looking ahead, we note that among the fashionable palette, fans of both discreet and extraordinary shoe colors will be able to choose their favorite.

  • The leading position among fashion trends is occupied by noble and rich shades of precious stones that have no age restrictions. Perhaps you will be attracted by emerald, garnet, ruby ​​and sapphire shoes. Such models fit perfectly into the autumn wardrobe capsule.

  • You may not be indifferent to trendy ankle boots in a metallic shade. They go great with basics and give a stylish accent to the look.

  • The main color of the 2020 season – blue – also actively showed itself in the design of actual shoes. This model looks classic, but not as trivial as the black counterpart.

  • Greetings from the 70s – white ankle boots – are not going to lose popularity in the new season. Such shoes have already been tried on by many celebrities and fashionistas and were personally convinced of its spectacularity and versatility.

  • European Fashion Week has given the green light to shoes in a similar colorway. This is an elegant and versatile solution that, in a muted version, suits girls with any color type.

  • Designers were not at all confused when choosing colors for leather ankle boots. The trend is raspberry, purple, red, beige, mustard and pastel shades – choose any!

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Many collections featured warm suede and nubuck ankle boots. Such models can be a stylish solution for a snowy winter. The main thing is that they are high enough and have a stable heel. A stylish feature of such ankle boots can be a Western-style stitching, a beveled heel and a free top – these elements evoke an association with no less fashionable Cossacks.


The return to fashion of demi-season ankle boots on the platform is hard to miss. Not only do these shoes always attract attention, they also differ in excellent comfort. Finally, girls who were afraid of the inconvenience of high heels will be able to try on an elegant model. The fact is that the impressive platform compensates for the instability of the heel and makes the shoes very comfortable even for everyday life.

[stextbox id=’info’]The main feature of such a novelty is its excellent compatibility. Stylists confirm that these shoes will look harmoniously paired with jeans and with a flying romantic dress.[/stextbox]

Fusion platform

Maximum comfort will be provided to you in shoes with a fused platform, in which the presence of a heel is shown only graphically. This is an interesting novelty for girls who love a successful combination of trends and comfort.

Contrast heel

Looking for practical casual shoes that are guaranteed to fit into any outfit you create? In this case, ankle boots in a basic color with an unusual heel may attract you. This contrast can be expressed both in color and in creative decor. Whichever option you prefer, you can be sure that such shoes will not look too boring and will add zest to any outfit.



Fashionable shoes with lacing loudly declared itself last year, and since then it has decidedly not going to lose ground. Perhaps the reason for such popularity lies in the fact that such a decorative technique allows you to securely fix shoes on your foot and provides excellent comfort.

Fashionable ankle boots for autumn-winter with lacing can be presented without a heel, but at the same time look very feminine. The whole secret of such a collaboration lies in the silk ribbon, which is presented instead of the classic lace.

square cape

The variety of fashionable square-toe shoes appeared due to the designers’ passion for the stylish attributes of the 90s era. Such ankle boots were demonstrated by almost all influential brands, so there was no doubt that the square cape is a real must-have for the autumn season!

Interestingly, the square toe can be combined with both a stable square heel and an elegant stiletto heel. Accordingly, every fashionista will be able to choose a novelty to suit her taste.

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sharp cape

No matter how hard the square toe tried to displace pointed shoe models, it didn’t work out for him. Now fashionistas are divided into two camps and everyone has their own personal favorite.

Trendy pointed-toe ankle boots for fall 2020 are especially well suited for women over 50. A square shape at this age can cause unwanted associations with retro style. But the classic pointed shoes look elegant and graceful enough not to have any age restrictions.

A common design technique is the combination of a pointed cape with a V-neck. This combination is perfect for fashionistas who would like to give their legs elegance and harmony.


Latex ankle boots are among the biggest fall-winter 2020-2021 trends. This is a rather extravagant model that will appeal to fashionistas who are used to being the center of attention. High latex ankle boots sit perfectly on the female leg and repeat all its curves, which looks very seductive. It is curious that the designers offer not to be content with the small – ankle boots in classic black colors. They are sure that the most fashionable latex should be bright – for example, red or blue.

In addition to the daring look, such shoes have another undoubted advantage – it lies in the ease of care. Latex is easy to care for in the fall – just wipe it a little with a napkin to make the shoes look attractive again.


Chains of various sizes as a trendy decor fell in love with many fashionistas in the 2020 season. Everyone just got used to such accessories, and the designers made a knight’s move – they decorated the most trendy shoe models with chains. Of course, ankle boots are also not left out. Models with such accents look very original, and at the same time easily fit into various images (and this is not only grunge!).

Stretch inserts

Fashionable ankle boots can also have elastic inserts, like the legendary Chelsea model. The practicality of such shoes is at a height – it can be taken off and put on in a matter of seconds. If this model is also complemented by a small heel, then it will definitely allow you to conquer the world without being distracted by such trifles as the inconvenience of shoes.


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