Fashionable ankle boots for autumn 2021

When creating a fashionable look for autumn 2021, stylish ankle boots are indispensable. These shoes have long been loved by women due to their versatility and attractiveness. Low heeled or platform boots are a cross between shoes and boots, which makes them simply indispensable in the off-season. Today we will talk about the main trends of autumn, show photos of the most trendy ankle boots.

What ankle boots will be in fashion in the fall of 2021

Creating fashionable bows for the fall of 2021, many designers put ankle boots as the basis of their collections as shoes. Some models more often than others flashed on the catwalk, so we can highlight the main fashion trends of the fall:

  • platform;
  • animal print;
  • lacing;
  • metallized decor in the form of chains, spikes and rivets;
  • fringe;
  • fur inserts;
  • original color scheme.

Next, we will tell you more about the fashion trends for autumn 2021 and demonstrate the most trendy ankle boots of the season, which girls should first of all turn their eyes to look stylish and modern.

Square heel

Thin hairpin with each season becomes less relevant. Today, a more massive and stable heel is in trend. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can pick up ankle boots with heels of an unusual shape, but always with a comfortable block. These shoes will be a great companion on a long autumn walk.


One of the main trends of the season is the platform. Moreover, its height is selected individually, taking into account the preferences of the fashionista herself. However, it is better to give preference to an average height, which will slightly increase growth, visually stretch the figure, but at the same time will not cause inconvenience when walking.

wedge heel

The wedge heel can be attributed to a more feminine and neat look of the platform. Girls who want to visually add a few centimeters to their height and lengthen their legs should choose models in which the sole is the same color as the boot itself. These ankle boots look very elegant, and at the same time they are much more comfortable than heels.

Tractor outsole

Thick grooved soles are still in trend. These ankle boots will make the image a bit brutal, which looks very sexy, especially in tandem with feminine clothes. The highlight of this season will be tractor-soled boots, complemented by a buckle. Such decor will attract attention and will be the finishing touch to the whole image.


Lace-up ankle boots will be in trend this season. Due to the fact that with their help it is possible to create an interesting, attractive, but at the same time quite restrained image, such boots are in no hurry to leave the fashion catwalks.

Without heel

This is the most comfortable option for stylish autumn shoes. Flat ankle boots will complement any fashionable look for the fall of 2021. They go well with both jeans and light feminine dresses. Tractor soles, zipper decor, buckles, rubber inserts – all these additions will transfer the boots into the trendy category, make them look fashionable and attractive.


The most fashionable ankle boots of the autumn season are sewn from velvet, suede, nubuck, natural leather. The trend is both models made entirely of one material, and combined ones, where several types of material are combined at once. For the beginning of autumn and dry weather, velvet ankle boots are suitable, suede and leather models will protect the legs from bad weather in cooler weather.


Do not forget about the decor. In 2021, ankle boots decorated with fringe, decorative snakes, neat rivets, chains will look most stylish. All this will add zest to the image, make the shoes more playful and original.

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Ankle boots 2021: choosing a trendy color

As for the fashionable color of ankle boots, there are no restrictions. Women can safely choose absolutely any color and shade, based on personal preferences and features of combination with other items of the autumn wardrobe. The trend is classic black and brown shades, as well as models of white and burgundy shades. Ankle boots “under the metal” will also be fashionable: gold, silver or models with metal inserts on the sole, heel.

The palette of actual shades also includes:

  • purple;
  • crimson;
  • terracotta;
  • yellow;
  • green;
  • pink colors.

Printed shoes are considered the most trendy. Preference should be given not only to the animal pattern (under the skin of a python, crocodile, leopard, zebra, tiger), but also to floral patterns. Such models will allow not only to stand out from the crowd, but also to keep up with the fashion trends of the season.

Also, do not forget about the combined models. Some ankle boots harmoniously combine several shades at once.

When choosing bright, printed or combined ankle boots, you should remember that such shoes are best combined with more restrained clothing. After all, bright shoes will focus on themselves and will not tolerate competition.

We hope that our article will help you choose fashionable ankle boots for autumn 2021, and photos of stylish models will help you make the right choice of new clothes. Do not be afraid to experiment, bright and original models will make your look more interesting and attractive!

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