Fashionable autumn dresses: new items

Our photo selection combines the most important new dresses for autumn 2019, which every self-respecting fashionista should know about!


Colors and prints

  • A decisive and deep navy blue is the perfect choice for every day.

  • The burgundy palette will also look great. It will tell about your confidence, determination and impeccable taste.

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  • The nice green color also ended up at the top of the trend list.

  • A stylish kick against the autumn blues is a yellow dress.

  • An exquisite beige and pastel palette is a wonderful solution not only for young fashionistas, but also for women over 50. It’s no secret that light colors rejuvenate the image and give it freshness.

  • Muted shades of orange are also recognized as incredibly relevant – from mustard and cinnamon to golden ocher. Such colors are especially beautiful on long flying styles.

  • In the autumn trends, colors with a metallic sheen also take pride of place. Designers have demonstrated that this range is harmoniously combined with the silhouettes of the 70s and 80s.

  • Stylish girls will certainly not be indifferent to animalistic motifs that continue to confidently walk through the top shows.

  • An unexpected novelty was floral motifs in the design of autumn dresses. Designers gave preference to large and medium plants on a black background.


Plaid is perhaps the most autumnal and cozy print that deserves special mention in our fashion review. She has been a favorite of leading designers for several seasons, and for good reason.

The cage not only looks stylish, but also has great stylistic potential. You can combine a print with plain things in tone, but aerobatics is an original tandem of several cell options in one look.

This print will allow you not only to look trendy, but also to correct the figure. The houndstooth motif is medium in size and the vertical direction of the check makes it remarkably slim.

A stylish bow for every day is easy to create with a checkered sundress. Fashionistas love to combine it with cozy turtlenecks and any shoes – it turns out stylish and comfortable.


If you want to emphasize your airiness, femininity and tenderness, rely on a loose A-line dress. In the autumn season, it is presented mainly in pastel and muted natural shades.

Perhaps you are used to seeing this style exclusively in summer looks. But the cold season is also ready to offer a lot of ideas. This outfit goes well with tight tights and ankle boots / rough boots, high boots will add a touch of elegance, and a relaxed combination for everyday life will turn out with a warm jacket and a voluminous scarf.

Sport style

Dresses in a sporty style allow you to combine femininity and comfort. In the fall of 2019, designers decorated them with zippers, patch pockets and contrasting belts.

midi length

When else to wear stylish midi length dresses, if not in autumn? This length is approved by modern fashion and is rightfully considered the most comfortable and practical for cool weather.

An autumn midi dress for every day can be presented in a wrap style, fitted or loose cut, in a sheath or A-line style. Only the trend length below the knee remains unchanged.

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! If you are a petite girl, pair these dresses with the obligatory high-heeled shoes.[/stextbox]


Another stylish idea is a jacket dress or, as some people call it, a coat dress. This is a self-sufficient outfit that has many advantages. As a bonus to a stylish look, you are given an accentuated waist, the illusion of a slim figure and long legs, and piquancy in an outfit.


Leather is the undisputed trend of the autumn season. No matter what style you prefer, if it is presented in a leather texture, you will automatically fall into the bull’s-eye of fashion trends. But still, designers hint that the skin fits the body very gracefully, so it looks as beautiful as possible in a sheath style or in a dress with a fitted bodice and a flared skirt.

In addition to relevance, there is another argument for a leather dress in the autumn wardrobe. This texture perfectly retains heat. If in the summer in such an outfit you can feel uncomfortable and hot, in the fall you are guaranteed comfort and self-confidence.

The benefits of a leather dress do not end there. It looks stylish and self-sufficient, which means that you can not worry much about the selection of accessories. Simple shoes and laconic details will be enough – the image will still turn out stunning.


The undoubted must-have of the autumn season is a knitted dress. This outfit is warm, comfortable to the body, it does not hinder movement and becomes the basis of the most stylish images. Feminine mood is obtained in alliance with an elegant coat and shoes with heels. A more relaxed and casual look is created with boots and a leather jacket.

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You can choose not only a plain sweater dress, but also a model with colorful stripes and patterns. The last designers paid special attention to fashion shows.

Separately, it is worth noting the sweater dress, beloved by many fashionistas in the cold season. The reason for such popularity is obvious – such a dress perfectly combines style and comfort and allows you to do without a scarf. If you don’t want it to look ordinary, pair it with over the knee boots or dainty ankle boots. You can increase the degree of femininity in the image by adding an elegant hat and stylish earrings.

Another welcome guest in the autumn wardrobe is a turtleneck dress. Its key feature in the new season is a tight collar, folded several times and a loose fit. Such a style should not fit the figure as much as possible, it can only delicately point to a beautiful silhouette.

Focus on sleeves

Although this trend is not noticeable under autumn outerwear, it guarantees that in any room all the compliments and admiring glances will be yours. As for win-win combinations, today these are ankle boots, rough boots and Cossacks.

Casual dresses can be complemented with romantic lanterns or delightful puffs. If you bet on the second option, then you should consider such a decor as a key accent of a fashionable image and choose other things in a laconic design.


Fashionable dresses for autumn 2019 for overweight and slender women can be complemented by a wraparound cut. This style became a real triumph in the 70s of the last century, and since then it has only strengthened its position in popularity. A feminine wrap dress is a practical investment, as stylists predict it will never leave the list of fashion trends.

This cut brings any figure closer to the coveted hourglass silhouette. It emphasizes the waist, gracefully accentuates the neckline,…

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