Fashionable autumn dresses

Autumn dresses of the 2018-2019 season are a great choice for those who want to be stylish and confident in any weather. Putting on one of the creations of modern designers, you will literally be amazed at the changes that will occur in your image. And all because the color and texture solutions of these dresses are simply amazing.

Fashionable dress for autumn

So, lovers of more restrained and modest outfits of fashion gurus will be pleased with amazing asymmetry and beautiful oversized dresses. And girls who are not shy about their body may well choose an extreme mini or linen-style dress. But first things first.

Beautiful dress with asymmetry

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dress material

Before diving into the maelstrom of fashion trends, let’s talk about fabrics. Indeed, in order to fully comply with the style, you need to look closely not only at the colors and styles, but also at the material.

So, this fall, special attention should be paid to the following.

  • Velvet. This aristocratic fabric has more than once shone on the catwalks of past Fashion Weeks. Several designers used it massively in their collections at once, and, I must say, in most cases very successfully.

Velvet dresses for autumn

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Ladies, remember, velvet is fat! Therefore, it is better for overweight fashionistas to pay attention not to dresses made of this material, but to accessories. For example, shoes or a velvet handbag will perfectly complement any outfit. And especially if they go in tandem. [/stextbox]

  • Denim. You may think that this material is too outdated to be fashionable, but in fact it is not. Autumn denim dresses are a great option for everyday wear in the 2018-2019 season. And the variety of models will pleasantly surprise you.

Denim dresses for autumn

  • Knitwear. Knitted dresses are the perfect choice for a cool autumn. Like velvet, almost all famous designers used wool in their collections. Here, both large and small knitting, voluminous ornament and smooth fabric are in trend.

Fashionable knitted dresses for autumn

  • Jacquard. This fabric impresses with its colors and magnificence. It is based on a complex production process, which consists in weaving a huge number of threads. From that jacquard and has amazing strength.

Fashionable jacquard dress

[stextbox id=’info’]

Important! Dresses made from jacquard fabric using natural fibers will be very expensive. With synthetic threads a little cheaper. But the average price of this product will still be an order of magnitude higher.



  • Leather and suede. Well, what is autumn without leather clothes? And if you think that it is used only for sewing jackets and raincoats, then you are deeply mistaken. And today we will prove it to you.

Fashionable leather dresses for autumn

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The most current models of dresses for autumn 2018

Now let’s move on to the most important thing – trends. Here you will find out which autumn dresses will be relevant in the 2018-2019 season, as well as see a lot of interesting photos that will help you finally decide on the choice of new items.

Stylish female images with a dress for autumn

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This trend is popular not only in the shoe segment, but also in clothing. In particular, metallic dresses made a real splash on the world catwalks. Sequins will also help to give a silver sheen to things. Such an outfit will definitely decorate any, even the most cloudy day, and make you a queen. You can wear a metallic dress under a black coat.

Fashionable dresses for autumn in metallic style

Slip dresses

If you do not go into details, then this outfit really looks like a seductive nightgown from the nineties. Thin straps, flowy satin, lace bodice and even slits. True, there is one BUT! We are still talking about dresses now. Dresses in linen style. With modern trends, these delicate little things are surprisingly combined even with rough boots. And some styles imply the presence of a blouse or turtleneck.

Slip dress – fashion trend for autumn 2018-2019

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! A slip dress in autumn is only suitable as an evening dress. [/stextbox]

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Loose fit

Oversized clothing has been at the peak of popularity for more than a single season. We have written about coats, fur coats, jackets, cardigans, trousers and skirts in this direction more than once. Now it’s time to talk about dresses.

Fashionable oversized dress

When worn, they have a number of undeniable advantages.

  • Firstly, this is the perfect kind of autumn dress for overweight women. It perfectly hides any lack of a figure, whether it be wide hips or a waist with extra centimeters.
  • Secondly, in a dress of a free cut it is very comfortable. It does not interfere with movements, does not tighten or pinch. This makes it perfect for everyday wear.
  • Thirdly, oversized dresses can be made from absolutely any fabric and have all sorts of colors. And this means that every fashionista will definitely find something of her own here.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Remember, for any loose-fitting outfit to look right on you, choose two sizes larger than you. If you neglect this rule, your image may look sloppy..[/stextbox]

Wrap dress

This is another novelty that is just gaining momentum in popularity. But many ladies, who closely follow fashion trends, have already managed to appreciate this model at its true worth.

Stylish wrap dresses

Most often, wrap dresses can be found in business and casual style clothes. In addition, the material that is used for their tailoring is ideal for autumn. We are talking about tweed, velvet, jersey, linen, knitwear and even silk. Each of these fabrics perfectly fits the body and is very comfortable to wear under outerwear.

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There can be several types of wrap dresses.

  • Coat dress. This is the trend of 2018, reminiscent of the cut of the coat. Hence, in fact, the name of the dress itself came from.
  • Dress shirt. Great office option. Looks great with a classic midi and maxi length coat.
  • Robe dress. Very feminine and stylish model. Great evening option.
  • Dress – jacket. A real must-have this autumn, which goes well with boots, shoes, and high-heeled boots. We recommend paying special attention to it.

Fashionable coat dress

extreme mini

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