Fashionable autumn looks 2020 for women over 60

Today we will give some useful tips for women over 60 and tell you how to create stylish autumn looks that will be in fashion in 2020. If young ladies can choose bright and colorful colors, mini lengths and sports style, then women over sixty need to be more restrained when choosing clothes. Otherwise, there is a high probability of looking ridiculous. However, too gray and nondescript images can play a cruel joke and visually add a few years. To prevent this from happening, and the autumn bow looked fashionable and elegant, we offer a selection of stylish outfits.

Rules for creating fashionable autumn looks for women over 60

Most of the time and effort eminent couturiers spend on creating bright and trendy collections for young women, relegating more mature young ladies to the background. However, at the age of 60+, you also want to look fashionable and stylish. It turns out that in order to isolate what you need from trendy catwalk clothes, it is enough to carefully approach the filling of the wardrobe.

Basic wardrobe

The bows of mature women should be as concise and restrained as possible. Wherever a lady is going – to work, walking, shopping, to a museum or theater, she must choose clothes carefully and carefully. Neatly composed bows allow not only to look stylish, but also to emphasize the good taste and luxury of a mature woman.

For those over sixty, stylists recommend that you definitely include in your autumn wardrobe:

  • dresses for going out and every day;
  • skirts from various fabrics and different styles;
  • trousers – straight and wide from dense fabrics;
  • classic straight cut jeans;
  • sweaters, jackets, cardigans;
  • sweaters and cashmere sweaters;
  • raincoat, coat, fur coat.

The main rules that a mature woman must adhere to when choosing clothes are femininity, conciseness and elegance of her images. Moreover, these principles should be taken into account not only when choosing a cut, but also in colors and when combining various elements into a common image.

We select cut and style

A perfectly matched cut will emphasize style and sophistication, making any woman an English queen or a romantic Frenchwoman.

Therefore, when choosing a style, give preference:

  • dresses with a straight cut;
  • classic trousers made of natural fabrics with a medium fit;
  • midi skirts;
  • cardigans to the hip;
  • cashmere coat and trench coats;
  • cocktail dresses in soothing colors.

Shade selection rules

Composing a stylish bow for women over 60 for the fall of 2020, you should choose the right colors and colors. A bright and defiant palette in this case is completely inappropriate. However, there is no need to abuse things in black. Give preference to more calm and restrained tones: pastel, brown, gray, marsh, wine, blue, peach.

When inserting black things into fashionable autumn looks, limit yourself to one dark detail, for example, trousers, a skirt, a raincoat. Dilute black things with a light blouse or jumper, this will make the bow softer and more feminine.

When compiling an autumn set, avoid layering and a large number of colors. If you want to add a bow of originality, choose things with geometric patterns and interesting ornaments.

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Choosing an image, taking into account the proportions of the figure

When choosing a stylish look for fall 2020, women should also not forget that clothes should fit well and fit individual parameters.

It is better for women of short stature not to wear ankle-length trousers, which visually take away several centimeters.

When compiling a fashionable image for obese women over 60, you should choose laconic outfits in dark shades and bright accessories. A discreet palette will slim and hide flaws, and stylish beads or a belt at the waist will allow you to correctly place accents, emphasize the charms of the figure, outline the silhouette.

Style selection

If we are talking about mature ladies, then here in the outfits more attention should be paid to the classics, which is not surprising. But this in no way means that the images of the fair sex should be devoid of femininity and romance. Some elements, such as accessories, may well be more playful and bright, which will brighten and rejuvenate the image. However, in general, when compiling a stylish bow for women 60+, it is better to give preference to classic clothes, this will emphasize the exceptional taste and style of the lady.

What is better to refuse

It’s no secret that life often sets its own rules. In the same way, fashion has its own age limits. Mature age gives certain restrictions on the use of certain models of clothing. For fashionistas aged 60+, it is extremely important to be able to use your wardrobe to hide flaws and emphasize dignity.


It is obvious that the skin does not get younger with age, it loses firmness and elasticity. This implies an important rule – it is better not to flaunt the neckline. Cutouts, of course, will not go anywhere, but this is not necessary. It is important to choose such clothes, the cutouts in which will draw the attention of others to the sophistication of the figure and posture, and not to skin imperfections.

However, it should be remembered that the flabbiness that appears with age can always be hidden with the help of stylish scarves. Fortunately, women will definitely not have problems finding such accessories – today stores offer fashionistas just a huge selection of all kinds of stoles, scarves and shawls.

Optimal length

In adulthood, it is imperative to carefully choose the length of skirts and dresses. For example, the length is above the knee and maxi is no longer suitable. Ideal for adult ladies – midi length.

Another important element to pay attention to is the sleeve. Most of the fair sex 60+ will have to give up short sleeves. But a long or three-quarter sleeve will be a great option.

Choosing shoes

Every fashionista knows that the integrity of the image is achieved not only through clothing, but also through properly selected shoes.

If we are talking about mature women, then the main selection criterion for them, of course, will be convenience. But at the same time, do not forget about the appearance of the shoes. The main rule is that it should not be too bright and colorful. Otherwise, they can wear a wide variety of shoe options, depending on the outfits they choose.

A great option for autumn is shoes, ankle boots and boots with stable heels no more than 5-7 centimeters high. But, as we have already said, outfits and images can be different, so the shoes should be of different styles in a good way. For example, fashionable sneakers or moccasins will look good in tandem with jeans.

Ballet shoes are also a comfortable, stylish and versatile option that will suit ladies 60 and older.

Of course, there are women who want to…

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