Fashionable ballet flats 2019

Comfortable shoes are an essential attribute for creating a stylish look, so in 2019 fashionable ballet flats are becoming extremely popular. Their undoubted advantage is comfort in wearing, and with the right selection, they will make the bow truly unsurpassed.


Who are ballet flats for?

To make the image as harmonious as possible, it is necessary to carefully select wardrobe items and shoes. This also applies to ballet flats. Stylists agree that they look perfect on slender tall girls. The fair sex of a lush complexion can also use them to create fashionable images, but it is necessary to choose clothes that will make the silhouette visually slimmer.

Actual colors of ballet flats

With the onset of spring, many fashionistas want to make the image as bright and memorable as possible. To do this, designers offer a varied color palette, any girl will be able to choose a shade for herself to her liking. The current trends of this season include the following:

  • delicate pastel colors that will give the image sophistication and romance. This is a mint, soft pink, cream, sky blue color;

  • bright and rich colors, thanks to which fashionable ballet flats in 2019 are able to act as the main highlight of the image;

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  • golden tones or metallics that attract maximum attention. An interesting nuance is that shoes can be completely made in this color or contain only a shiny toe;

  • another hit of the season is colorful prints that can contain floral, floral, animalistic, ethnic themes.

current models

In 2019, fashionable ballet shoes are present in the collections of many famous couturiers. Special details that are used in their design help to make each model exclusive. The following can be cited as striking examples of shoe design.

  • bow decorationwhich give the image an incredible romanticism. Bows can be thin and small or large wide, made from satin ribbons. Such models can be combined with airy chiffon dresses, which are extremely popular this summer, puffy flared skirts, which are associated with retro style.

  • The use of original decorative elements, which look especially organic in combination with animal prints. For example, leopard colors can be complemented by details such as ears.

  • Combination with lace inserts. They, as a rule, are located in the side parts of ballet shoes, such models are especially relevant for hot summers, as they provide additional ventilation.

Refined lace will give your image more tenderness

  • Strap decoration, which further emphasize the elegance of the ankles. They can be wide or narrow, presented in a single copy or made in the form of ribbons intertwined with each other. This design technique refers to the fashion trends that are used to create ballet flats in 2019. Models look extremely harmonious in combination with all kinds of skirts, dresses, shorts, cropped jeans or trousers.

  • Sports ballerinas. They will be a great alternative to the usual sneakers or sneakers. Designers tried to combine two qualities at once in them: the lightness inherent in traditional ballet flats and the convenience inherent in sports shoes.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Please note: You can use sports shoes not only to create casual looks, but also for feminine romantic bows, combining them with dresses and skirts. The only taboo that is strongly recommended to refrain from is clothes intended for the office.[/stextbox]

  • boats. This model belongs to the undisputed trends that are presented by fashionable ballet flats in 2019. They are reasonably associated with the classics and are perfect for making stylish office bows. Shoes can be complemented with any decorative elements, such as bows or lace, contain a small heel.

  • pointed toe. This is another fashion favorite of this season that has returned from the fashion of the 80s. Pointed ballerinas are more suitable for creating classic bows, but can also be used to compose casual looks.

  • Decorating with spikes. This jewelry will be appreciated by women of fashion who prefer original informal bows. In the spring season, such ballet flats can be combined with leather jackets containing similar details. Spikes can be located on the entire surface of the shoe or only in certain parts of it, for example, in the heel or toe area.

  • Patent ballerinas. If patent leather is used in the manufacture of shoes, then the products will look more catchy and will be able to attract everyone’s attention. The surface of ballet shoes can be smooth or imitate the texture of reptile skin. Models with a rounded toe and a buckle look extremely interesting, which most resemble Mary Jane style shoes. They are perfect for creating retro looks.

  • Fringed ballerinas. In recent seasons, boho style looks have become incredibly popular. This is expressed in the use of certain decorative details, such as ethnic colors and fringes. These ballerinas can be combined with skirts or maxi dresses, made in the appropriate style, flared jeans with embroidery.

Ballerinas in Boho style

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  • Open toe ballerinas. This is a win-win option for a hot summer. These shoes will add sophistication to the image and help demonstrate a beautiful pedicure. In addition to this detail, ballet flats may contain cutouts located in the side parts and provide additional ventilation.

What to wear with ballet flats?

With the help of our photo selection, you can get an idea of ​​the most successful combinations of ballet flats with a variety of wardrobe items. Among these things are the following:

  • skinny jeans are an extremely organic thing to pair with ballet flats. Since the shoes do not have a heel, narrow models will help balance the silhouette and make it more organic;

  • skinny trousers are another suitable option that would be appropriate to wear to the office;
  • cropped trousers – they can be chosen both narrowed and with wide legs, for example, culottes;

  • shorts are a win-win thing for creating a summer look. Shorts can be both shortened and elongated, reaching the level of the knee;

  • skirts and dresses – there are no restrictions on their choice. These can be classic pencil skirts and sheath dresses, flared models in retro style, and products made in ethnic style.

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