Fashionable basic wardrobe 2019: trends

Today we will analyze the trendy basic wardrobe for the upcoming season – for the spring of 2019. What are the most popular and relevant items of clothing? And which of them can be attributed to the concept of “basic” – let’s find out together.


Rules for creating a basic wardrobe:

A basic wardrobe is considered to be a sufficient minimum of things for a particular season. Such wardrobe items usually have a universal style and color to create more successful combinations and stylish outfits.

  • Lifestyle Compliance. If you spend a lot of time at work and there is a strict dress code, then you will need more business attire. A housewife should stock up on several pairs of jeans, sweatshirts, practical long sleeves, but there can be only one business suit (just in the basic wardrobe!).

  • Good quality materials. Do not forget that the basic wardrobe is the things that will be used more often than others. In this case, it is better to abandon synthetics, or at least make sure that it does not prevail in the composition.
  • Relevance of styles and colors. Basic doesn’t mean unfashionable.

If your blouse was fashionable 5 years ago, you should think about updating your wardrobe and acquiring a more recent version.

  • Versatility. Each new thing should be combined with at least two or three old ones. And match your usual style.

One shirt – three cool bows

Other nuances of the fashion season 2019

Age categories. When creating a basic wardrobe, buy things by age. At 30-35 years old, it is no longer worth chasing the style of young ladies. Jeans or elongated shorts made of suit fabric are also appropriate, but in a more businesslike interpretation – with light blouses, shirts, jackets.

The age after 40 years is deservedly nicknamed “elegant”. Preference is given to expensive fabrics, no frills decor – rhinestones, flounces, stones. In the basic wardrobe for women of this age, there must be a place for suits and exquisite straight-cut dresses. For the spring of 2019, you should also buy trendy accessories – they will perfectly brighten up a simple cut.

After 50 years, the basic wardrobe is concise and definitely should not be too colorful. By the way, the more images you can make! But bright accessories are quite acceptable and even welcome. Women over 50 should pay attention not only to fashion trends, but also to classic styles of clothing.

The good news is that there are not only age limits, but also privileges. For example, a pencil skirt in midi length will be out of place on 17-year-old girls, and on older ladies it will be very feminine and elegant. Take advantage of these benefits and be in trend at any age!

What colors to choose? Choose base tones – i.e. neutral. Don’t get hung up on classic blacks and whites either, focus on their shades or “middle” tones, such as light grey. Dark blue, khaki, marsala, taupe, beige, and other shades of nude are also suitable. A few things can be done in brighter colors, especially outerwear.

Universal wardrobe with “capsules”. A very practical option for spring 2019 will also be a capsule wardrobe. This is the name of a set of clothes for women, which on average consists of 6-10 items. They fold into versatile clothing sets and can create up to 15 different fashion looks. At the same time, each little thing from the capsule wardrobe is harmoniously suited to the other.

So you don’t have to bother with the age-old question “what to wear” and how to combine it harmoniously to get a trendy look. You will be able to independently assemble such kits from the current models, which we will designate below. Again – be sure to rely on your usual style. In general, 2-3 such capsules should be enough for all seasons.

So, what do we need to form a basic wardrobe for spring in the 2019 season? In our review, both girls and women of any age will certainly find options for themselves.


  • Coat. It is difficult to imagine the first spring days without such a soft and cozy product, for example, from cashmere. Pay special attention to kimono coats or robe coats. They are universal, have a straight cut, and the waist is femininely outlined by a belt. Suitable for any shape.

A checkered coat can also be safely called a universal option. After all, it is the cage along with the strip that has always been the most popular geometric print. And this season, it completely conquered all the world’s podiums – in different sizes and colors of the print.

  • Leather biker jacket gleefully returned to trends. With it, you will certainly make dozens of images! The most popular color is black. A timeless classic, the perfect addition to any basic wardrobe. Also look at brighter colors – burgundy, cobalt, blue.

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  • Beige trench. Other pastel shades are also relevant – cream, ivory, caramel, light pink or blue, lavender. This season it is decorated with voluminous patch pockets. The trend is also oversized models just below the knee.


  • Suits. A win-win option is a classic two-piece with a skirt or trousers. For trouser models, a straight cut and a slight flare are relevant. And also mega-fashionable 7/8 pants length!

Stylish suit

Flying models made of satin and silk have become a worthy replacement for an elegant dress. They can be complemented by an interesting belt. And this season, suits with knee-length shorts have come into fashion.

  • Dress. Fashion trends this season have replenished with a cozy sweater dress. Choose high-quality and non-translucent materials. This look is also perfectly complemented by a thin leather belt at the waist.

Do not forget about the sheath dress – an incredibly feminine piece of clothing. It can be worn in the office under a stylish jacket, and for a more solemn event.

Another great option for a basic wardrobe is loose fit shirt dresses in midi length. These models are delightfully complemented by rough leather boots. By the way, here you can also resort to an ultra-stylish plaid print!

  • Jeans have long become an indispensable thing for the wardrobe of every fashionista. The “torn” style and high fit remain relevant. And choose the style to your liking – skinny, boyfriend, cropped with casual edges.

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  • Pencil skirt will help to create very feminine and sophisticated images. Models with buttons in front are also very popular – in various lengths. Do not forget about fashionable asymmetry – for several seasons it has not receded in its “trendiness”.

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By the way, catwalk collections did not indicate the most fashionable length of skirts. So models are perfect – from flirty mini to mysterious maxi.


  • Sweaters and jumpers in a loose fit with a V-neckline. They can be flirty…

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