Fashionable basic wardrobe for summer 2022

How to make a basic wardrobe for the summer of 2022? With the onset of warm weather, this topical issue begins to excite an increasing number of fashionistas who want to look stylish.

Making a basic wardrobe for the summer of 2022

The basic wardrobe is a universal set of things that match each other in material and color and style, corresponding to the lifestyle of a woman. This approach to the formation and selection of stylish outfits allows fashionistas to look spectacular without spending extra money.

In the summer of 2022, leading designers invite the fair sex to pay attention to clothes with bright floral and animal prints. In fashion will be things decorated with original decorative elements (ruffles, rivets, leather inserts, lacing, straps, embroidery and lace appliqués).

Consider what clothes, according to stylists, should be included in the basic wardrobe for the summer of 2022:

  • Babydoll dress. This flirty model is a perfect replacement for the classic little black dress. This summer outfit looks feminine, cute and romantic. An airy beautiful dress is perfect for various occasions. It can be worn to work, a date with a guy or a friendly party. It will be interesting to complement the fashionable bow with the right shoes.

  • T-shirts. In the wardrobe of every fashionista, stylish knitted T-shirts are a must. Classic black and white models are a versatile option that looks perfect with any outfit. Multi-coloured V-neck t-shirts are perfect not only for thin women, but also for plus-size women.

  • T-shirts in linen style. Designers advise to include this item in the basic summer wardrobe. Elegant silk models will become a real hit this summer. T-shirts in linen style are perfectly combined with skirts of different lengths, trousers and jeans.

  • Shorts. A special place in the summer basic wardrobe will be occupied by models of a free cut with a high waist. These shorts will look good on any figure. In 2022, the trend is models of white, blue, beige, coral and black. Summer shorts should be worn with a stylish T-shirt or shirt, jacket.

  • Sundress. This is an indispensable item in a woman’s wardrobe. A fashionable sundress made of natural fabrics is perfect for office work, walking around the city, meeting with friends or a gala evening. This season, maxi models with a bright floral pattern will be in trend.

  • Jacket. Leading designers offer to combine this fashionable piece of clothing with things of different styles, except for sports. In fashion – summer jackets up to the middle of the thigh.

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  • Pants. An excellent replacement for jeans that are uncomfortable in the summer heat will be light and loose trousers. This basic item goes well with T-shirts, T-shirts, shirts and jackets, as well as shoes with any heel.

  • Overalls. Fashion for the summer of 2022 dictates its own rules. Top positions in the leading collections are occupied by stylish summer overalls. By including this thing in the basic wardrobe, fashionistas will not fail, because such an outfit looks original and unusual.

  • Swimsuit. Is it possible to do a hot summer without a beautiful swimsuit? Stylists advise buying two at once. Both fused and separate models will be in fashion. A bright pareo and a beach hat with large brim will beautifully complement the stylish look.

The favorites of the summer season will be things in saturated colors: pink, red, blue, yellow, lilac, green. The classic white and black color palette will still be in fashion.

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Shoes and accessories for a basic summer wardrobe

According to the fashion trends of 2022, beautiful summer pumps must be in the women’s wardrobe. These elegant and sophisticated shoes go well with any style of clothing. Fashionable women cannot do without comfortable sandals and sandals in hot summer. This season, shoes with interesting decorative elements will be in fashion: straps, bows, large beads, lacing. A win-win option is basic beige, white, gold, silver and brown models. Simple and comfortable shoes are also in trend, so light sneakers will harmoniously fit into a stylish look.

Properly selected accessories will become a spectacular and fashionable completion of the summer outfit. In the basic women’s wardrobe, stylists are advised to include:

  • Watch. The summer 2022 trend will be models with gold and metallic leather straps.
  • Glasses. It is important to choose this beautiful accessory correctly. Stylish and original glasses can both effectively complement and spoil a fashionable image.
  • Bag. A real hit this summer will be voluminous models made from natural materials (leather, suede, linen, cotton). Fashionistas in the summer of 2022 cannot do without small handbags (purses, clutches).
  • Headdress. A spectacular addition to the summer look will be an elegant hat, a stylish baseball cap, and an originally tied scarf.

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Using the above tips on how to create a basic wardrobe for the summer of 2022, every fashionista will be able to choose the right stylish clothes to look spectacular and beautiful.

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