Fashionable black dresses 2020

In pursuit of a stylish look in 2020, it is better to start from win-win options, preferring trendy black dresses. The elegance of such a bow was correctly noticed by Coco Chanel, giving tips to millions of women on how to use such an outfit for every day or an exquisite celebration. Preferences in decoration or style may change, many colors may go out of fashion – a little black dress or an aristocratic total black look will always highlight a woman, giving her image of mystery and tenderness, outrageousness and brightness. At the same time, such a choice is suitable for owners of different figures and different skin color types – in a fashionable black dress, any beauty will favorably emphasize her advantages and gently hide her flaws. Let’s take a closer look at which models you should pay attention to this year.

Who will suit black dresses

Black dresses are the best choice for any figure. Corsets and dense fabrics will help to make the silhouette more slender, and the right style – neckline or cut – will draw attention to the right areas, emphasizing the beauty of a luxurious body.

Thin people are more suitable for black dresses made of flowing fabrics and with voluminous decor – flounces and ruffles.

Black dresses will also suit the owners of any color type – dark-skinned women are more suitable for monochrome outfits, and blondes can dilute the bow with bright accessories.

In addition, it must be remembered that a black dress is a basic wardrobe item for any fashionista. At the same time, you can make it in trend not only with the help of style or decor, but also using fashion accessories and appropriate shoes.

Black dress 2020 – what famous stylists advise

Photos of new fashion collections 2020 from fashion industry gurus cannot leave such a basic wardrobe item as a black dress behind the scenes:

  • elegant and exciting evening dresses were presented by designers Dior, Luisa Spagnoli, Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad;
  • respectable minimalism is noted in laconic and extraordinary black dresses by Josie Natori, Jeffrey Dodd, Lemaire;
  • Tommy Hilfiger, Marina Moscone relied on the simplicity of the silhouette and decorative stitching;
  • Andrew Gn, Olivier Theyskens, Jason Wu Collection offer exquisite lace models;
  • Alberta Ferretti, Alessandra Rich decorated black dresses with original embroidery;
  • Simone Rocha, Osman, Balenciaga, Sandra Mansour, Prada, Chanel, diluted the black color with a bright design – voluminous ruffles and flounces;
  • Victoria Beckham dresses amaze with volume and graceful lines;
  • Rahul Mishra, Ermanno Scervino offered a lingerie style – delicate slip dresses;
  • Brandon Maxwell, Pamella Roland, Versace shocked with bold asymmetry, etc.

What styles of black dresses are in fashion 2020

Guided by such examples, it is already easy to determine the main fashion trends in the styles of black dresses for 2020.

The first place on the podium of popularity deservedly goes to the brainchild of Coco Chanel – a little black dress. At the same time, if in the original its length should be just above the knee, then this year ultramini models will be in fashion, revealing the beauty of the legs and the perfection of the figure as much as possible.

In second place are stylish black sheath dresses. There are also some deviations from the usual norms. So the length to the middle of the knee gave way to more feminine midi models that emphasize not only the waist and hip curves, but also the beauty of the silhouette.

In third place in fashion 2020 are floor-length black dresses. It can be both elegant slip dresses and completely festive outfits with a fluffy skirt.

If we talk about the features of the decor of black dresses 2020, then such details will be in fashion:

  • soft ruffles and frills that help make the image more romantic and feminine;
  • deep neckline, open back or shoulders, one sleeve, wrap or high slit – fashionable black dress 2020 perfectly copes with its main task: to emphasize the beauty of women with the help of a seductive and exciting style;
  • models with lace inserts or multi-layered solutions that focus more on the figure than hide its curves will look no less sexy. More chaste and versatile are models with a bottom layer-case or other original veiling solutions;
  • for bright catchy bows, you can choose trendy asymmetric models – with different hem lengths, an elongated peplum or train, etc.;
  • black dresses with embroidery elements or other exclusive decor (buttons, drapery, pockets, etc.) will look especially sensual and feminine;
  • for street-style models, stylists provided original sports solutions with laconic and elegant stripes.

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Choosing a black dress by fabric

First of all, it is worth noting that black dresses are a great option for any season. True, it will depend on the time of year which fabric to give preference to for a casual dress. In this case, it is better to choose soft materials that drape the figure with elegant waves-folds. This version of fashionable black dresses 2020 is ideal for obese women, visually making the figure more slender and hiding the belly.

For winter models, you can choose cashmere, wool, velvet. Oversized models in the Scandinavian style remain in fashion for young people, more reminiscent of voluminous black sweaters and adding warmth and comfort to the image.

For summer looks, you need to choose light flowing fabrics that convey ease of movement and repeat the lines of the silhouette. Models made of silk, satin, lace will look the most advantageous. For evening bows, this list can be continued with elite textiles in the form of jacquard, velvet, leather, etc.

How to emphasize the originality of the bow in a black dress

You can give an image of exclusivity and brightness by combining a black dress with various accessories, decor or decorations. In this case, it is not at all necessary to lose the universality of the model. During the day, a black sheath dress will be the best choice for an office dress code, and in the evening, complementing it with a bright handbag and matching sandals, you can safely go to a restaurant or for a walk.

As accessories, different options for choosing belts and clutch bags can be used – in one color it will allow you to create a stylish total color bow, with contrasting solutions – it will make the image bold and memorable.

White jewelry looks very beautiful in tandem with a black dress – pearls, diamonds, platinum, silver. You can also stop at stylish jewelry, making a choice in favor of original forms: earrings, chokers, curtains, threads, brushes, etc.

Decorating models with contrasting white collars and cuffs will help make the office style more “alive”.

Choosing shoes for a black dress by style

Fashionable black dress 2020 can be used for different occasions and create looks in different styles by choosing the right shoes. For street walks and casual ease, you can complement romantic styles with flounces with sneakers or comfortable Velcro sandals.

Over the knee boots or over the knee boots will look spectacular with short and ultramini models.

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