Fashionable boots for autumn-winter 2020

Fashionable boots in the autumn-winter 2020 season are a pleasant variety of models, colors and decorative solutions. Let’s take a closer look at the key innovations?!

Current trends

Wide leg

Models of boots with a wide top can rightfully be called the most “running” novelty of the 2020 season. The versatility of such pairs can really be envied – stylists confirm that the novelty can be easily combined with various models of dresses and skirts, as well as with trousers and jeans. Speaking of the latter, not every shoe can be tucked into pants, and tube boots are literally made for this mission!

It is worth emphasizing that a wide top on fashionable boots can be not only straight, but also represented by an accordion.

Fashionistas may not be embarrassed by a voluminous wide top – in fact, such a design element visually makes the legs thinner and more elegant.

With lacing

Fashionable women’s boots without a heel in the autumn-winter 2020 season can be presented with lacing, which is used to performing not only a decorative, but also a practical function. The tight weave of the threads securely fixes the shoes on the foot and provides full comfort. In addition, such a decorative technique easily turns into a highlight of any image – from casual to military or business style.

In classic design

We find it hard to imagine (and just as hard to accept) that classic boots will ever go out of style. A traditional design that has held its own for many years, features smooth leather in black, brown or muted burgundy, a medium stable heel, a straight shaft and a classic height.

Such models sit beautifully on a woman’s leg, please with stability and convenience, as well as excellent versatility – classic boots perfectly complement a business, relaxed everyday and even festive look.


Cossacks loudly announced their existence back in 2018, and since then such a model has firmly established its name among the leading trends. However, this is not surprising – the Cossacks look stylish and extraordinary, and at the same time they are easily combined with a wardrobe of various trends. The convenience of such a pair cannot but rejoice – a stable heel allows you to wear Cossacks even in the midst of a snowy winter.

Although such a model pleases with enviable versatility, it still looks most organically with elements of boho style. Designers confirm that the best friends of the Cossacks are invariably decorative fringe, denim, suede, ethnic motifs and slight negligence in the design of the outfit. Many celebrities also present stylish combinations with Cossacks – the best part is that any fashionista can repeat such bows!


Over the knee boots do not give up their positions – an ideal shoe option for fashionistas with slender legs. At the top shows, high boots in classic black colors invariably appeared, but their positions began to noticeably crowd out pairs in nude or beige. Such novelties not only look stylish, but also visually add height and slim legs as a bonus.

Stylists suggest that over the knee boots will look most advantageous with mid-calf dresses or short skirts. Also in the 2020 season, you can try out a combination with skinny jeans in practice.


In the fashion vocabulary of the 2020 season, you should definitely include slouches – this is the name of high boots with a tight fit in the foot area and a wide fit in the shaft with an indistinct accordion. The modern version of slouch often has a stable heel, but a flat sole or stiletto heel is also appropriate. Stylists suggest that an interesting novelty will be a great option for both young girls and ladies of an elegant age.


Perhaps your new favorite for the fall-winter 2020 season will be readings – an incredibly comfortable model with a low and wide heel. For many fashionistas, such a novelty is associated with riding boots – the design is really similar. It is worth noting that the readings in the 2020 season can be presented with both a round and a square nose.

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The designers gave such a beautiful name to insulated rubber boots – an incredibly practical purchase for the fall of 2020. In the new season, such models are presented not only with a matte or glossy surface, but also with a printed surface. The main feature of stylish rubber boots is water resistance, which is absolutely indispensable during the rainy season.

Square or pointed nose – that is the question?

Even in past seasons, fashionistas were divided into two camps – fans of shoes with a square cape and lovers of boots with a pointed toe. In 2020, this great confrontation is coming to an end, because the designers have declared the pairs in these two designs to be equally relevant.

On a wedge

In the 2020 season, wedge boots are back in fashion, and this will surely be great news for many women. This sole perfectly retains heat, visually slims the legs and at the same time pleases with excellent comfort. So that you do not lose with the current purchase, consider one important nuance: in modern boots, the wedge does not differ in color from the top.

Interesting details

Surely, pairs in a laconic universal design have already wound up and securely settled in your shoe wardrobe. This means that now is the time to turn to the fall-winter 2020 fashion trends and take a closer look at women’s boots with interesting decorative techniques. From theory to practice!

  • An original shoe heel can be a source of fashion inspiration for you. When shopping before the cold season, we advise you to pay attention to the contrasting colors and non-standard shapes of this element.

  • Buckles, rivets and straps also appear among the most fashionable decorative techniques. Such decorations do not contradict the versatility of the shoe and at the same time make its design more interesting and fashionable.

  • Printed boots can easily be the highlight of your look for the fall-winter 2020 season. Among the key novelties, we noticed couples with pop art motifs, stripes and animalistic patterns.

  • The stylish decor of fashionable boots can be elements that refer shoes to the military direction. Such models often feature an impressive tractor sole, decorative zippers, lacing and various buckles. Despite the outward brutality, such couples perfectly reveal themselves in romantic images.

  • Fringe is also a resounding success in the 2020 season – a decor that, in the framework of modern fashion, has stepped over the boundaries of cowboy boots. This jewelry will perfectly fit into the images of the casual direction.

Stylish palette

Studying the fashion palette of the 2020 season, we were pleasantly surprised to find that many trendy tones have retained their confident leadership since last year. And this means that the shoe wardrobe of many fashionistas will not undergo significant changes.

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