Fashionable bows: autumn-winter 2019-2020

In one article, we tried to collect the most fashionable bows in the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season. We made sure that they were not only relevant, but also comfortable and practical! Enjoy watching!


Images with outerwear

The trench coat rightly takes the place of the most stylish base of the season, but with an important caveat of length below the knee. By purchasing a stylish trench coat, you will always forget about the “I have nothing to wear” problem, which is relevant in early autumn.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! This season, the combination of denim and trench coat is gaining momentum. Layering has never been so original and warming![/stextbox]

Tight jackets and models with fur on the hood have gone into fashion oblivion. Today, fashionistas choose loose and voluminous models that will give the most stylish rebuff to cold weather.

The bomber jacket returns to the list of main trends. Now the trend is a variety of materials for this outerwear, but all models adhere to the length of either oversized or shortened mark.

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Of course, you should not discount the classic coat from fashionable accounts. The main place in the trends belongs to the masculine style, various frills, maxi length, checkered print, bathrobe style, leather and plush texture.

The cape is rapidly returning to fashion – elegant and noble outerwear. It can be combined with trousers and dresses, as did the models at the top shows.

The quilted texture on outerwear also deserves the attention of fashionistas.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! For obese women, a stitch of medium size and not a horizontal direction is recommended.[/stextbox]

Jacket – main must have!

It is the jacket that plans to warm fashionistas on cool September days. When the weather is still favorable to fashionable experiments, you can apply a combination with a T-shirt or shirt.

But with a rapid drop in temperature, urgent warming will be required in the form of a turtleneck or a sweater under a jacket.

No sweater anywhere!

An indispensable base of the wardrobe for the cold season is a cozy sweater. Surely, a couple of favorite models can be found in your closet. So it’s time to shake up the usual thing with trendy combinations!

  • Do not rush to say goodbye to flying skirts and dresses – they will come in handy in combination with warm voluminous sweaters. This game of contrast is now at the peak of popularity!

A sweater and a light silk dress are a great option for a warm autumn.

  • Can you only wear sweaters with jeans? Not at all! Fashion trends suggest combining this top with strict trousers (wide models like palazzo look especially chic), and with various styles of skirts. Do not be afraid to play on the contrast of color and texture of the top and bottom – the image will only benefit from this!

  • A hot trend is the combination of a voluminous sweater with leather. Choose what it will be – trousers or a skirt?

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  • Fans of sophisticated minimalism will surely appreciate a stylish bow with a monochrome sweater. To compose it, you need to choose the bottom to match, and then correctly place accents in the form of shoes or accessories.

  • A sweater can be the star of a layered look. To do this, you just need to think about a stylish combination with an elongated shirt.

  • If the sweater is long enough to be worn as a dress or tunic, then be sure to try this idea in the cold season.


Fashionable bows in the fall-winter 2019-2020 season for young fashionistas and women over 40 may include leather clothing. The hottest trend is colored skin.

Particular attention should be paid to beige and brown tones, as well as the noble deep shades of autumn – burgundy, blue and purple.

Bold fashionistas can turn to bright skin – orange, green, red or yellow. You can safely embody a leather total bow – this will be a 100% hit in trends.

How to wear dresses and stay warm

  • Knitted dresses should certainly settle in the autumn wardrobe of every fashionista. Of course, it will be useful to take into account the latest fashion trends. Now the trend is loose models below the knee length. The combination with tight over the knee boots is gradually fading into the background, giving way to the favorite combination with free boots or even sneakers.

  • The cold season is not a reason to hide in shapeless outfits. If you have a beautiful figure, why not show off your curves with an elegant turtleneck dress. This outfit is versatile in its combinations and always looks appropriate.

  • In the cold season, the designers decided not to abandon the floral print, but to rely on its dark colors with a reference to the 40s.

  • A stylish idea would be a combination of a dress or a sundress and a turtleneck. The latter is better to choose from cashmere or fine wool, so that the bottom layer does not create excess volume and at the same time gives warmth.

  • The dress does not have to be worn with transparent tights, which are out of place in the cold season. When it’s cold outside, you can remember tight tights. On weekdays, muted shades of brown, wine, graphite or blue are an excellent choice. For walks or a date, you can choose more fantasy options, for example, with a fashionable animal print.

  • You can also put into practice a cute combination with spats, which also featured in many shows.

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  • Over the dress, you can wear a voluminous sweater and not be afraid of a rapid cold snap.
  • A combination of a dress with a skirt or jeans / trousers is considered a non-trivial solution.

  • Also, fashionistas love to use their favorite dresses in multi-layered ensembles. For example, use them as a base for a jacket or coat with a leather jacket.

Suits and overalls

For girls who like to use suits and overalls in the cold season, we put the “five” for resourcefulness.

Stylish, comfortable and warm – such options definitely deserve a place in the autumn-winter wardrobe. To keep up with fashion trends, choose models with a high waistline.

Interesting details

Accessories will help to make the image non-trivial and stylish. It is they who play almost the main role in the wardrobe for the autumn-winter season.

Item #1 is the belt. Moreover, it should be combined not only with jeans, trousers and skirts. The designers demonstrated how stylish the tandem looks with a jacket, coat and even a fur coat. The main thing is to tie the belt with an original knot. This emphasis on the waist makes the image complete, and the silhouette is feminine.

You can also take note of the actual hats. First of all, these are hats, berets and turbans. For women over 50, as well as for young fashionistas, accessories with a snakeskin texture are relevant. Bags and shoes with this print are also in demand.

Useful in the wardrobe will be various scarves, scarves and stoles. They not only protect from the cold, but also allow you to model various stylish looks….

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