Fashionable bows for autumn 2020

Imagine that the most trendy bows for autumn 2020 will be collected in one place? Such a surprise is already in front of you!

About key trends and their use

color blocking

To painlessly switch from summer to autumn, you should not refuse the active participation of bright colors in your image. It is better to adopt the color blocking technique, which allows you to combine 3-4 contrasting shades at once. To safely build a successful image, stylists recommend choosing plain clothes and avoiding prints and clutter of small details. In such an image, color and clean, understandable combinations should rule!

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Delicate pastel

If for some reason you are not attracted to a tandem of bright contrasting colors, bet on delicate pastels. Of the absolute leaders of the autumn season, lavender, powdery, lemon and blue tones can be distinguished. Even if such colors appear in a heavy dense texture, they will still clearly fulfill their main mission – to make the bow lighter and more airy.

Fashionable bows for autumn 2020 featuring exquisite pastel shades especially well suited for women 40 years old. This palette is famous for its refreshing and rejuvenating properties. For maximum anti-aging effect, you can combine several gentle light tones at once within one image.


Want to learn how to make any fall look more spectacular and a little daring? The whole secret lies in the use of leather texture, which is so relevant in the fall of 2020. Moreover, a jacket or shoes made from this material will not create the desired effect – for the maximum result, you should bet on trousers, dresses and raincoats.

Of course, it’s too early to discount the main hit of recent seasons – a leather shirt! This is a truly versatile trend that is warm enough to replace a jacket in early fall. Plus, a leather shirt can be easily combined with various things and makes any look more stylish and spectacular. Try to see this for yourself!


This time many designers were inspired by the style of the 80s when creating autumn collections, and this is definitely in the hands of modern fashionistas. The fact is that accented shoulders, voluminous knitted cardigans, vests with retro rhombuses and baggy jeans are the best fit for the fall season.

So, your main favorite can be a voluminous sweater in a deep range of shades with a print that hints at vintage style. You can wear such a find not only with jeans – stylists also offer to try on an interesting combination with a mini skirt or pencil style, leather trousers and a jacket. So you kill two birds with one stone – hide from the cold and not lose the title of fashionista.

trench coat

The main king in the world of fashionable outerwear for fall 2020 is (well, of course!) the trench coat. Now the trend is not only classic models of raincoats, but also various experiments of designers with voluminous shoulders and asymmetry. Trench coats made of unusual materials, such as leather or light silk, will also make a splash.

You will certainly not have any difficulties in combining a trench coat, because it really combines with almost any clothing from a tracksuit to a feminine dress. Now you can forget about the deliberate elegance of such a raincoat and mix it with your favorite sweatshirts and sweatshirts – it will turn out very cool!


Fashionable bows for autumn 2020 for obese women may include a stylish jumpsuit, which is an independent element of a beautiful image. Modern styles do not have strict contraindications in the type of figure – a high waist in combination with a free cut perfectly hides imperfections and draws a feminine silhouette.

Are you looking for the most fashionable jumpsuit for fall 2020? We give you a useful hint: denim and leather models are most relevant now. Also, the utilitarian style variation, which is incredibly practical and convenient, does not lose momentum in popularity. The highlight of the final look can be a combination of a rather rough jumpsuit with emphatically feminine details. For example, heels in a fashionable bow are only welcome!

Such a fashionable jumpsuit will look great in a duet with a turtleneck according to the principle of layering. When creating this bow, you can withstand a contrasting combination or prefer monochrome – both techniques are equally relevant.


In the 2020 season, eclectic styles rule the fashion ball, and this fact is a great inspirational potential for girls. Now no one will judge you for pairing a romantic dress with rough boots or for pairing a sweatshirt with a jacket. On the contrary, such experiments will definitely make it clear that you know a lot about current fashion trends.

Stylish layering

With the advent of autumn cold weather, many girls remember the legendary technique of layering. This trend great fit on every day for work or travel. In order for the final bows to turn out to be really winning, it is worth making sure that each subsequent layer is denser than the previous one. We offer to look at specific techniques that demonstrate how layering manifests itself in practice.

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When creating a successful bow for work, you can replace a cold shirt with a more comfortable turtleneck or sweater. Your favorite jacket or blazer is perfect as a top layer. You can also rely on the relevance of a trouser or skirt suit.


To create an up-to-date and boring bow for the fall of 2020, you can take into account the popularity of monochrome – an image built on the basis of one color. In this combination, mixes of contrasting textures come to the fore this time, which makes it more expressive and interesting. So, trendy look for work in autumn 2020 can be composed on the basis of a beige silk blouse and tighter matching trousers. But on the occasion of a date or meeting with friends, you can decide on creative and bright combinations.

Let’s say, in your wardrobe, a fuchsia blouse has been waiting for its finest hour for a long time. Usually you combine it with a gray skirt, but try to choose pink corduroy trousers as a bottom, and the image will immediately sparkle with new colors.

When building a total look, many fashionistas in the 2020 season will use a fresh technique – a game of shades and halftones. In practice, it turns out to be incredibly interesting to embody the gradation of different colors of the same color in the image. The more tones you use at the same time, the more voluminous and deep the image will turn out.

[tds_note]An important nuance: the light area in such an outfit will be perceived as large in size, so it should not be placed on the problem area.[/tds_note]

Mix of prints

Fashion trends The 2020 season is elevated to the rank of topical by a lot of interesting prints. But the most curious trend is the combination of several different motifs at once within one bow. For such an experiment…

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