Fashionable bows for summer 2020

Feminine and stylish, elegant and intriguing, multifaceted and unexpected – this is how you can characterize fashionable looks for the summer of 2020. Do you want to know all about the most relevant outfits of the upcoming cruise season? Then all attention to our review.


Best Summer Looks 2020

What’s trendy this summer? First, be bright. Forget about boring and faceless things that hide your personality. On the contrary, do everything to emphasize it, declare yourself to the world. And the most expressive fashion trends of the coming season will help you with this.

Secondly, do not forget to bring something new to your image. Wear what you’ve never worn, combine things that at first glance seem incompatible, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Believe me, it will only bring benefits. And you can get ideas for your stylish summer bows from our selection below.

  • Dresses. Summer without dresses is not summer. Therefore, make sure that in your wardrobe there are at least two, or even three copies. And they are all completely different. For example, the leading trend of this season will be models made from light flying materials.

Consider flounces, ruffles, fringes, and frills for contemporary decor – it’s just a squeak. The length can be any, there are no restrictions. But be more careful about the choice of style. Preference should be given to a trapezoidal, fitted, or asymmetrical cut. In hot weather, dresses with a dropped shoulder line, a deep neckline, a long neckline to the thigh, transparent or translucent inserts will look great on fashionistas.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Combining dresses with other wardrobe essentials is a breeze these days. For example, a classic straight cut will look good with pumps, sandals with heels or wedges, ballet flats. And A-line models can be worn even with sneakers. For warm outerwear, choose bulky sweaters, cropped jackets and cardigans.[/stextbox]

  • Shorts. Great comfortable summer wear for every day. In shorts, you can go to the beach and to work, the main thing is not to mix up the styles. So, for the office, you should look at the model with a high fit, which certainly needs to be supplemented with a thin belt.

Also on business ladies, elongated knee-length shorts, or classic-cut suits will look great. To create a romantic style, refer to the double version with a skirt. Wear tight-fitting or loose-fitting denim shorts to the beach. And on an evening date, shine in models decorated with sequins. As a top for shorts, choose light loose-fitting blouses, crop tops if you can boast a good press, elongated jackets and sweaters, your favorite T-shirts and T-shirts.

  • Trousers. Fashionable bows for the summer of 2020 for women over 50, and for young girls, they cannot do without stylish trousers. However, be careful, because some fashion trends in this segment have undergone major changes. Thus, tight-fitting skinnies, which were considered trendy for several seasons in a row, are rapidly leaving their leading positions, giving way to universal straight-cut trousers.

Women of all ages can afford these. And the narrower models are replaced by a light flare, which is also great for older ladies. Among the top styles are culottes, palazzo, classic with arrows, bananas. You can wear trousers in the summer with men’s style shirts, turtlenecks, tight-fitting T-shirts and tops, tunics. As a shoe, everything will pass from flip flops to ankle boots with heels.

[stextbox id=’info’]Fashion 2020 and jeans have not left unchanged. So, stylists recommend this season to completely abandon the flaw in favor of the classics. Tight-fitting models are also no longer in trend. But flared jeans are once again celebrating their triumphant return to our wardrobes.[/stextbox]

  • Overalls. This is the main novelty of the coming summer. Moreover, some trendsetters have seriously called overalls an alternative to dresses. And there is nothing surprising here, because this thing is really convenient and versatile. You can wear it to work, and outside the city, and to the beach, and to a party or a date.

For the latter case, models completely made of lace are perfect. Another huge advantage of the jumpsuit is that it slims due to its cut. On a hot afternoon, the jumpsuit is worn without any addition. And in the evening, or in cold weather, you can throw a cropped leather or denim jacket over your shoulders. This thing goes well with T-shirts, turtlenecks and tops that are worn underneath. Actual textures for overalls for the summer: denim, cotton, silk, chiffon.

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  • Skirts. What is a summer look without a skirt, agree? That is why we encourage fashionistas to have several current models in their wardrobe at once. These include: a pleated skirt, a stylish pencil, a flared year, a light sun skirt, and, of course, the favorite of the season, the maxi skirt. It is easy to create an elegant, business, romantic, urban or any other look with each of the presented styles.

For example, for the office, choose a midi-length wrap skirt paired with a nice blouse or shirt. And for everyday wear, give preference to mini models, for example, from denim or eco-leather. The evening look will turn out luxurious with a long skirt made of light fabric. And an additional seductive highlight can be a high neckline. To create a fashionable bow in the summer of 2020, a straight-cut skirt without large prints, sewn from dense fabric, visually stretching the silhouette, will help obese women.

  • Tops and blouses. Refined blouses made of silk and satin, transparent or translucent tops made of chiffon, shirts in men’s style made of cotton, knitted cropped sweaters – all these are the fashion trends of the next summer, which means that you should definitely pay attention to them.

Depending on the characteristics of the bow, choose tight-fitting or loose models. Just remember, if your trousers, shorts, or skirt are high-waisted, the blouse and shirt floors need to be tucked under it. In other cases, feel free to wear elongated models out.

[stextbox id=’info’]Another must-have attribute of a women’s summer bow will be a jacket. These stylish clothes are able to warm you up on a cool evening and add extra elegance to your look. Girls with a good figure can afford to wear cropped fitted models in bright colors. And for women over 40, mid-thigh length options with a straight cut are suitable. Also, for evening outings, take a closer look at light cardigans that will be ideally combined with both dresses and trousers.[/stextbox]

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Without what else summer images of 2020 are unthinkable?

  • Asymmetry. Asymmetric clothing is in fashion today. Therefore, be sure to dress up in dresses with an uneven hem, and wear blouses with a bevel on …

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