Fashionable bows for summer 2020

In this article, you will discover the most inspiring collection of fashionable bows for summer 2020. We will tell you how to combine the most current trends with each other and not miss anything important!

Color combinations

Stylists assure that it is not enough just to buy actual things by checking the fashion palette of 2020. To create harmonious and spectacular summer looks, you should also understand the principles of actual color combinations. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a cheat sheet on the most trendy tricks in advance!

  • When creating a stylish outfit, any fashionista can be guided by a combination of several shades from one palette. For example, you can combine light, medium and deep tone. By this principle, a fascinating and relevant gradient effect is created.

  • For young girls and for women over 40, the base of the base of neutral shades and the creation of accents from bright details are equally well suited. The most win-win way is a duet of light-colored clothes with rich accessories.

  • Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration not only for designers, but also for fashionistas. If inspiration suddenly disappears when creating an image, you can borrow a successful color duet from the surrounding landscape. For example, you can safely combine such representatives of the natural range as sand, olive, wood, blue and brown.

  • In the summer of 2020, a monochrome look with the leadership of one color will not lose its relevance. By the way, such a stylish technique remarkably slims the silhouette.

  • Another interesting trend of the season is the creation of bright color blocks in a summer look.



In 2020, designers have turned the bucket hat from a nostalgic hat into a key summer trend. If you focus on top shows, you can combine this novelty with trendy sunglasses and sneakers.

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Button down top

A laconic button-down top, which actually has no age restrictions, may well fit into your summer wardrobe. Such a model can easily make friends with both basic and trendy things. Among the most accurate hits in the trends, one can note a tandem with loose trousers or shorts.

Satin top

There are never too many tops in a summer wardrobe, right? Stylists advise in the 2020 season to adopt an exquisite model with thin satin or silk straps. You definitely don’t have to guess what to combine it with, because such a model can make an excellent pair of jeans, various models of skirts or elegant trousers. Such images are perfect for a date or a walk with friends.

Calmness and relaxation

To create the most comfortable and relaxed look for every day, stylists recommend combining loose-fitting clothes made of breathable materials with fashionable low-speed shoes. If you make such a bow in a light palette, it will additionally give a feeling of lightness and freedom. By the way, this approach also remarkably rejuvenates the appearance.


The hottest novelty among the current range of shorts are elongated Bermuda shorts with a fairly loose cut. To connect such a model to a casual bow, you can make a combination with a T-shirt, short-sleeved shirt or cardigan. Mules, sandals or sneakers are ideal as shoes.

Perhaps you want to be the most advanced fashionista in the office in Bermuda shorts. In this case, you can make a combination with a laconic shirt or jacket and closed shoes.


The polo shirt is recognized as one of the key novelties of the 2020 season, but in fact it is already available for most fashionistas. A common mistake with her participation is the compilation of outdated combinations. For example, the polo style is definitely not worth combining with tight shorts. This summer, more non-trivial combinations, for example, with a maxi skirt, will lead in popularity. If you prefer the usual tandem with trousers or jeans, be sure to complement it with trendy accessories.

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Shoes with laces

Perhaps you have already acquired the most fashionable pair of shoes of the warm season – sandals with long bandages. If so, then you can safely embody a loud trend – a combination of this pair with trousers.

Denim skirt

In the summer of 2020, it is so easy to create a fashionable bow for full women with a denim skirt. The most relevant length mark is the midi level in combination with buttons or a slit. Such a product can be successfully combined with a retro blouse with wide sleeves, a basic ribbed T-shirt or a printed T-shirt.

Maxi length

This summer, we can state the return to the list of trends in maxi length in skirt design. Such novelties were presented mainly in a straight or asymmetric cut, as well as in familiar wrap or pencil silhouettes. A particularly romantic investment in a summer wardrobe is a maxi skirt made of silk in a trample style or a model with trendy flounces. As a universal top for such a model, a laconic shirt, T-shirt or blouse can act.

pajama style

This summer, pajama style is back in fashion. He mainly showed himself in the design of actual blouses. Stylists suggest that such a novelty is easy to adapt to a casual or office bow. To do this, you should consider the actual combination with jeans or trousers. Moreover, a tandem will look great not only with a dark, but also with a light bottom.

Ribbed tank top

A well-deserved place in the basic summer wardrobe may well take a ribbed T-shirt. If you want it to gracefully fit into any outfit, rely on the versatility of beige, white, gray or black. Stylists assure that such an investment will not lose its relevance for many more seasons in a row.

If your closet has enough basic “bottoms”, you can diversify their company with a bright T-shirt. So, among the fashion trends of the summer of 2020, saffron, green, orange and red shades appeared. You can have a T-shirt in one of the marked colors at least in case a summer day suddenly overshadows a bad mood.

It is worth noting that fashionable bows for the summer of 2020 with basic T-shirts are perfect for women over 50. The hot season is the perfect time for stylish experiments!

Mini dress

If you don’t want to hide your slender beautiful legs in the summer, feel free to try on a mini dress – these are now in trend. Perhaps, according to your mood, you want to pacify such a novelty with an elongated jacket and rather brutal shoes. But you can also go down the path of glamor – combine this dress with heeled sandals, anklets and hoop earrings.

Soft bag

An accessory like this can be a hit in the bull’s-eye for two key trends at once. Firstly, such a handbag must be quite petite in order to look …

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