Fashionable bows – spring 2019

Fashionable bows of spring 2019 are extraordinary design solutions, which, however, are well adapted to the rhythm of life of every modern girl. The main mottos of the coming season are: comfort and convenience, functionality and practicality, style and elegance. It is on the basis of them that most of the fashionable images of the coming spring will be created. And what exactly should our ladies pay attention to, we will tell you in detail right now.


Actual styles

All advanced girls who regularly follow fashion trends will certainly be interested to know which styles should be preferred for the coming spring-summer 2019. And I must say, the choice here is very large. So, no matter which direction you usually choose when building your fashionable image, most likely it will also be in trend.

  • Cconventional. No intrigue. A simple, incredibly comfortable, casual style accessible to most women will become a real lifesaver when creating a fashionable bow. Casual clothes tend to be very versatile and affordable. Therefore, you should definitely contact them when you want to get the most comfortable image, while spending a minimum of time.

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Important! The main trend of the Casual style is simplicity. Most often, there will be basic plain things with a simple cut that are easy to combine with each other. Shoes will also not be distinguished by sophistication. But you can enrich a rustic Casual bow with the right accessories.


  • Sport style. Today, wearing a sports bow in everyday life is considered the norm. Everything from sneakers to bomber jackets will be on trend. Why, even evening looks began to be complemented by sportswear. So, this direction can definitely be considered advantageous for the coming spring.

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  • Military. And this style should mainly be followed in early spring, when high boots with a stable platform or square heels, and coats of muted colors will be most in demand. The military style itself is quite limited. But, the presence of obligatory military attributes on each item, such as stripes, shoulder straps, stripes, make it recognizable and very interesting.

  • Familylook. Another interesting decision for spring-summer 2019. Dressing in the same style for parents and children – what could be more fun? In general, this direction is now enjoying incredible popularity. Many families, when going on vacation, to a gala event, or photo shoots, choose things in common with each other in the same color scheme. So, as in the photo below.

  • boho. Combining the incongruous is the main motto of the boho style. Stylists recommend plunging into it only for trained fashionistas who know how to create a harmonious bow from seemingly incompatible things, such as a light skirt, a worn T-shirt, a leather belt and cowboy boots. In the coming spring and summer, this direction will be a huge success. So, it’s time to start studying it in more detail.

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Important! Naturally, these are not all styles in which you can create trendy bows this season. And of course, classic, business, oversized, romantic and other popular clothing trends have not gone anywhere from the fashionable Olympus.


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What will fashionable images of spring be created from?

Now let’s move on to the specifics and analyze what fashionable women’s bows for every day in the spring of 2019 should consist of. And we have also prepared a huge number of photos for you so that you can immediately decide what you like and what not.


No self-respecting fashionista should deny herself the pleasure of wearing a coat this spring. After all, it can be said without exaggeration that this outerwear will become a real “nail” of any fashionable bow.

Modern coats can be combined with almost any bottom. Here are the usual nylon tights, and jeans, and classic trousers with skirts. Even sneakers are suitable as shoes. The main thing is to correctly determine the style of the coat itself. And don’t forget to complete your look with stylish accessories such as leather gloves, colorful scarves and knitted or crocheted hats.


Another permanent attribute of any spring bow. This season, the most fashionable jackets for girls will be made of leather, suede, denim, duspo (special fabric for jackets). The main features of all models will be considered: a fitted style, a maximum length of the middle of the thigh, the presence of decorative elements, such as locks, buckles, belts, rivets, flounces, embroidery, etc.

It is very easy to create a fashionable and non-trivial look with the help of a jacket, because, without exaggeration, it can be combined with any thing in the wardrobe. And especially fashionable this spring will be the following options:

  • leather trigger and light fabric dress (option for warm spring and summer);
  • any jacket and jeans;
  • denim jacket and sweatpants.

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Important! A jacket-jacket will be very popular with fashionistas. This is a great solution for creating a casual business look, in which every girl will be strict and irresistible.



Another great solution for a fashionable bow for spring 2019 is a suit. Look at the photo, it can be completely different. Here are the usual classic trouser suits, and sets with skirts, with shorts, and exclusively denim or leather combinations. In a word, everything that can be called a suit is in trend. So, if you are also a fan of harmoniously matching clothes, then this spring you will have a great opportunity to show your love.

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Without exaggeration, we can say that a cardigan is a must have for the coming spring. Especially well, he will fit into the image of fashionistas with magnificent forms. However, girls with perfect figures do not neglect this type of clothing. And there is nothing surprising here, because the cardigan is currently at the peak of popularity.

So, for a cool spring, you can select woolen cardigans of large knitting and non-standard colors, for example, such as Lalo cardigans with a gradient. And on a summer evening, it would be quite appropriate to throw an ordinary thin knitted cardigan over your shoulders. Moreover, it will be great to combine both with a dress and with any other clothes. In short, the perfect solution for a romantic bow.

Fashionable and stylish Lalo cardigans

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Important! If we continue talking about knitted things, then it should be noted that not only knitted cardigans, but also other outfits of such texture will be in fashion in 2019. For example, dresses, sweaters, tops, sweaters and pullovers. The main thing is that they are not all too tight-fitting. On the contrary, oversized style is in trend, which means that knitted clothes should have a free cut and not restrict movement.


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