Fashionable bows with shorts

Shorts in 2019 have become not just a basic element of women’s wardrobe, but a real must-have. Therefore, this summer, stylists offered a lot of bows with them, the most fashionable of which we will consider in our article.


What shorts will be in fashion: hot trends

Before proceeding to the analysis of fashionable images, we suggest that you first familiarize yourself with the leading trends of the summer season in the segment of women’s shorts.

  • Snow white. White shorts are an unshakable classic that wanders from year to year without losing its position.

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It can be denim or linen, casual, sporty or business style. The main thing here is the design, which must be simple with a minimum amount of decor.

  • Bright colors. Products in red, green, blue, hot pink, crimson, purple or blue will harmoniously fit into the summer wardrobe, adding even more colors to it.

  • Safari style. Shorts in coffee or beige, decorated with a simple belt at the waist or functional pockets, are a real trend for the hot season.

Fashionable bow in safari style

In addition, they are also very versatile, as they succinctly fit into both everyday clothing and office style.

  • With embroidery. Lovers of non-standard solutions will definitely like models decorated with embroidery. It can be floral motifs, ethnic or abstract patterns. As for the decor itself, embroidery can be present on the product in the form of a small accent, or completely cover the legs of the shorts.

  • Lacy. Models sewn from fine lace have become a novelty of this year, which is rapidly gaining popularity. Stylists recommend wearing such shorts in everyday life and even work.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! In 2019, designers used lace not only as the main material for tailoring, but also as a decoration. Therefore, shorts decorated with pieces of lace are also considered trendy.[/stextbox]

  • Elongated. This season, shorts can be both short and long. Moreover, no one has defined specific parameters.

This was the reason that designers in their collections presented models that reach the knee level and below in length.

  • Ultrashort. For obese women, such models of shorts will not work, but the owners of ideal proportions will be just right.

As for styles and materials, in this case there are no special restrictions. Both denim models that are already familiar to everyone, as well as products made of thin leather or linen, are allowed.

  • With high waist. The main emphasis here is focused directly on the style, since the high waistline emphasizes the smooth curves of the figure and slender legs.

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  • Sports. Sportswear is no longer used exclusively for fitness. Today, such things, including shorts, are recommended to be worn in everyday life, combined with a casual or military top.

  • Denim. An undying trend that has not lost its relevance over the years.

This season, fitted models, options with an elastic band and a high fit remain popular. But wide shorts or denim Bermuda shorts have become a novelty.

  • Leather. Shorts made of thin leather of natural or artificial origin will be in fashion this summer.

Their length can vary, ranging from ultra-short to elongated options. Such models should be worn with extreme caution, carefully choosing the top.

Actual styles

Among all the models of shorts proposed by designers, the following options will be the most popular this summer.

  • Bermuda. Shorts, featuring a wide classic cut and knee-length, will be a godsend for admirers of business style in clothes. They can be plain or printed, sewn from denim, linen and even leather.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Bermuda shorts are the basic style for women over 50 and those with curvaceous proportions. They focus on the waist, lengthen the silhouette and hide imperfections.[/stextbox]

  • Culottes. Flared shorts, resembling a skirt in appearance, are the best fit for creating an office or evening outfit. In everyday life, they can also be worn, combined with denim shirts, ballet flats and even hypertrophied sneakers.

  • Shorts overalls. Practical, functional and very stylish style that will appeal to active and self-confident girls. Jumpsuit shorts are suitable for owners of absolutely any type of figure. And thanks to the variety of designs, everyone can create an elegant and memorable bow with them.

  • Bicycle shorts. Tight-fitting shorts, which reach the knee in length, have been at the top of fashion trends for several seasons in a row. Unfortunately, such styles are suitable only for owners of a sports figure, since the tight-fitting cut focuses on the shortcomings of the physique.

Fashion Bow Ideas

Today, the variety of outfits, which are based on shorts, just rolls over. Below we just presented the most popular of them.

  • Cotton or linen shorts are best worn with a top made from the same fabric. The ideal option for them would be an elongated jacket or vest worn over a lace or silk top. As for shoes, it would be appropriate here, both classic with heels, and more casual in the form of low-speed mules, ballet flats or sneakers.

  • With Bermuda shorts in 2019, you can create dozens of trendy looks. For example, this summer they are recommended to be combined not only with cotton or denim shirts, but also with T-shirts or tight-fitting tops. They can also be worn over a piece swimsuit, thereby creating a stylish beach bow.

  • But with denim shorts, you can wear absolutely any top: be it a T-shirt, top or blouse. But the combination of denim shorts with an elongated jacket thrown over a cotton T-shirt is considered the most popular. Any shoe will do, from stiletto heels or wedges to trendy mules or clogs.

  • As for trendy printed models, they are best combined with a solid top. It can be a T-shirt, T-shirt or blouse in the color of one of the elements of the picture, or absolutely contrasting to it.

  • With lace shorts, it is better to wear a light denim or cotton shirt. Thus, the finished set will turn out to be stylish and not defiant. For a more formal occasion, you can wear a lingerie-style top or T-shirt over a lace bottom. A cropped jacket and a hat will help to dilute the resulting duet.

  • Short leather shorts should be worn with a T-shirt or shirt. And so that the image does not turn out to be vulgar, it is better to give your preference to classic styles with a small neckline. The color of the top in this case can be any.

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