Fashionable bright manicure for the summer of 2020

Looking for fashionable bright manicure for the summer of 2020? So all the most juicy and stylish ideas are already waiting for you in this article!


Current palette

Fashionable nail color – that’s what excites girls in the first place when choosing an actual design. We will tell and show which shades should be chosen in order to pass for the main fashionista.

  • Among the bright palette, the azure scale of blue, turquoise and blue shades has clear advantages. And how these colors look in a duet with a shimmer – just a feast for the eyes!
  • Juicy colors of grass, sky and sun are also actively involved in creating a fashionable summer manicure for the 2020 season.
  • In the collection of summer polishes, you should definitely include textures with glitter or other sparkling particles. Nails with such a coating will shimmer very effectively in the sun.

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  • You can decorate your summer look with delicate mother-of-pearl, which is confidently kept among trends 2020 season.
  • Fiery red polish is designed not only to create a stylish look, but also to increase self-confidence.
  • With tanned skin, fashionable fuchsia and its other relatives from the neon palette of varnishes will be perfectly combined.
  • Shiny peach and coral tones will perfectly refresh the summer look and add a trendy touch to it.


The summer jacket differs from its classic counterpart in a bright palette. Instead of traditional bright smiles, fashionistas use mint, coral, yellow, turquoise or orange shades. The listed accents work well with a transparent or nude foundation. The most daring fashionistas this season will surely express their preference for French design with colorful smiles.

The jacket does not give up its positions with a blurry or stylized design of the edging of the marigolds.

The reverse jacket will look fresh and unbanal if you connect a fashionable bright varnish to its creation.

Bright minimalism

The minimalist trend is a breath of fresh air for those fashionistas who do not welcome overloaded and pretentious design. Only if earlier this style assumed the use of an exclusively neutral palette, this summer it will significantly expand its boundaries. For example, such a design will definitely not be against the use of bright colors. What can come of it, look at the photo.


If the classic style of manicure is not close to you, you can turn in the direction of glamor and originality and create a design with voluminous pearls. This trend appeared at fashion shows and quickly went “to the people”.


Summer classic design – these are juicy fruits and sweets involved in the form of drawings. True, many fashionistas today simplify their lives and use ready-made sliders in such nail art.


Not only fruits can be used in trendy design. In the summer, other bright and cheerful drawings are also welcome. We invite you to draw inspiration from our photo selection.

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A typical summer story is a manicure with colorful tropical motifs. Bright and juicy!


Laconic dark inscriptions are perfectly combined with bright inserts: it has been tested by many fashionistas from personal experience.


It is impossible not to mention the frenzied relevance of animal prints, which promise to maintain their leading positions in the summer season. Zebra, leopard, giraffe and cow enter the fashion arena, but they rarely cover all nails. Most often, animal motifs are used in the combined manicure technique.

Bright manicure using several animal prints at once is possible in embodiment for long nails for summer 2020. Such a design is guaranteed to look extraordinary and creative.

Matte top

Still in demand bright matte manicurewhich looks particularly elegant and noble. In the 2020 season, it is important to combine this texture with yellow, pink, mustard, azure and green shades. Such a manicure can be supplemented with transparent inserts and minimalist drawings to give it more expressiveness.

More shine

Fashionistas increasingly decide on a manicure with sparkling accents in the summer season, because they cannot resist the splendor of such decor in the sun. Any trendy jewelry can be used – foil, glitter, kamifubuki, rhinestones, shimmer or stones, as well as their combinations.

Brilliant manicure is optional be frilly, and one hot trend of the 2020 season is the perfect proof of that. We mean the combination of a nude or transparent base with laconic foil inserts. Such a design looks restrained, but at the same time it is not without its bright zest.

Volumetric metallized decor on a neutral base also remains in demand.


This summer, you should definitely try to embody the gradient on your nails. We advise you to stick to the fashionable palette described at the beginning of the article and create the most juicy and contrasting tandems of colors.

[tds_warning]The creation of beautiful combinations in summer is often inspired by the tones of sunset or sunrise.[/tds_warning]


Perhaps this summer you want a special brightness in a summer manicure. In this case, you can connect a juicy neon palette to its creation. Light green, bright yellow, blue and pink shades are still in trend. Such colors can be used in gradient technique, combined with white lacquer, geometric or animal motifs. Choose any option to your taste and be irresistible!

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Sea style

Nautical style in nail art in the 2020 season has made a real revolution. Now it is not a banal strip, but fascinates with watercolor stains with a delightful imitation of sea waves.

Often masters in this design use foil or glitter. The created manicure is able to diversify even an ordinary image and add the most stylish accent to it.

Splatter and brush strokes

Incredible originality is given to the manicure by trendy brush strokes within the framework of a minimalist or abstract design. Such a pattern can be embodied both in bright and pastel shades – it all depends not only on fashion trendsbut also on your own preferences.

It is summer abstraction that can imply combinations of the most contrasting colors.

Abstract bright manicuremade with a sense of proportion, is perfect for short nails in season summer 2020. At natural length, it is better to limit yourself to just a few accent patterns.

watercolor flowers

With the onset of the warm season, every girl wakes up with a desire to look especially sophisticated and romantic. Of course, such a mood cannot but be reflected in the manicure. The secret is simple – if you want to add a feminine accent to your look, bet on plant motifs. Their most fashionable incarnation in the 2020 season is presented in watercolor technique with its inherent airiness, weightlessness and…

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