Fashionable burgundy manicure 2023

Looking at the manicure, made in burgundy, there is an involuntary association with the word “chic”. A deep, disturbing shade looks noble and impressive on the nails. A huge plus lies in its versatility. Both ladies over fifty and female students can afford to wear burgundy on their nails. And this shade is good both by itself and with the decor. What will be the burgundy manicure in the 2023 season? Let’s share interesting design options.

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What shades to combine burgundy in manicure in 2023

The burgundy color is quite conservative and very self-sufficient. It does not always create a good neighborhood with other popular shades. They either fade against his background, or muffle his nobility. And yet there are several successful options, which we will now list.

  • With beige. A beautiful nail duet that will be appropriate in everyday looks. You can also wear it on short nails. Beige favorably sets off the depth and strength of the burgundy shade, due to which harmony is achieved.

  • With black. A burgundy-black manicure will captivate fashionistas with its drama and showiness. In some cases, on the nails, it may look somewhat gloomy. However, the tandem, despite this, is still worthy of attention.

  • With silver. Another elegant combination that will be appropriate in evening and cocktail looks. The bewitching shine of silver is perfectly combined with monochrome burgundy. A matte effect will not be superfluous here.

  • With milk. Dairy is a popular alternative to white in 2023. This easy-to-perceive beautiful shade is in harmony with all fashionable colors, including whimsical burgundy.

  • With blue. An elegant solution that looks especially good on the nails of a classic square shape. Turn to it in the cold season to dilute autumn and winter images devoid of brightness.

  • With nude. Burgundy + nude = a win-win combination for successful nail art. Unpretentious and as natural as possible, nude will never attract too much attention from burgundy, but, like beige, it will emphasize its depth.

  • With gold. Burgundy manicure-2023 with a golden design is the most suitable solution for a special occasion. Use glossy smooth foil to decorate your nails, as in the photo – this is now very fashionable.

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The ford shade, complemented by the precious glitter of gold or silver, will be a good decoration for your New Year’s looks 2023-2024.

Burgundy Manicure Design Ideas for 2023

The shade that we are talking about today is great for nail experiments, despite all its conservatism. We offer for consideration the following design options that are relevant in the current season.

  • In a dark frame. One of the most fashionable solutions today. The design is based on a monochromatic glossy or matte burgundy finish, which is framed by a black “frame” around the perimeter of the entire nail, including the free edge. The trend is when there is a cartoon effect in the manicure, as in the photo. Performed nail art on long nails.

  • French. French design knows no limits to perfection. It is gorgeous in any shade, including noble burgundy. Moreover, you can resort to the classical technique, highlighting only the “smile” line, and to the reverse “lunar” jacket. We also recommend paying attention to the novelty of the season – microfrench. In this case, the free edge of the nail stands out with a very thin colored stripe.

  • Textured. Solid burgundy nail art with a textured surface looks interesting, stylish, original. Texture can be manifested in transparent drops of gel polish that mimic rain on the surface of the nail, in sparkles or in the somewhat forgotten Bubble nails design, which is obtained using ordinary soap suds and bubbles. Today it is again a fashion trend.

  • Matte. Fashionable burgundy manicure-2023 in a matte finish is a luxury that cannot be ignored. Ideal nail art for evening outings, including for a date. It looks incredibly noble even being monochrome. But it changes even more if you add some sparkling crystals to the design. A very stylish choice!

  • With an image. Uncomplicated floral motifs combined with a burgundy finish will be especially relevant in the spring-summer 2023 season. Just do not strive for excessive frivolity – today it is useless. Minimalism rules the fashion world. And stick to it. In the same vein, laconic lines, graphics, stains and smudges on the nails will be appropriate. Everything should be clear, neat, tasteful.

  • With “veil”. Another luxurious design that you just can’t look away from. As we said earlier, the burgundy color in general goes well with black. So why not turn to a sophisticated, sophisticated veil technique that will create an expensive nail duet with a conservative touch.

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The burgundy finish looks equally good on nails of any shape, be it almond, square or peaks.

Burgundy manicure will be absolutely indispensable in the cold season of 2023. But at other times you can also resort to it. Study the photo, choose the design you like so that your nails are always in order.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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