Fashionable but uncomfortable: 8 popular things

Very often, noticing a stylish thing they like, girls rush to buy it, not at all thinking about the fact that it will be uncomfortable.

Top bra

Various cropped tops with straps look spectacular and stylish. If you combine them with high waisted jeans, you can create a very beautiful look. However, most of these tops cannot be removed or put on without the help of an outsider, since the fasteners may not be provided in the most convenient place. In addition, a lace top is only suitable for owners of a slim figure.

Leather dress

Despite the fact that such an image looks spectacular, it is quite uncomfortable in it, and it is also difficult to wear such clothes because of the material. Moreover, in a leather dress it will be hot in the summer.

Stylish overalls

Recently, overalls have been produced in the collections of various brands, which quickly became popular. However, it is difficult to put on a jumpsuit without the help of an outsider, and it is even more difficult to visit the ladies’ room in such an outfit.

In addition, if the fastener is located on the back, then you will not be able to cope with putting on or taking off the overalls.

Flared shorts

This style of shorts looks gentle and beautiful. However, even with a light breeze, the fabric will rise.

In addition, the material used in flared shorts is most often loose, which is why the underwear is visible.

Dresses and blouses with open backs or shoulders

Such styles of dresses look attractive, but wearing them is inconvenient, because with sudden movements the outfit will slip. Off-the-shoulder blouses will only have to be worn with a straight back and arms at the seams, as with a little movement they also slip.

Lace-up clothing

Without a doubt, such outfits look stunning, but wearing them is uncomfortable. Under outfits with lacing, it is difficult to pick up underwear so that it is not visible. It is also difficult to take off and put on such clothes – it will take a lot of time, because each time you need to lace up.

Mule shoes

Mules are sandals without a back surface. Because of this, wearing shoes is uncomfortable. While walking, the gait becomes slightly shuffling, because if you walk at your usual pace, then there is a chance of losing such shoes.

plastic shoes

Shoes made of transparent plastic have become a stylish element of the wardrobe, but at the same time also the most uncomfortable.

The material is inelastic, and this leads to severe calluses. Moreover, the plastic does not allow air to pass through, which makes the feet very hot and sweaty.

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