Fashionable cardigans for spring 2021

Fashionable women’s cardigans have become an integral part of the women’s wardrobe, so in 2021, designers presented a variety of models: from simple without buttons and pockets to a combination of complex colors and massive voluminous sleeves.

The most fashionable cardigans for 2021

Women’s cardigans, depending on the color and the number of additional details, become a great addition to everyday looks. In colder times, warm cashmere models will become a worthy replacement for outerwear, and in warmer weather, knitted models will complement the trendy look.

Now let’s see a photo selection of fashionable women’s cardigans for 2021, and then we will tell you in more detail:

  • What colors of cardigans will be in fashion;
  • Under what clothes and shoes to wear them;
  • What length to choose.


Classic cardigans – knee-length models or slightly higher. Another distinctive feature is a simple straight silhouette without any extra decor. This cardigan perfectly complements the looks with trousers, jeans, dresses, combined with heels, boots or sneakers.

thin cape

Thin cardigans are especially popular in warm weather. They are becoming an indispensable part of a fashionable trendy look, so stylists choose thin women’s cardigans in 2021 when compiling the following bows:

  • Business;
  • Casual;
  • Glamour;
  • Boho;
  • Ethno;
  • grunge;
  • Romantic, etc.

Thin cardigans are suitable for any summer shoes:

  • sneakers;
  • Sneakers;
  • Sandals;
  • Flip flops;
  • Abarcas;
  • Grandmothers;
  • Sabo etc.


A distinctive feature of maxi cardigans is their length – to the very heels. They can be made with or without sleeves. But such a model is suitable for girls of medium or tall height. The perfect combination is a long cardigan + trousers or jeans. Shoes can be chosen both with heels and low soles.


If you want to create an image that is in line with fashion trends, then we recommend that you definitely choose the right model of a long cardigan. For example, a cardigan coat. This option is suitable for cool summer or spring-autumn weather, when it is wet or cloudy outside.

with ruffles

As soon as the first tulips appear in spring, everything around is immediately filled with notes of romance and femininity, and at this time of the year, stylists recommend that everyone who wants to match the new fashion trends of 2021 choose women’s cardigans with frills and lace.

Light ruffles can be anywhere:

  • On the sleeves;
  • On the sides;
  • On the bottom of the product;
  • Back only or front only.


For several seasons in a row, asymmetrical cardigans have been at the top positions. They create lightness, airiness, drape beautifully. Such models look great with jeans or trousers, a skirt or a pencil dress. Asymmetric cardigans slightly distract from the flaws in the figure and attract to their extraordinary and rather interesting cut.


Even if you don’t know how to knit, there are hundreds of different fashion models of women’s knitted cardigans in online stores that will be in trend in 2021. If you want something unusual, then we recommend choosing a batwing cut. This is a fairly versatile style, not only thin, but also plump women will love it.

Knitted cardigans can be both long and medium length, short and maxi. Here it all depends on what kind of image you want to get in the end. Knitted models perfectly complement any clothes and fit a variety of shoes.


A short cardigan is somewhat similar to a regular jacket, where there are buttons and, possibly, pockets. They are presented with a variety of cutouts. Therefore, the models are suitable for skirts, jeans, trousers, will be a great addition to an office dress.

Short cardigans are combined with fluffy skirts, so they will decorate the new look, where grace, femininity and sophistication are always emphasized.


Although oversized is slowly starting to fade into the background, designers still continue to add mega-voluminous products to their collections. Oversized cardigans are made of coarse knitting, manufacturers can choose braids, bumps from patterns. Such models are complemented by super-voluminous puffed sleeves, and the length can be both floor-length and waist-length.

With tassels

Tassels on cardigans can be located at the bottom of the sleeves or the product itself. They move with every movement, which gives the image a spring lightness.

Trendy colors

Stylists suggest using a variety of color combinations that suit your skin tone and complexion. But when choosing cardigans, your preference should be given to the following shades:

  • Pale blue;
  • shining white;
  • Cream;
  • The color of fresh juicy grass;
  • Bright crimson;
  • Powdery;
  • Classic black;
  • Dark blue sky.

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Length of cardigans

There are a lot of fashionable cardigans among long and short models. Therefore, in this matter, focus on the proportions of your body, height and, of course, desires. Any model with a trendy design will decorate the image and can give femininity, romance, lightness, playfulness.

This concludes our review of fashionable women’s cardigans for 2021. We are sure that you liked some of the images, so we recommend that you immediately save them so as not to lose them.

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