Fashionable cardigans – spring 2020: new items of the season

Fashionable cardigans in the spring 2020 season go beyond one style. Designers bring to your attention stylish and at the same time universal models, the stylistic boundaries of which are almost inexhaustible!


Actual colors

  • It cannot be said that pastel shades are the unequivocal favorites of the spring season, but still they received enough attention at the top shows. Designers gave their preference to pale pink, light lemon, lavender, pale green and sky blue. This palette perfectly rejuvenates and refreshes the image. When served correctly, it also easily creates a romantic spring mood and emphasizes femininity.

  • Black and white also appeared on fashion shows. This is a classic of the genre that will never cause difficulties in combinations.

  • Cold mint shades will create a feminine and fashionable mood in the image.

  • Bright and self-sufficient tones of red also showed themselves in all their glory.

  • Among the juicy tones, the yellow, orange, blue and turquoise palette also distinguished itself.

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  • In the spring season, spicy turmeric is added not only to culinary dishes, but also to fashionable looks. This warm shade of yellow is perfect for stylish everyday looks in basic colors. Psychologists even claim that the color of turmeric heals and inspires.

  • Another undoubted favorite of the season is cheerful fuchsia.

  • If bright colors are not to your liking, take a closer look at the aristocratic and elegant beige tones. In spring, pearl and cream shades will also be in trend.

  • Dusty tones of green will help create a stylish look, sustained in a natural palette.

  • As for trendy prints, this time it features a horizontal stripe with a hint of cruising style. This pattern looks restrained and is perfect for women in their 50s.
  • Animalistic and checkered motifs have not lost their popularity either.

fashion styles


A cardigan coat is distinguished by special elegance and practicality. You can easily recognize such a model by a fairly dense texture, lack of lining and an elongated cut. Now the trend is a coat without fasteners, but with a belt. This style allows you to accentuate the waist and look stylish.

Especially fashionable is a coat made of tweed or with fur trim. Warm decor or texture is the best choice for the beginning of spring, when the weather is still not too good.


If you are thinking about how to give femininity and sophistication to spring looks, take a closer look at the current novelty – a cardigan in the style of a cape. A distinctive feature of the original cut are cutouts for the hands.

The cape fits perfectly into outfits of various styles – in a business, grunge, casual or boho look.


Macrame knitted cardigans are a novelty that fans of boho style will not pass by. However, such a thing can also fit into casual, romantic style and even sport chic.

The title of favorite in the spring design of knitted cardigans belongs to white and cream. Such models look especially feminine and sophisticated. But if you don’t mind a bright accent, you can take a closer look at the yellow and orange palette.

Without sleeves

Fashion 2020 brings to your attention a rich selection of sleeveless cardigans – they can be with or without pockets, cropped or long, insulated or translucent. Rely on your taste and choose the best option!

A sleeveless cardigan is perfect for slimming, especially if it is presented unbuttoned. This model is great for women in their 40s who want to see their images more complete and stylish. They are advised to combine knitted vests with a fitted bottom and high-heeled shoes.

midi length

Women’s midi length cardigans are also presented in a wide variety. A mark below the knee allows such clothes to be a self-sufficient replacement for a dress. If you add a belt and a romantic blouse with flounces or a bow to it, you will get the most fashionable look of the season.

Such a cut can play a trick on a girl of short stature, visually shortening the silhouette. To avoid this property, it is recommended to combine a midi-length cardigan with heels or platform shoes.

Shortened length

If midi length does not appeal to you, take a closer look at cropped cardigans. Such models can be supplemented with a number of large or, on the contrary, miniature buttons – in this case, the cardigan is usually worn without a base layer and tucked into jeans or a skirt. Many girls recognized a comeback from the past in this style, but still the modern version of this cardigan will be distinguished by a looser cut.

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A design with a dense texture and metallic buttons is also available, which looks good when unbuttoned.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! This length is indispensable in creating an emphasis on a beautiful waist.[/stextbox]

A la jacket

If you think that the classic version of the cardigan lacks elegance and efficiency, pay attention to the stylish novelty – the style of the jacket. Usually it is made of a dense texture, complemented by large buttons and a turn-down collar. The main highlight of this model lies in its versatility. This model is able to add gloss and femininity to the image with basic jeans and a T-shirt. It will perfectly complement an elegant dress or a bow with strict trousers.

trend details

Volumetric sleeves and did not think to slow down the popularity! Accordingly, cardigans with such a fashionable detail will be in trend.

The safest and most casual manifestation of this trend is the adorable puff sleeves. This detail looks stylish and unobtrusive. But still, designers offer not to be limited to flashlights alone, but to pay attention to voluminous puffs. In a word, the main trend is clear and unambiguous: the more sleeves, the cooler the cardigan looks!

Stylists advise taking note of this technique for girls with wide hips or a “triangle” figure type. The volume at the top of the image will help balance the proportions of the figure.

fur trim

The fashion trends of the spring 2020 season also offer cardigans with fur trim. This decor performs not only a decorative function, it also perfectly protects from the cold.


Another must-have of the spring season is things with flirty fringes. You can not waste time on trifles, but choose a long and noticeable fringe. Typically, such decor is located on the hem of the cardigan and coquettishly develops when walking. The fringe located at the place of the fastener looks very unusual.


The exciting trend for transparent textures and inserts is also reflected in the design of fashionable cardigans. Such models look especially feminine and playful.

Volume knitting

Large knitting looks original and stylish. It allows you to create fashionable cardigans in…

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