Fashionable casual style: photo images

What is casual clothing for women? We will tell you in detail and clearly demonstrate with a selection of bright and successful bows.


Fashionable casual style: photo images

If at first glance it is difficult to determine what style the clothes on a person belong to, then this is “casual”. However, it should be borne in mind that by putting on the first one that comes to hand in the closet, this style cannot be achieved. Although you can put on clothes according to the principle of “combining the incongruous”, it’s still worth working on the image.

The main distinguishing feature of style is comfort. This “casual”, “daily” (as “casual” is translated from English) style means that the outfit can be worn at least every day, for a walk and for work.

Signs of casual:

  • a combination of business and casual clothes in images – for example, jackets and jeans, strict skirts and T-shirts;
  • most often natural materials are used;
  • no requirement to wear only branded items;
  • focus on convenience and functionality;
  • there is no strict selection by style, compatibility of elements, and by color.

In casual style, you can almost rarely see ruffles, waves, rhinestones and other artsy things. However, for glamor kazhuel this is just typical.

Casual glamor looks

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Subspecies of casual style:

  • sports – of course, not for sports, but sports elements are actively used in the bow: T-shirts, sneakers and others;

  • street – “street”, you can use everything to make it comfortable;

  • business – a successful and neat combination of blouses and skirts, or blouses and trousers. Clothing of this style is now in vogue. Business casual is characterized by restraint and even rigor. The content of “casuality” has been reduced, but the clothes are very practical: you can make outfits for several days from a skirt and several blouses, and even more by adding a jacket;

Business casual

  • smart – simple and sophisticated. It is very easy to confuse with business casual, but unlike it, you can use jeans, denim shirts, and sneakers. But the main landmark is a well-thought-out elegant combination in clothes;

Casual smart style

  • glamor is the desire to combine luxury and convenience. Shiny fabrics, unusual heels, unique clutches are acceptable here.

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Interesting. Casual style has even reached wedding dresses: when choosing an outfit, they are guided by the ability to wear it after the celebration.


Bride in a casual dress

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Casual style trends

Now fashionable moments are such:

  • plain bows – with all the richness of the choice of colors, many ladies choose bows in one color: beige, white or black;

  • jeans can be torn, with holes and scuffs. And also stripes, applications, embroidery are very popular;

  • flared trousers have been loved by fashionistas for a long time;

  • culottes – wide cropped pants – a good choice for women to work, if combined with a blouse;

  • volume and oversize – convenience and comfort are often combined with loose clothing that does not interfere with movement. Oversized outerwear, stretched sweaters and tunics, boyfriend jeans are all in vogue. Young people love such clothes, but women over 35 can safely wear them. The main thing is to combine it correctly with other things;

  • scarves, lightweight for warm weather, woolen or knitted for cold weather. How easy is it to transform an ordinary look into a casual one? Tie a scarf – casually, but very stylish;

  • layering – to jeans, a top with a shirt and a cardigan is the most versatile look. Layered images are typical for any season of the year;

  • elements of sportswear: sports shoes, jackets, bombers and sweatshirts with hoods, sports t-shirts;

  • the color scheme depends on the preferences of the person. You can stop at delicate, pastel shades and bright defiant tones – after all, among the fashionable colors for 2019 there are both the first and the second. The main thing is not to overdo it. The image should not have more than 4 different shades.

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Clue. Although it is believed that it is better for curvy ladies not to get carried away with layering, but there are options when it works as it should. Long cardigans without fasteners, elongated loose-fitting shirts and tunics in darker tones than the main color will visually lengthen the silhouette, add to its slimness and growth.


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Making a good casual look

Jeans are the most versatile item, everything else can be “finished”. Most popular looks:

  • jeans with a thin sweater (sweatshirt) and open shoes – sandals, shoes;

  • for summer, you can combine denim or military shorts + top. You can put on a sweater or cardigan;

  • Also, as an option for a successful bow, you can choose a denim jumpsuit. But it is worth combining it with a plain top and shoes (boots) with low heels;

  • in spring and autumn, classic coats look great on jeans and blouses, shoes can also be of a sports type;

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  • a leather jacket can be combined with classic dresses, blouses with long skirts. It is enough just to look at the photos of successful casual style bows in clothes to agree that the leather jacket set and elegant dress look amazing;

  • women of fashion choose from shoes: ballet flats, sneakers, dutiks and felt boots for winter, boots on a flat platform, shoes with steady heels. It is believed that pumps and classic stilettos cannot be used to create stylish looks. But there is a subspecies of style – glamor, where you can try to combine pumps with shiny pants or sports trousers. It turned out or it didn’t work out – you can only feel it;

  • accessories are very important. Girls add glasses, hats, bracelets and watches to the image;

  • scarves play a very important role. You can tie in a bunch of different ways.

And also, a denim tunic dress of any length with a strict collar can be a vivid example of this style.

For fat ladies

The main rule is no tight things, you should not emphasize the flaws. It is better to make a choice like this:

  • loose jeans or trousers;
  • for the top, a jumper or now fashionable sweatshirts;

  • it would be a good decision to choose a belt, and in a contrasting color – it immediately visually reduces the waist;
  • elongated cardigans and jackets are suitable;
  • the color can be chosen both light and dark, the main thing is to avoid horizontal stripes or decorations that will draw attention to problem areas.

Dark, without embellishments and smudged appliqués, loose-cut jeans visually reduce the figure.

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Advice. Curvy ladies should make sure that the top does not end at the widest part of the hips, it is either higher or lower.


For those for whom

Casual style is great for respectable ladies. After all, convenience and comfort for mature women over 50 comes out on top.

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