Fashionable chiffon dresses 2020

Fashionable dresses made of chiffon and in 2020 remain at the peak of popularity. And it’s completely deserved. Light flowing fabric makes the figure of a woman graceful. They look beautiful in almost any shade and print. We offer to track fashion trends for chiffon dresses and choose the perfect model for spring-summer.


A little about fabric

For many centuries, chiffon fabric has been a material for tailoring outfits for exceptionally wealthy ladies. Today, the production of fabric has been simplified a bit, so all women in the world can use it. Silk-based chiffon is considered classic. Elegant wedding, classic, evening and solemn dresses are made from it. The main features of chiffon are:

  • dye compliance:
  • obedience in styling when sewing;
  • good breathability;
  • easy washing and ironing.

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Today, cotton-based chiffon is considered popular. It has a lower cost. Therefore, almost all girls and women can afford a dress made of such material.

Popular long models of chiffon dresses

Summer chiffon dresses in 2020, of course, can be long. What is called in the floor. Such an outfit beautifully emphasizes the figure of a woman, it looks interesting on a girl or woman of any height. Pairs well with heels and flat sandals. The most popular models of long dresses this season are:

  • Greek style. Open shoulders, fabric gathered in the bust area and a floor-length skirt will definitely make your look divine. Try adding a light headband to your hair and wearing bracelets on your hands. Get a beautiful evening or walking bow.
  • Layered dresses. This feature applies specifically to the lower part of the dresses, in which several layers of fabric are used. The skirt can be the same color or vary in tones. This dress creates the effect of foam at the sea wave. Makes the image more airy.

  • Long dress with flounces. There is also a bet on the effect of lightness and airiness. But this dress model is ideal for a fragile figure. You should not play with such models with distorted proportions of the figure, with excess weight. You risk adding kilograms to yourself.
  • Dresses in the style of the 70s with long sleeves. Such a classic style in which the chest, arms, neck and legs are closed. The dress is decorated with a wide belt with a bow. The model is ideally combined with shoes with heels.

  • Dress with an open back. This is ideal for those who want to make a splash. From the front, the dress looks as conservative as possible. Closed hands, closed neck, legs. At the back, the view is breathtaking. Especially if you have worked hard on your back muscles in the gym. Cutouts in such models vary from the smallest to deep, reaching almost to the buttocks.
  • Strap models. Visually resemble a sundress. If you look closely, the straps act as a beautiful decorative element in such dresses. They can have a beautiful weave on the front or back.
  • Models with transparent elements. Such inserts are placed in the neckline, abdomen or hips. Such a dress may well become an evening dress. Perfectly sits on the figure with the correct proportions.

Short chiffon dresses

Here you can find options for every day or for publication. Chiffon is such a versatile fabric. Among short dresses, two lengths are distinguished – mini and midi. If we are talking about mini, then it would be appropriate to wear even an ultramini outfit. He’s trending right now. As for the length of the midi, this is a great option for going to work, to the theater or meeting with friends, loved ones. The most peak models of short dresses of the named length are:

  • Short tunics. Looks great on almost every figure. Such dresses can be safely worn on a beach holiday or in the city. The chiffon tunic is easily combined with ballet flats, sandals, sandals, slippers and even sneakers. Depending on what color it is made in and for what occasion you wear it.
  • Dress with long sleeves in the style of the 70s. The midi length is appropriate here. Please note that this option is suitable even for overweight women. The main thing is to follow the advice from stylists – complement the outfit with heeled shoes. Then you will get an optimal, strictly classic look.

  • A-line dress. This is a universal model that suits almost any figure. The outfit easily decorates the excessive splendor of the “apple” or “pear”, easily hides thin hips or legs. In an A-line dress, you will always look like a girl.
  • Short sundress with bare shoulders. This is another option for a beach or walking urban look. It can be a cute addition to a bathing suit. A sundress dress with straps looks pretty with slippers, ballet flats or sandals, with sneakers. But it shows off your arms and shoulders. Learn it. This advice is especially important for women over 50. The skin in these areas is no longer so elastic and toned.

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  • Wrap dresses. Wrap models are firmly established in summer fashion. Try it for yourself as well. If you choose a dress with a layered skirt, you can beautifully hide excess fat at the waist and hips. And visually enlarge the chest.
  • Cocktail options under the throat with bare shoulders. It is better to wear such a chiffon dress in 2020 not for every day, but for important meetings. Complementing it with beautiful jewelry, accessories, clutch and shoes, you will become a real Goddess. The main thing is that the length of the model reaches the knee.

Colors and prints

This season, the following shades in summer dresses will be relevant:

  • mint;
  • blue in all shades;
  • powdery;
  • hot pink;
  • yellow and saffron;
  • scarlet and orange;
  • Marsala;
  • white;
  • lactic;
  • Gray;
  • indigo and blue.

As for fashionable prints, peas, floral patterns, abstraction and a mixture of contrasting shades are relevant. When choosing a dress pattern, remember that a large light print always adds volume to the figure. In turn, a small dark pattern on a light background, on the contrary, hides extra centimeters.

You can use a gradient to play with proportions. Dark shades always hide centimeters in the lush areas of the figure and make it more elegant. Light shades always visually increase proportions.

Stylish decor

The chiffon itself looks elegant. And often does not require any additional elements. However, fashion designers preferred to use the following details when sewing dresses:

  • Bow. Can be placed on the neck or on the belt.
  • Flounces and ruffles. Their place is from the neckline to the very hem of the dress. Here fantasy knows no bounds.
  • Wide belt without buckle. Can be tied into any shape (knot, bow).
  • Hidden cut. It is more often used when sewing long multilayer models. In walking, in this case, the leg delicately opens, exciting the imagination of fans.

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What to wear with chiffon…

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