Fashionable clothes for summer 2019: photos of the best female images

A fashionable female look is a look that harmoniously combines individuality and style in clothes, accessories, shoes, and more, so in the summer of 2019, fashion gurus offer many trendy looks that can be seen in photos from popular magazines.


Summer 2019 has already arrived, which means it’s time to review your wardrobe and replenish it with trendy new items that serve as the basis for the formation of stylish bows. Looking at photos from recent shows, you can see a huge variety of colors, so it’s impossible to determine which shades dominate this summer.

[stextbox id=’info’]The only thing stylists agree on is that the summer season and trends prefer white tone and contrasting, bright shades.[/stextbox]

White, hip flare and high waist are a win-win combo for summer 2019

Summer looks, which are based on jeans, skirts or shorts, have a lot of different variations. Among the main trends and stylish ideas are:

  • skinny pants look. Red-colored trousers and a dark top, blue jeans and a colorful print top are in perfect harmony with flat shoes.
  • combinations with white pants. White jeans, a bag and glasses, complemented by shoes and a top in a bright shade, will create a stylish look;
  • an airy mini dress or a maxi-length sundress, equally harmoniously combined with a denim jacket and sandals;
  • A vintage ensemble of a dress in a colorful print with a long, light cardigan will find a second wind this season.

Dresses in fashionable shades of summer 2019

Summer 2019 trends

Trendy clothes in the warm season have moved away from the unisex trend. The wardrobes of fashionistas are replenished with exquisite feminine things. Key trends include:

  • fabric – chiffon, cotton, silk;
  • shades – red, lavender and yellow;
  • style – has no restrictions, oversized clothes are still in trend;
  • decor – flounces, fringe, sequins, ruffles;
  • length – depends on the figure;
  • trendy accessory – waist bag.

Bulky blouses are another trend of summer 2019

In the summer of 2019, there will be such a variety of models of women’s shoes in fashion that it is difficult to imagine those fashionistas who cannot pick up a few relevant pairs for themselves, because, as you can see from the photo, even the most demanding fashion bloggers have already made their choice. Top shoe trends include:

  • pumps;
  • stiletto sandals;
  • lace-up sandals;
  • shoes in metallic color;
  • models with transparent inserts.


Receptive to change, casual style in spring and summer 2019 offers trendy women’s casual looks with jeans in combination with t-shirts, blouses, crop tops or other loose clothing in flowing materials.

Fashionable summer trouser suits

It is worth paying attention to yellow, blue and pink models of summer trousers and jeans. Skinny cuts, cropped pants, as well as loose pajama-style trousers, bananas and palazzos remain in fashion.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Stylish trousers can be complemented not only with a light top, a strict jacket, jacket or cardigan will be harmoniously combined with them.[/stextbox]


Summer trends 2019, for fashionistas who dream of comfort, offer to get denim shorts as the basis for creating beautiful looks. Shorts of the current season have a high waist and trendy accents in the form of embroidery and lace inserts.

Trendy high waisted jeans

Fashion 2019 is bringing denim shorts to the fore, but recent shows have also featured linens and knits in a variety of prints. You can combine them with T-shirts, tops or t-shirts, not only with different inscriptions or logos, but also with the image of cartoon characters.


A must have for summer 2019 is definitely a pencil skirt. This style is popular because of its practicality and versatility. Such a skirt can be safely put on for a business meeting, a walk or a date, properly complemented with accessories.

Popular skirt models

Stylish pencil skirt emphasizes the female form, giving the image of attractiveness. It is worth giving preference to red, blue, yellow and other bright colors of skirts.

Miniskirts are also not inferior to their positions in the fashion hit parade 2019. The most trendy models of skirts were presented at the shows of designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Veronique Leroy. It is best to combine this version of the skirt with a crop top.

For particularly daring fashionistas, fashion designers offer stylish models of skirts with a slit, of various lengths. They are presented in solid colors – a more concise and strict version. Also, slit skirts come with various original prints.

Fashionable skirts for young girls

Maxi-length skirts made of plain airy materials in combination with tops form a spectacular bow. A small tank top paired with a fluffy skirt with tiered frills creates a feminine and romantic look.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Beach options look harmonious with a long colorful skirt in combination with open shoes with flat soles.[/stextbox]


The most popular jumpsuit of the season summer 2019

The main trend models of overalls for the summer of 2019:

  • shortened. The length of such a jumpsuit can be different: ankle, mid-calf or thigh. Often such a wardrobe item is sewn from cotton, denim or linen. The most advantageous model looks with a top;
  • long. The most relevant model of overalls to the floor will be a style of airy fabric with a three-quarter sleeve;
  • with loose pants. Another relevant novelty in fashionable women’s clothing for the summer of 2019, the main advantage of a jumpsuit with loose pants is its corrective properties that hide figure flaws, so this option is suitable not only for thin women, but also for overweight women.


Images with dresses undoubtedly occupy leading positions in the fashion hit parade. Ruffles, fringes, lace inserts, wraps and asymmetrical cuts are all elements of trendy 2019 dresses. Feminine versions of the A-silhouette, models with a flared skirt are in fashion now, floor-length dresses will become a trendy novelty.

Casual shirt dresses

Fashion designers also offer to wear stylish combinations of white, flared dresses and a somewhat daring leather or denim jacket. Casual looks allow for a combination of light dresses with sports-style shoes or sandals. Fashionistas who prefer a romantic style can choose models of dresses with a flared skirt in light colors. A fitted dress that emphasizes the silhouette and a voluminous model made of lightweight fabric that hides imperfections are equally in trend this summer.

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Creating an image that meets the latest fashion trends, behind which all the beauty and individuality of a girl is not lost, is almost a whole science. In 2019, fashionable women’s clothing will allow girls to show their impeccable taste,…

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