Fashionable clothes for summer 2020

Brightness, courage, diversity – this is exactly what fashionable clothes for the summer of 2020 should be like. At the same time, both monochrome sets and original combinations of different colors in the color block style will be considered equally relevant. Each beauty will be able to choose a bow for her figure – tight-fitting models for slim girls or oversized and ponchos – for luxurious forms. This summer, anyone can feel comfortable and at the same time be within the framework of a fashionable sentence.

The main trends for fashionistas for the summer of 2020

Every woman’s wardrobe should have summer suits that can be worn both for work (with comfortable pumps) and for going out (with elegant sandals). At the same time, business suits with shorts will be very popular (if this is allowed by the dress code of your company). Trouser suits or jacket sets with a strict business lady skirt will look no less stylish.

This summer, the emphasis is on revealing the body – various cutouts and original cuts are welcome in clothes, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the arms, shoulders, back, lower back, abdomen, etc.

The basis of the bow can be created by free-cut T-shirts or cropped models, as well as tight-fitting bodysuits. Skirts, trousers, shorts will suit them, and you can put on an elegant jacket on top – this style will always look young and extravagant.

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For girls, crop tops are the best option, which also leave a lot of room for imagination in terms of combining with other wardrobe items and creating a variety of images – from a sophisticated business woman to an eccentric teenager.

Summer skirts also please with a variety of styles. To be in trend, you can choose between floor-length and curvy models or give preference to more democratic denim skirts to the middle of the knee. Do not go out of fashion and mini-skirts, perfectly combined with airy blouses or laconic T-shirt tops.

If we talk about dresses, then the fashion trends for summer 2020 are represented by various models with ruffles and flounces, flying free silhouettes that will emphasize lightness and freedom of movement, give the image of femininity and grace.

Do not give up their positions and overalls. At the same time, different styles will be popular – of different lengths, from different materials, classic or military style. The main thing is that the trouser part should be free cut, providing convenience and comfort in the summer heat.

Fashionable clothes for summer 2020 for girls also include shorts. And here there is a democratic choice – the owners of slender figures will be able to show off in ultra-short models, and more rounded shapes will look great in bermudas or culottes. A variety of cuts are welcome – from tight-fitting to completely free, with patch pockets and voluminous details.

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As warm and outerwear, designers suggest this summer to pay attention to cropped jackets or jackets with a classic cut. Sports-style denim jackets are relevant – such fashionable clothes for the summer of 2020 will look especially harmonious on teenagers – with various rivets, zippers, and additional accessories. In this case, the material should be as light as possible, up to white.

Design accents

Handicrafts will be in fashion – knitted or exclusive embroidery. For drawings, it is better to choose ethnic and floral patterns.

Models with voluminous decor will also be very popular. It can be embroidery, bows, ruffles, buttons. Brooches are also suitable as decoration. The main thing is that everything should be harmonious enough and really emphasize the beauty and individuality of the fashionista.

The choice of lace and translucent models will also add femininity to the image. It is these gentle styles that will emphasize the beauty of the figure and make the girl a real queen of the party – whether it be a wedding, graduation, gala event or a romantic date. In addition, tulle dresses look quite original with a denim top, and the skirt can be made in the form of a tutu skirt or a multi-layered model. In any case, such an image will look sophisticated and elegant.

Summer 2020 Color Preferences

You can follow the recommendations in choosing a wardrobe palette from the shows of famous couturiers. Photos of the collections of Victoria Beckham, Alexander McQueen and Hugo Boss present white suits as the basis of fashionable clothes for the summer of 2020. At the same time, total-white suits any woman, regardless of age and features of the figure – it is always stylish, sophisticated and elegant.

All shades of red can be seen in the models of other fashion industry meters – Tom Ford, Givenchy, Oskar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Valentino. You can choose from blood-scarlet, exquisite burgundy to romantic fuchsia – the whole red palette will allow you to show your individuality and style.

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A few other tones – more gentle and romantic can be seen in the shows of Gucci, Prada, Emilia Wickstead, Louis Vuitton. These masters invite women to replenish their wardrobes with fashionable clothes for the summer of 2020 in a delicate lavender palette.

Blue, pistachio, olive colors also remain in fashion. A bright highlight of the image can be a blouse of rich yellow or golden hue.

Since summer is the brightest time of the year, this remains the main principle of creating the perfect wardrobe. You can experiment with monochrome looks or with a slight transition to another shade. Or vice versa – in the summer of 2020, bet on bright combinations, combine different styles, textures and trendy colors of clothes. The main thing is to feel comfortable – emphasize your character and mood with the help of clothes.

For teenagers, the same colors are relevant, but with the addition of a neon tint – this will make their images much brighter, bolder and more original.

trendy prints

This summer, designers have literally satisfied the preferences of every beauty – everyone will be able to choose a pattern to their taste, while remaining icons of style.

In fashion will be:

  • tropical patterns – various images of outlandish birds, lianas, unusual flowers, etc.;
  • animalistic motifs – from the usual leopard prints to zebra stripes, imitation crocodile skin, etc.;
  • polka dots – absolutely all variations – small or large, multi-colored or monochrome, etc .;
  • a cage and a stripe – in different color combinations and different sizes – the main thing is that such a pattern will add a touch of respectable classics to any look;
  • laconic geometry – shapes, lines, abstraction will add refinement to the image and make the silhouette more slender;
  • floral drawings – delicate floral patterns will be at the peak of relevance, ideally embodying the summer mood.

Accessories and shoes

Hats will be a juicy highlight of the summer bow. They can be added to any image. It is better to choose models with wide brims for fitted clothes, and hats with narrow brims are more suitable for loose-fitting clothes. Plus, in the heat of summer…

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