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Fashionable clothing colors for the fall-winter 2019 season: main trends

To catch the main trends in the fashion industry, we are used to studying the shows of famous fashion designers. However, the designers themselves also have their own guidelines, one of which is Pantone. Every six months, specialists from the Pantone Color Institute determine ten shades that are considered the most fashionable throughout the season.


The Pantone shade table is used not only by couturiers, but also by designers working in other fields. Pantone’s trendy fall-winter 2019 colors are neutral, natural shades that can be used to create incredible looks. Stylish shades in clothes, coats and bags can be combined, combined and complement each other. Fashion color trends for the fall-winter 2019 season are not completely controlled by fashion designers, eminent brands make their own adjustments and additions, forming unique clothing collections. Let’s get acquainted with the amazing shades that will be popular this season.

Look at the photo examples of successful color compositions in female images:

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Fashionable color of winter 2018 – stylish shades of green (with photo)

Stylish shades of green have been gradually coming into fashion for a long time. And so it happened: the most fashionable color of winter 2018 is green in all its manifestations. According to the Pantone Institute, green this winter should be presented in its most natural shades. The color of Dried Herb in Russian sounds like Withered or dried grass, and the color itself can be compared to olive for better understanding. This is a completely self-sufficient shade that looks great in a solo performance, for example, as part of a safari or military style.[affegg id=85]

At the same time, Dried Herb harmonizes wonderfully with bright and darker colors. You can safely use this shade to create romantic and delicate images, light blouses in the shade of Withered Grass look chic – this is what designer Jason Wu thinks. Look at the photo examples of the use of this shade:

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Another fashionable color of winter is Desert Sage (translated as Desert Sage or Field Sage). It was successfully used by J.Crew and Giambattista Valli brands. This neutral shade of green has a gray undertone and complements more interesting colors wonderfully. Clothing in the color Desert Sage focuses on the features of the cut and details, and also emphasizes the beauty of appearance. The shade is in perfect harmony with golden, brown, black, and also with leopard print.

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The shade of Stormy Weather or Storm can be called gray-blue, it is a hazy shade of the sea during bad weather, as well as a rainy sky. Stormy Weather is very elegant and strict, suitable for business style and simple laconic outfits. Despite its complex nature, it combines well with a wide variety of stylish shades, but is best combined with achromatic tones, in particular black and silver.

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Let’s study the fashionable colors of coats and bags for the fall-winter season

Outerwear, despite Pantone recommendations, is presented in very bright and bold color variations. Let’s explore the trendy coat colors for the fall-winter 2019 season – emerald, scarlet, raspberry, purple, fuchsia, yellow, bright blue. The main color of the season is the red-brown shade of Marsala (Marsala), it is suitable for both outerwear and evening dresses, looks great in the form of jumpers, sweaters, accessories. Stylish shades of autumn-winter bags are also, first of all, the shade of Marsala. This bag is suitable for fashionable red, red, cream boots or ankle boots.

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In continuation of the yellow-brown range, Pantone offers the shade Oak Buff – Yellow or polished oak. This color is recognized as universal, as it evokes positive emotions even in people with opposite taste preferences. Yellow oak represents warmth, yet it is unobtrusive and not hot. You can combine it with both contrasting shades and adjacent colors.

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Another autumn shade is Cadmium Orange. It will add warmth to cold shades, and color pale ones with joy. This color is suitable for lovers of orange shades, for whom orange seems too bold or out of place in the autumn-winter period. Among the fashionable combinations, we note the combination of Orange cadmium with black, beige, shades of white.

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Classics of the genre – romantic shades

For romantic natures, the fashionable shade of Cashmere Rose is suitable – Cashmere Rose. To create a soft and delicate look, to emphasize the femininity of the cut, designers use the color of Cashmere Rose. This is a classic of the genre – it can act as the main accent of the bow or complement brighter shades, softening them and filling them with sensuality. The floral theme will continue with the shade Amethyst Orchid – Amethyst Orchid. Romantic shades will add charm to any bow. This lilac color is quite bright and is usually not used in the cold season, but it can be perfectly beaten as part of the wardrobe of a girl with a summer appearance color type. Amethyst Orchid pairs with both blues and pink undertones.

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Which color is fashionable in the winter of 2019 should you prefer from the blue range? This is Reflecting Pond – the name translates as Reflection in the pond. This rich dark blue color looks great on any fabric texture. The reflection in the pond is in harmony with the red-brown range, as well as with black, blue, turquoise. Closes the top ten trendy Pantone colors is the turquoise shade of Biscay Bay – Biscay Bay. This color looks solid and luxurious with both light and dark onion neighbors. This shade is perfect for fur products, as well as for evening dresses.

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Do not forget that when forming a trendy image, you can and even need to use additional shades that are not in the Pantone hit parade. Having studied the rules for combining colors, you can skillfully compose harmonious bows and always look dignified.[affegg id=85]

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