Fashionable coats for obese women for autumn

The fashion trends of 2019 in the segment of outerwear for obese women are now very diverse. Therefore, if you decide to get a stylish coat this fall, we suggest that you first familiarize yourself with the most popular styles of the upcoming season, which are presented in our article.


Current trends

Women with curvaceous proportions should also look stylish and fashionable. In this regard, the designers have prepared for the beauties in the body a lot of interesting coat models, among which the options below will be the most popular.

  • In a minimalist style. Simplicity and conciseness in the design of outerwear is the main trend of autumn. As for the coat, their characteristic feature is the absence of any decorative elements, as well as a fitted cut. The color scheme should be restrained and not too conspicuous.

  • With an emphasis on the chest. Fat women have beautiful lush breasts, which must be highlighted.

Consequently, in the latest collections, coat models with a deep neckline, fur trim, voluminous collars and other decorative elements have been proposed that emphasize such a weighty dignity of the figure.

  • Chiselled silhouette. Stylists believe that overly voluminous styles that are suitable for creating layered looks are best left to thin girls.

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But models of a straight, fitted or flared cut for donuts will be just right. They will successfully fit into any image and at the same time make the figure visually more feminine.

  • Bright colors. Fat people don’t have to hide under boring gray or black hoodies, because in the coming season they can afford to wear coats of bright red, burgundy, blue and green.

Prints in the form of a small cage or vertical stripes are also welcome.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! As for the length, both short models and floor-length options are allowed. In this case, it all depends solely on taste preferences and physique.[/stextbox]

fashion fabrics

Beauties with magnificent proportions, when choosing a coat, need to pay special attention to the material from which it is sewn.

  • Tweed. This fabric is often used to make demi-season coats. And all because it retains heat well, keeps its shape and looks elegant and respectable in the finished product.

  • Drap. Such coats are more suitable for the second decade of autumn, since the drape itself is quite dense and heavy material, due to which it perfectly protects from cold and frost.

  • Cashmere. Donuts often give their preference to models made from cashmere. After all, they are light and warm. In addition, this material is quite malleable, so products made from it often have a non-standard cut and bright design.

  • Boucle. The fabric, a characteristic feature of which is dense weaving and a textured surface, has long been loved by many fashionistas. The reason for this was the small weight of the finished products, as well as the catchy colors inherent in this material.

  • fleece. Today, designers often use it for sewing outerwear, as it is a lightweight material that has a high heat dissipation. However, it should be borne in mind that fleece gets wet quickly and is only suitable for wearing in dry weather.

  • Denim. Denim coats are a novelty of the upcoming season, which has already begun to gain popularity among plus-sized fashionistas. From denim, both simple coats with a straight cut and a zipper instead of a fastener can be sewn, as well as more elegant styles in the form of a double-breasted model, cocoon or oversized.

  • Wool. The coat made of woolen cloth has high thermal conductivity, is practical to wear and has a long service life. The only drawback of these products is only their high cost.

  • Leather. A demi-season leather coat is a real find for plus size women. It is comfortable, not cold, and the image as a whole turns out to be catchy and spectacular. The skin itself can be of artificial or natural origin, have a matte, glossy and even textured surface.

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Deciding on the style

For obese women, a lot of interesting and most importantly, fashionable styles of coats are offered today, which will suit both young beauties and ladies over 50. Below we will just consider them.

  • Straight cut. The most popular option among puffy fashionistas. This is because it is a straight cut that helps to visually stretch the silhouette, due to which the figure becomes not so obese.

However, in this case, the length must be taken into account. Models up to the middle of the hips or midi are allowed.

  • With flared hem. An ideal style for owners of overly sloping hips. Trapezoidal cut will help to hide this lack of physique, focusing all attention on the waist and décolleté.

  • overcoat. Previously, representatives of the men’s wardrobe, today they have become real favorites among admirers of the military style in clothes. The peculiarity of this style lies in a fitted cut that visually slims and a design consisting of such decorative elements as two rows of buttons, lapels and shoulder straps.

  • Trench coat. A timeless classic that never goes out of style over the years. Stylists recommend that girls in XL+ size give preference to midi length models that highlight the waistline and hide wide hips.

  • Duffle coat. Although such a coat belongs more to the youth style, mature women can still wear it in everyday life.

A distinctive feature of the style is the length to the level of the hips, as well as elongated buttons that are somewhat reminiscent of fangs.

  • On the smell. The photos presented in our selection show that the smell models on the owners of magnificent forms sit like a glove.

In addition, due to the vertical line of the junction, this model focuses on the waist and visually stretches the silhouette.

  • Short. Coats that reach the length of the hip line are considered an excellent alternative to jackets. Basically, they have a straight or slightly flared cut.

The design of such products is mostly minimalistic and only buttons and pockets are used as decor.

  • “Cocoon”. A style that is literally designed to transform the silhouette, hide all the imperfections of the figure and emphasize its dignity.

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As you can see, in the fall of 2019, it will not be difficult for overweight women to choose a stylish coat for themselves. After all, a lot of fashionable models have been proposed for them, which will help not only create a stylish image, but also correct the figure.


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