Fashionable colored hair coloring 2022

Spring is the perfect time for bold experiments, updates and image changes. Therefore, in the current 2022, bright hair coloring will come in handy. It’s time to try on rainbow coloring or become a “juicy strawberry” blonde. Let’s talk about trendy trends and techniques from the art world of leading hairdressers.

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Colored hair coloring 2022: current color trends

Every girl at least once wanted to change the natural color of her hair. And now, in the midst of spring, it’s time to realize our plans. Moreover, the current season gives the green light to the most unexpected and creative solutions. The Internet is literally replete with photos that show haircuts with bright unusual colors, overflows and gradients. What to choose from such a variety? How will top colorists surprise us?

  • Deep Dai. This is the name of gradient staining, in which, however, there is no smooth transition from one color to another. Sometimes there is a feeling that the curls were simply dipped into a jar of paint. The base background for this coloring can be a classic blond. And as contrasting shades, the masters recommend using raspberry, purple or blue. In such a somewhat rough combination of colors lies the beauty of this trend.

  • Hidden bright coloring. Already from the name it becomes clear that it is hidden under the upper strands of hair, which are kept in the usual calm tone. Colored strands become noticeable only in the movement of loose curls or in a hairstyle (tail, braid, spikelet). Such an interesting zest coolly enlivens classic and standard coloring, filling the images with mood and originality.

  • Splashlights. This technique of color hair dyeing is ideal for medium and long hair. It involves creating the effect of bright sunlight, which is achieved by brightening a wide horizontal strip. In 2022, this stripe can be left bleached or given a different shade to your liking: light green, sky blue, cream, pale pink. Such a transformation will especially appeal to brave and daring girls.

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  • Crownlights. The famous singer Billy Eilish became the trend setter of this style of dyeing for medium and long hair. The girl clearly knows a lot not only about music, but also about creating stylish images. The technique involves adding a bright saturated shade mainly to the root zone. Moreover, the base tone can be black, red or blond – it does not matter. For roots, neon green, purple or fiery red are suitable. Crownlights is an ideal coloring option for creative individuals with a non-standard approach to self-expression.

Billie Eilish

  • Pink bubble gum. Such a bright trendy coloring should be recommended to blondes who want to try something new, but without going into dark colors. To embody the bubble gum, it is enough to apply a delicate pastel or rich eccentric pink shade to the strands. And they will immediately play in a new way, change the image beyond recognition. Similar transformations can be performed on a square or on medium length hair.

For the purposes of the experiment, it is better to take not a permanent dye, but a tint, which, if necessary, can be removed in 2-3 shampooing sessions.

  • Colored front strands. This youth trend came to us from TikTok, in which young bloggers often showcase the spectacular fashion of the nineties and zero. In 2022, bright coloring of the front strands is best done on dark hair. Thanks to this, the curls will contrast perfectly. You can even perform this technique at home, on your own. To do this, part of the hair in front is discolored and stained with any color you like from the fashion palette. The main advantage of such transformations is that the main part of the luxurious hair remains intact, almost undamaged. Only a couple of strands will receive a chemical effect.

  • rainbow coloring. It involves the use of several color accents with clear transition boundaries. Bright strands can be, for example, red, blue and purple. Such coloring is suitable for media personalities, teenagers during extracurricular times (for example, during the summer holidays), as well as for those girls who want a radical change in their appearance.

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What colors are colorists using in 2022?

Beautiful coloring sometimes goes beyond the “gold” standards. During the spring-summer period, you especially want saturated colors, light props and experiments. Top colorists for these purposes recommend paying attention to the most relevant colors and shades this season. Those became fuchsia, orange, red, turquoise and purple.

Fashionable in 2022, bright coloring for short hair using such a palette will instantly turn even a cute girl into a charming rebel. This is the best way to get away from boredom and allow yourself absolutely everything, because girls naturally change their images and roles. Allow yourself a slight rebellion, and become different at least for a while.

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