Fashionable colors in clothes autumn-winter 2019: main trends, photos

Year after year, the Pantone Leatrice Eiseman Color Institute proclaims what the fashion world lives for several more seasons in a row. We are talking about the most fashionable colors. As a rule, these are not traditional colors familiar to us, but something completely new. Spicy, daring, flashy and calm shades – they all coexist with each other at the Pantone Institute.

In anticipation of the autumn-winter season 2019, let’s figure out what colors of clothes will be fashionable this year.


Trendy colors for men

Men’s fashion requires no less attention. What color of clothes has become the most fashionable for men in 2019? You will be very surprised when you find out that in the current and subsequent fashion seasons, fashionable colors for women and men are the same. Stylists and designers offer the strong half to dress in wine colors, as well as pastel shades.

Delicate pink and lilac are also what men who understand fashion need. At first glance, it may seem that these are more feminine colors than masculine. But with a skillful combination of them with other shades, pink and lilac easily become the basis for a stylish brutal look with hints of elegance and sexuality.

All of the above shades can be used both to create an office look and for urban chic. Design house Gieves & Hawkes invites men to try on a beige short coat and white trousers. Stylists think it’s a great idea to pair coats with light-colored trousers.

[stextbox id=»alert»]If you are afraid to wear white trousers because they will get dirty quickly, it does not matter. A light coat can also be worn with black trousers. The main thing in this business is to choose fabrics that would be combined with each other.[/stextbox]

An interesting pair – snow-white and gray colors. Stylists recommend considering this combination as the basis for a business wardrobe. Due to the snow-white color, gray becomes more transparent – less boring and “mouse”. How to make all this a reality? Try on a gray suit with a white coat. Also, your look can be a print jacket and white trousers with a blue tint.

Men’s fashion 2019 is interesting because the color palette has become brighter and more colorful. Unusual trend – candy shades in the men’s wardrobe.

No less popular shades of lavender. They can be found both in business and in urban images. A lavender-hued shirt is a real must-have this season. In slushy autumn and cold winter, this color will very refresh the image and bring a touch of warmth to it.

The most memorable color of 2019

The most fashionable clothing color in 2019 and, in combination, the most memorable is grenadine. According to the executive director of Pantone Leatrice Eiseman, this is a deep red. Stylists recommend replenishing your wardrobe with a few grenadine-colored items. If you’ve never worn red lipstick before, fall and winter is the perfect time to start. Make-up artists recommend using it for both evening and daytime makeup. The main thing is to choose the “right” color.

Grenadine will allow dandies and fashionistas to always remain in the spotlight. Both exclusively red bows are in fashion, as well as bows interspersed with aquamarine and neutral gray, which, by the way, are also the most fashionable according to Pantone.

It is also worth noting that it was red that fashion critics called the leading color in the fashion week. Grenadine is present in almost all collections of fashion designers. So, for example, the Oscar de la Renta brand presented rich red blouses and red dresses to the public. You can find outfits for the autumn-winter wardrobe at Jason Wu. The design house presented bright red coats in a loose fit at the fashion week.

[stextbox id=»info»]Pantsuit fans should check out the latest collections from Derek Lam. Here they can find some interesting options for trouser suits in bright red.[/stextbox]

In anticipation of the autumn-winter season, special attention should be paid to finding and choosing warm clothes. So, for example, the design house Max Mara presented bright red coats with faux fur at the fashion week.

The most elegant color of 2019

The second most fashionable color for the autumn-winter 2019 season is Tawny Port. Stylists call it the most sophisticated and elegant color of the upcoming season. For the layman who is not sophisticated in fashion, this color can be described as burgundy with a rich eggplant undertone. It is advisable to wear Tawny Port in monochrome. The shade itself is self-sufficient and does not need the company of any other colors. If you want to dilute Tawny Port with some other color, choose one of the Pantone Leatrice Eiseman shades. With each of them, it will be combined with a bang.

Stylists believe that burgundy with rich undertones is perfect for almost any occasion, from romantic to office dress code. Fashionistas can find interesting models for women’s wardrobe in the collections of such design houses as Jason Wu, Victoria Beckham and others.

The most unglamorous color of 2019

Fans and fans of calm shades in clothes should pay attention to the color Ballet Slipper. This color is also called pale pink. Unlike many other fashionable shades of this season, Ballet Slipper is the most calm and neutral color.

Pale pink trendy clothing color in 2019 for women can be used as a standard base, combining it with other no less trendy shades.

It’s easy to create a retro look with the Ballet Slipper base, diluting it with silver, deep sea blue and the color of the sea harbor. Remember that you need to be extremely careful with the silver color. It can easily spoil even the strongest image if presented in excess.

The most natural color 2019

If you are used to staying in the shadows, but at the same time following the latest fashion trends, take a closer look at the Butterum color. Fashion critics believe that nude colors will never go out of style. This fact confirms the presence of beige in the top 10 Pantone.

[stextbox id=»warning»]Beige is considered the most autumn shade. Stylists recommend replenishing your wardrobe with velveteen and voluminous knitwear in a beige shade. This color will enrich the structure of the fabric and reveal it.[/stextbox]

Light dresses in beige look very interesting, which can be worn under a coat even in autumn. Stylists also suggest starting to wear beige dresses and skirts. The latter can be found in the collections of design houses such as Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch and others.

Having bought a few basic beige items, later you can use them not only to create autumn and winter bows, but also to create spring-summer looks.

The most calm color 2019

Autumn and winter are rich in calm shades in the wardrobe. Sea peony, sea blue and Navy Peony are all one color according to Pantone. It is considered one of the most traditional in the autumn-winter 2019 season.

In order not to experience the difficulty of having to correctly combine colors, buy things in Navy Peony shade. This trendy color…

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