Fashionable denim shorts for summer 2023

Fashionable denim shorts are one of the most significant elements of the summer wardrobe in 2023. They are indispensable when creating bows for every day, they will help out on the beach and at an informal party. In general, this season denim is simply fantastically popular. Skirts, dresses, overalls, trousers and even underwear made from this practical fabric are all relevant. As for the shorts, there is also a pleasant variety. Consider the most trendy models, because summer is just around the corner.

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What denim shorts are in fashion: trends 2023

Like jeans, denim shorts in the wardrobe do not happen much. You can get several popular models at once to create different variations of bows throughout the hot season. Moreover, stylists recommend not being limited only to classic blue or blue shades. For example, it is worth taking a closer look at models made in the color block style. Organically, especially on young fashionistas, denim shorts in shades of pink, lilac or beige will look great.

Now let’s move on to listing the popular models in 2023.

  • With lacing. A very effective choice. As a rule, lacing is located on the sides, as if fastening the front and back halves of the shorts. This solution seems to be quite tempting. But for obvious reasons, only girls who have slender hips and beautiful skin, without stretch marks and “orange peel” should wear this model. Lacing can be plain or made of thin chains.

  • elongated. One of the most practical options. The length of these shorts reaches the middle of the thigh, the cut is semi-loose straight. In general, the model looks very presentable, which allows you to wear it not only with T-shirts and tops, as usual, but also with classic shirts and oversized jackets. Of course, such shorts have nothing to do in a business bow, despite their conciseness, but in general they are very conservative.

  • Mini. Women’s mini denim shorts, of course, are not new. However, they continue to be listed as trends-2023. Miniature models seductively open legs, allow you to feel comfortable even in the hottest weather. Often, fashionistas combine denim mini shorts with rough massive shoes to make the look more impressive. It is best to wear such shorts to the beach or during the day, walking around the city.

  • With patch pockets. Another original model, which can be safely designated as a novelty of the season. Patch pockets are atypical for denim shorts, but this is the main “highlight” of this model. And, of course, they are convenient in their own way, because you can safely hide your card, keys and other important little things in them. Pockets can be located on the sides or in front of the legs.

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  • Wide. Visually, this stylish model resembles a flared skirt, which is strikingly different from other types of denim shorts. It allows you to create a seductive and feminine bow. Moreover, not only young fashionistas can wear such shorts, but also slender ladies 30+ years old. It is worth combining them with a cropped top, a T-shirt, a romantic blouse with bare shoulders and long sleeves. Shoes – any.

  • High waisted. And this model can be considered universal. It is suitable for both slender girls and full ladies with problems in the waist area. A high fit will help to correct them, hiding extra folds and centimeters. In this version, there are both tight-fitting styles and looser ones, with a belt. But both of them regularly serve their purpose – they help create stylish summer bows and model the figure.

  • With fringed chains. Summer 2023 should be bright. This also applies to the creation of fashionable images. So we recommend taking a closer look at denim shorts with fringe. And not simple, but made in the form of chains. Such models will look great at a summer party and in beach outfits. Just imagine how playful chains will sparkle in the sun. However, when choosing such a model, make sure to look your best.

  • With a rip. Fashionable women’s denim shorts with a ripped effect are also considered the peak of the 2023 season. And it’s not just about hanging threads and slots. Shorts with an asymmetrical raw cut and holes, from which the fabric seems to have been torn out, are what today is valued among the most advanced fashionistas. Even from the presented photos it is clear that this is a very spectacular model that not everyone dares to wear.

  • With lace. Let’s move on from the flaw to a more feminine model, with which we will complete today’s selection. Lace is also a fashion trend of the season, so why not combine two microtrends into one. Denim shorts with elegant lace decor are charming, original, femininely cute. Embroidery can cover the entire fabric or some of its sections. Add some pearls or rhinestones here to set the effect. If desired, the most ordinary denim shorts can be decorated with embroidery yourself.

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Denim shorts for summer 2023 can be different: bold and feminine, ultra-short and long, wide and tight. There are no strict rules for selection. Just buy what you like and wear to your heart’s content.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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