Fashionable down jackets – spring 2019

In the spring of 2019, a down jacket will become a trendy and stylish item for your wardrobe – it will perfectly warm you in bad weather and make your look trendy. It remains only to find out what styles and styles the world’s designers have noted this season – let’s take a look at the most current fashion trends together.


Main trends

For a long time, down jackets were classified exclusively as a sports style of clothing. The combination with a classic cut skirt or trousers was simply unimaginable. But now it’s completely the opposite! Designers offer fashionistas a truly countless number of options – with them you can create very feminine and romantic outfits. From casual and business style to trendy sport chic.

Current trends of the season:

  • Asymmetry captures trends in outerwear. These down jackets look very original. The hem can be shorter in the front and longer in the back (with a difference of up to 15 centimeters!). Or the down jacket can be made “wrap-around” in the style of a bathrobe – and it will be longer on one side.

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  • Interesting sleeves. They can be close to the oversize style or shortened. And in color – completely different from the main tone of the down jacket. At fashion shows, the sleeves were even casually rolled up to the very elbow. Lots of options here!

  • Extra large patch pockets have become a trend for fashionable down jackets for the spring of 2019. We are talking about hypersized pockets, where the entire set of a handbag will fit! This, of course, is not necessary, since stuffed large pockets will definitely spoil the silhouette. For the most part, they perform a decorative function and are very relevant this season.

  • Inserts from other textures along the entire length of the product. Down jackets with original inserts on pockets, back or chest have replenished the ranks of new products. The most popular of them: leather, suede, knitwear, fur. Such models look very non-standard and distinguish their owner from the crowd. Patchwork down jackets are especially popular in 2010.

  • Fur trim on hem, collar, cuffs also did not leave the trends. Both natural and artificial furs are relevant (choose a long pile). By the way, the fur does not have to be in a natural color, brighter colors are also welcome – especially those made in contrast with the main color of the down jacket. An even more original version is trimmed with ostrich feathers. They are also dyed in various colors.

  • Among decor elements also popular are unusual buttons, buckles, all kinds of chains and rivets, decorative snakes – all metal parts. Also pay attention to the original models with ruffles and flounces. In youth versions, you can find various logos, inscriptions, applications with a reference to pop art.

Stylish youth down jackets for spring 2019

[stextbox id=’warning’]As for the length of down jackets, fashion trends do not dictate any restrictions. In the photo in our selection you will find a variety of models for the spring of 2019 – short, midi and maxi.[/stextbox]

Materials for down jackets are also replenished with new solutions. In addition to the classic bologna, velvet, velor and even wool models were presented on the catwalk. Original fabrics have become so popular that they are presented in all styles. Also take a look at their vinyl down jackets – they are also in great demand this season. Spring models are most often sewn without insulation, or with its thin layer.

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Color spectrum

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of color. The classics do not go out of fashion – black, beige, gray colors. White also looks very stylish, although this is not a very practical option for every day. Also from muted shades it is worth paying attention to wine, olive, brown.

For those fashionistas who want more vibrant colors: according to Pantone, coral has become the most fashionable color. Also in the trend is ultraviolet, blue, cyan, various shades of pink.

“Fashion is just space!” – fashion designers decided and presented models in the style of space suits to the whole world. Incredibly popular are all kinds of metallic colors – silver, gold, bronze. So feel free to purchase such futuristic models in various cuts. In them you will shine in every sense of the word. By the way, other shades in sparkling metallics are actively appearing – pink, blue, green.

Printed women’s down jackets have also become a very trendy option. These can be large floral motifs – they will definitely give you and those around you a spring mood. Most often, such models are found in Givenchy, Chanel, Burberry, Baon. Roses, peonies, tulips will literally bloom on your clothes.

Do not lose sight of the various geometric lines or zigzags. The most daring fashionistas should take a closer look at the animalistic colors – a girl in a stylish leopard down jacket will definitely not be left without attention! Fashionable down jackets do not have to be printed along the entire length, the patterns can be made in the form of separate inserts.

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The most fashionable styles

  • Oversized down jackets. In appearance, they look like a voluminous duvet. Therefore, one has only to try on such a down jacket, as you will understand how cozy and comfortable they are. Oversize models are often preferred by world stars: Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Hailey Baldwin. Such models are not suitable only for short girls.

[stextbox id=’warning’]It is necessary to wear such down jackets with clothes according to the figure – trousers or skinny jeans, feminine shoes, for example, suede ankle boots or lace-up boots. Play in sharp contrast, these models are perfectly complemented even by feminine dresses.[/stextbox]

  • A-line down jackets. Such models will universally fit on any figure – they are suitable for both full and slender girls. They do not fit the figure, but at the same time they are far from the oversize style. Most harmoniously, such models are combined with trousers or jeans – both flared and narrowed.

  • Quilted down jacket – very stylish option this season. Choose the shapes of quilted figures to your liking – square, triangular, diamond-shaped. They can be both large and very small. Pay attention to the most daring ornaments, for example, combinations of several geometric shapes. Note that such models in velvet are especially popular.

  • Models with short sleeves perfect for spring. In 2019, images with such fashionable down jackets are successfully complemented by long gloves – suede or leather. Usually sleeves are made in length ¾. Down jackets in this design look more feminine and sophisticated than with classic long sleeves.

  • Down jacket usually performed in maxi length. But fashion houses make them so light that you can even combine such models with classic pumps. In this season…

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