Fashionable dresses 2019: main trends, photos of new products

A dress is a special part of a woman’s wardrobe. It always emphasizes the femininity and beauty of its owner. In order to always be graceful, feminine and stylish, we suggest considering fashionable dresses in 2019: photos, styles and trends.

Note that the latest fashion is supportive of women and allows more than usual. When studying photos from fashion shows, one gets the impression that today everything is possible in the field of dress. Let’s take a look at the main areas.


Cut trends and design features of the dress in 2019

Of course, one of the main components of a good dress is its cut. The main trends of 2019 offer us unusual cuts and styles.

PHOTO: New dresses 2019

Autumn winter

This is the time of the year when the dress should be not only beautiful and feminine, but also warm. Designers offer a large selection of knitted patterns. Here are a few trends:

  1. Fitted dresses in chunky knit with voluminous patterns of braids and aran. Such models have long been in demand and do not give up their positions on the eve of the new 2019. For such models, midi or maxi length is acceptable. The collar can be designed in the form of a collar, a swing, or simply be V – shaped, or round.
  2. Knitted patterns oversized. For these dresses, it is better to choose a thin knitted fabric. Often they are complemented by patch pockets or set-in pockets on the sides.
  3. Both knitted and knitted dresses with a high waist and an A-shaped silhouette will be relevant.

In addition to the knitted dresses of the described silhouettes, these silhouettes made from other fabrics will be relevant in the autumn-winter season.

Knitted dresses

Spring Summer

Speaking about the trends and styles of fashionable dresses in 2019 for the warm season, the photos of which are presented below, it is especially worth noting that emphasized femininity is in fashion today.

In this regard, the following silhouettes and cut features are in trend:

  • high waist. It can be an A-shaped dress or a fitted “Tatyanka”;
  • shirt dresses. An interesting find of designers for the summer season is dresses that look like an elongated shirt. They can be with or without sleeves, with or without a belt. In such a dress, each will look feminine and stylish. In the summer heat, it is simply irreplaceable;
  • shoulder pads and ruffles on the shoulders. With these details, designers visually highlight the chest and shoulder area, making the waist area more fragile and thin;
  • cut “safari”. Robe dresses with buttons can be double-breasted or single-breasted, with or without a belt.
  • dresses in the style of “A la Dior”. These are dresses with a fluffy multi-layered skirt. In the spring and summer of 2019, they will be at the height of fashion. This is a very feminine silhouette that will emphasize a thin waist and make the image gentle, light, airy;
  • an important element is the design of the neckline of the dress, the neck. In 2019, it’s more of a V-neck or boat neckline;
  • for summer and spring dresses, length is of particular importance. In 2019, it will certainly be either mini or maxi to the floor. MIDI excluded.

Feminine dresses

For dresses for any season, there are several cut trends and design features that will make the dress relevant and stylish:

  1. Asymmetry. This is a new trend that excites the imagination of designers in the field of any part of the wardrobe. The dress is no exception. It can be a hem and sleeves of different lengths, the absence of paired details, an interesting design of the neckline.
  2. Straight cut. Dresses with such a cut are concise and stylish. They are good for day and evening, winter and summer.
  3. Dress – case. This is an unshakable classic that will never give up its positions.
  4. Bando. These are special lingerie style dresses. It is always made of thin fabric and trimmed with lace. Such a dress must always be complemented with any jacket or sweater.

Evening and cocktail dresses occupy a special place in the dress cut trends. Consider the features of the cut of these outfits.

Stylish styles of dresses

Evening group

Here, the designers gave free rein to their imagination. Any cut, any length will be relevant for an evening dress in 2019. It can also be mini dresses with an extremely short length. They can be complemented with a transparent light lace or mesh skirt. Maxi dresses with a cutout or a high slit are an unshakable classic that seems to never leave the catwalks and fashion shows, along with the wardrobe of our women.

[stextbox id=»info»]For the evening, dresses that resemble Dior masterpieces with a puffy layered skirt and safari-style dresses will also be good.[/stextbox]

As for the fabrics and textures of everyday models, and evening dresses, we will consider them further.

Fabrics and texture

The novelty of this season is the return of velvet and velor to the catwalks as the material from which the dress is made. From this fabric, not only evening dresses, but also everyday ones can be sewn.

The trend in the coming year will be layering – it is achieved through puffy Dior-style skirts made of tulle or mesh, in a special cut of the upper part of the dress, which looks like a shirt is worn.

For the warm season, silk, viscose and cotton are still relevant. Preference is given to natural fabrics.

In the cold season, knitwear in all its manifestations, dense costume fabric, leather, woolen fabrics are relevant.

[stextbox id=»info»]A combination of opposite textures in a dress looks very stylish. For example, a tight leather dress can be trimmed with delicate lace or tulle.[/stextbox]

A woolen dress is often complemented with a mesh or lace inserts.

Consider some options for textured trendy dresses:

  • leather dresses. An outfit using this material is becoming more and more feminine. For such a dress in 2019, fitted silhouettes, mini length, short sleeves or its absence were chosen. The skin is diluted with delicate lace or inserts from more feminine and delicate materials;

Leather dresses

  • denim dresses. Dresses made of this fabric in 2019 will also be able to emphasize the femininity of their owner. In the new season, denim dresses with a belt and a wide skirt, with a lantern-shaped sleeve, with ruffles will be relevant;

Jeans models

  • wool dresses. Fitted silhouettes, open shoulders and cutouts are relevant here, sometimes in the most unexpected places: on the shoulder, on the back or on the side;

  • Velvet dresses are the highlight of the fall-winter 2019 season. They are good for evening and day. The silhouette can be different: A – shaped, fitted. Dresses made of this material can be decorated with a belt, ruffles;

  • lace – this material does not give up its position. Dresses made from this fabric still look fresh. Even any other textures complement and refresh with romantic and delicate lace inserts.

An important role is played by the choice of the color of the dress for the evening or day.

Colors and shades of 2019

The palette for dresses proposed by designers for 2019 is striking in its diversity. Here everyone will choose their own option. Consider what will be relevant in each season of the year.

Autumn winter

During the cold season…

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