Fashionable dresses autumn-winter 2019-2020

Fashionable dresses for the autumn-winter season 2019-2020 are focused on revealing the female personality. Light semi-sun hem or original asymmetry – democratic fashion takes into account the interests of all women. Fashion houses have already presented the current styles, colors and materials of dresses for the coming season. Consider the main trends.


Choosing a material

On the picture fashionable dresses for autumn-winter 2019-2020, the focus on warming is visible – you no longer need to freeze in outfits that are not suitable for the weather.

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Woolen dresses and dresses made of cotton yarn are relevant. The most fashionable materials are dense tweed, jacquard, denim, gabardine and velvet. For a warm autumn, cotton and linen are suitable.

Fashionable autumn dress made of thick jacquard fabric

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note: velvet dresses can make the look heavy, do not combine them with massive accessories.[/stextbox]

Take a closer look at dresses made of eco-leather and leather. Leather dresses are suitable for lovers of casual and street-style. Leatherette confidently shifts natural leather to the periphery. Some fashion houses, such as Stella McCartney and Hugo Boss, have already completely switched to eco-leather, Chanel is in the process of transition.

Actual colors

The fashion trends for the fall-winter season 2019-2020 are dominated by rich, deep colors. Shades of green, blue and purple are especially relevant.

The most fashionable colors of autumn-winter 2019-2020:

  • indigo;

  • plum;

  • dark green;

  • dark brown;

  • Navy blue;

  • metallic;

  • emerald;

  • aquamarine;

Bright colors are back in fashion: animalistics, floristry and geometry.

Animal prints

Leopard, crocodile and zebra are back on trend again.

Stylish prints are gaining popularity not only in clothes, but also among shoes and various accessories.

[stextbox id=’info’]Tip: when choosing an animalistic dress, remember one rule: accessories should be plain, calm. A large number of bright accents do not rejuvenate, but create a comical effect.[/stextbox]

Floral prints

Properly selected floristry and plant elements on the dress are the key to femininity. Don’t be intimidated by large prints, forget about the stereotype “flowers are only for grandmothers”.

Floristry looks advantageous both in monochrome and inscribed in geometric shapes. Folklore plant motifs are especially relevant.

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geometric patterns

In the trend of the autumn-winter season, a cage and horizontal lines. Geometry is especially relevant on dresses made of durable thick fabric.

As in floristry, folklore elements are relevant here, including weaving and kinks.

Polka dot dresses

By the era of the 50s, we are referred to by large peas on a dress with an A-line or half-sun. It is better to choose plain polka dots so as not to look like a colorful garland cut out of cardboard.

[stextbox id=’info’]Advice: accessories should complement the image, in harmony with the main colors. You should not choose too heavy and massive jewelry for a dress with a large bright print.[/stextbox]

Style Ideas

Consider the current styles of dresses for going out and to the office. However, do not immediately run to buy the most fashionable option, but choose a style that suits your figure.

  • Dresses for work. At work, it is important for a woman to find her business, but at the same time feminine style. Consider the options when the office dress code does not contradict the extravagance and brightness of the image.

  • Sweater dress with a belt will warm in the cold winter. Fitted models will favorably emphasize the figure, and oversize will create a feeling of comfort. Look at the wide neck.

  • Dress-chemisier with a thick belt and pumps, it will help to create a lot of images: a checkered coloring looks youthful and bright, a more classic version with strict accessories looks extravagant.

  • Dress with a loose silhouette from natural fabric or fine yarn will create a feeling of lightness, warmth and comfort. Options with asymmetry and a turn-down collar look spectacular.

  • Sheath dress has many variations: with a beautiful smell, drapery, thin straps or beautiful flowing sleeves. Ideal for a business woman working in an office. The sheath dress looks good both on full women and on thin ones.

  • Evening dresses.Both short dresses and floor length options are relevant.

[stextbox id=’info’]Tip: the main thing is that the dress is not cold, and that it does not collect splashes from puddles and slush.[/stextbox]

For women with a belly, midi dresses with an A-line are well suited. No less slimmer dresses with a skirt-sun and half-sun.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note: the shorter the dress, the more closed the neckline should be.[/stextbox]

Fashionable dresses in detail

A well-chosen decor will make the image complete and add zest to it. Current decorative inserts include lace, eyelets, drapery, sequins and fringe.

Trendy novelties are most often encrusted with small elements that do not weigh down the image. If the dress has a fringe, then its length is not more than five centimeters, if there are eyelets, then a small diameter.

You can decorate the dress yourself with a belt or a beautiful pin. A belt can replace an elegant scarf, but not too airy so that it does not get out of the general autumn-winter system.

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We hope that among such a variety of models you were able to find your own option that meets both comfort and modern fashion for autumn-winter dresses 2019-2020.


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