Fashionable dresses for the new year 2021

Preparing for the main celebration, all women want to know what fashionable dresses need to buy for a meeting new year 2021. To do this, they study novelties collections of fashion designers, keep track of new celebrity outfits, study the eastern horoscope and, of course, evaluate their parameters. What exactly is worth paying attention to and how to combine all the tips in one perfect image, we will tell further.

What color dress for the new year 2021 to choose

The Metal Ox is the symbol of the coming year. Its unique color and natural elements dictate their own requirements for the color palette of festive attire and interior design.

For New Year’s bow, you should give preference to the following shades:

  • white and its varieties: pearl, milky, ivory;
  • gray: graphite, smoky;
  • blue: azure, blue;
  • brown: chocolate, coffee, cinnamon;
  • green: forest, mint, etc.

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Given the metallic color of the symbol of the year, trendy colors of dresses for the new year 2021 will also include all sorts of brilliant shades – silver, gold, platinum, red gold, etc.

If you have looked after a dress of a different color – do not be discouraged. The bull is a rather peaceful animal and most of all appreciates comfort. So, if you feel more harmonious in a different shade, he will not punish you for your choice and will also bestow his favor.

[tds_warning]Important! That’s just bright red, nevertheless, you should beware – well, the Ox does not like this color, so it’s better not to tease and not provoke the eastern symbol, attracting his wrath.[/tds_warning]

Choose the style of the New Year’s dress

A photo fashion shows offer a wide range of fashionable dresses for the new year 2021. At the same time, stylists provided such a huge selection of different cut and finish options that every fashionista can find a model to her taste and preferences.

In trend will be the following dress styles for the new year 2021:

  • dresses of different lengths: bold mini for slender girls, elegant midi for women over 40-50 and extravagant maxi for sophisticated looks and luxurious environments;
  • different styles: chic evening, sophisticated cocktail, romantic retro;
  • slit models: the presence of a high slit on the side of the skirt, in the center back or front will make the dress more spectacular and sexy;
  • bare shoulder outfits: it can be like an asymmetry, a bustier dress, with thin straps, the “combination” style – the main thing is that it gives the image additional femininity and sensuality;
  • deep cuts: they can be both in front of the dress, emphasizing the exciting curves of the neckline, and in the back, revealing the seductive lines of the back;

[tds_note]Important! In the presence of cutouts, cuts, bare shoulders, you should avoid active decor in the decoration of the dress – the model should be aristocratically concise with the only emphasis on the open area.[/tds_note]

  • with original hemline: layered skirts, tutus or peplums, flounces and the wrong length, pleated and sheer tulle – choose the style that most flawlessly “sits” on your figure, emphasizing its advantages and hiding flaws. A combination of different textures of the top and bottom of the product will also be relevant;
  • with voluminous sleeves: the trend will be lanterns, flounces, pleats, puffs, high cuffs, which, with the general restraint of the dress design and laconic silhouette lines, will be able to emphasize the grace of the figure, making it airy and graceful;
  • dresses in popular cuts: baby dol, “mermaid” (or “fish tail”), A-siduet, bandeau, empire, fitted, case – the main thing is to move away from hoodies and emphasize your forms. Moreover, such a choice will be the best option for both thin women and owners of luxurious forms;
  • with transparent fabrics: You can choose as bright multi-layered models, where the top is made entirely of tulle or lace, or wear a modest dress, exquisitely embellished with intriguing transparent inserts.

What fabric to prefer for a stylish New Year’s bow

The material of the dresses must have several properties at once:

  • look rich and spectacular – preference is given to brocade, sequins, sparkles;
  • emphasize the airiness and lightness of the image – tulle, lace, organza;
  • give comfort and have a luxurious look – velvet, velor, satin, silk.

Models made of wool mixture and dense textiles that can keep their shape and create the correct lines of the silhouette also remain in the trend.

What are the features in the decor of New Year’s dresses 2021

beautiful dresses do not only color and style, but also finish. To meet the new year 20201, models with a bright and pronounced decor in the form of:

  • shiny sequins;
  • elegant drapery;
  • accent bows;
  • romantic frills and ruffles;
  • exciting lace;
  • graceful belts;
  • stylish leather inserts;
  • original perforation;
  • artistic embroidery;
  • exclusive fringe;
  • outrageous feathers.

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Various print patterns will be fashionable – the only exception is the leopard pattern, which must be avoided in the outfit so as not to anger the Bull.

The priority is the style according to the figure

Having learned all about fashion trends, it remains to understand how to use them to present yourself in the most profitable and effective way. To do this, you need to focus on the features of your figure and correctly use textures, decor and color scheme.

Tall thin women should not choose an extreme mini, but for short women floor-length dresses are prohibited.

Full silhouette make visually thinner fitted dress, empire or sheath. At the same time, one must understand that the main task is to choose the ideal model for a successful meeting of the new year. You should not use dresses as a corset and braces – this way you will only emphasize extra volumes. Here is the correct size fashionable dresses for the new year 2021 for overweight women with an emphasis on the waist slim down and make the forms softer and sexier.

It is also necessary to select a New Year’s outfit according to the type of figure:

  • for an impeccable hourglass, you can be guided by your taste and try on any style;
  • for a round figure (women with belly) you need elongated silhouettes and V-shaped necklines, a shift in emphasis to the neckline or original sleeves;
  • for a triangle figure, you need to make the upper part more massive – with the help of voluminous sleeves, bows and ruffles in the decoration;
  • for an inverted triangle, on the contrary, you need to add volume to the hips – basques, pleated, smell, multi-layered skirts will help;
  • for a rectangular figure, you need to look for models that emphasize the waist both by the cut itself and with the help of a smell, belt, bow, etc.

It is also worth choosing by age, which will help you feel confident and flawless for the new year. Bustier, baby-dol and A-line dresses will be relevant for teenagers, any cocktail and evening bows are suitable for young girls, and for women over 50 it is better to give preference to the noble midi length and elegant pleated.


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