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Fashionable dresses that are slimming for the summer of 2020

At Fashion Week, designers showcased a range of charming and practical dresses for summer 2020.

dresses for summer

Key trends of fashionable summer models:

  • highly draped and moving fabrics such as silk and satin, plain dyed and printed;

silk dresses

  • frank deep neckline, sometimes connected with the waistline;

plunging neckline dresses

  • high waistline;

high waisted dresses

  • minimalism in cut in models: dress – shirt, dress – robe, wrap dress;

minimalist dress

  • open shoulders;

off the shoulder dresses

  • loose sleeves of different lengths.

loose sleeve dress

Most of the 2020 models are designed not only for thin models with 90x60x90 proportions, but are made taking into account the most common body types of female figures. Such models visually slim, allow women with curvaceous forms to look stately and harmonious. The item of women’s wardrobe, consisting of a bodice and a skirt, makes the image slimmer, hides extra centimeters at the waist and hips.

Fashionable styles of midi and maxi dresses easily mask the individuality of female forms, so the fair sex only needs to decide on the color, as well as choose the style in accordance with their body features.

The main types of female figures

It is customary to distinguish 5 main types of female physique:

  • “A” or triangle. It is characterized by the presence of wide hips, narrow shoulders. Advantages – pronounced waist, flat stomach, small chest. Problem areas – calf muscles, thighs, buttocks;
  • “H” or rectangle. The figure has the same width shoulders and hips. Advantages – relatively slender legs. Problem areas – the absence of a pronounced waistline;
  • “V” or inverted triangle. It is characterized by a massive shoulder girdle. Advantages – slender legs. Problem areas – broad shoulders;
  • “X” or hourglass. This type of physique is characterized by a pronounced waistline. Advantages – the proportionality of the upper and lower belt. Problem areas are equally wide hips and shoulders;
  • “O” or pear. Women with this type of figure tend to be overweight. Advantages – narrow shoulders, relatively slender legs. Problem areas – a bulging belly, wide hips.

different figures

Fashion Dress Tips

Dresses with a high waist and a flared skirt are ideal for women with an “A” and “O” physique. The outfit, where the waist line starts from the chest, easily hides the fullness of the hips. For figures with a large wide chest, models with a deep triangular neckline are recommended, which maximally open the neckline. Depending on the slimness of the legs, you can determine the comfortable length of this type of clothing.

fashion dresses for summer

A dressing gown with a fastener on loops and buttons must be in the wardrobe of 2020 for women with a physique of types “H”, “V”, “X”. The length is above the knees, i.e., rather, a shirt dress than a dressing gown will suit figures where slender legs are an advantage. For an hourglass physique, such a dress is best worn with a belt. He will beautifully emphasize the waist.

good dress designs

A wrap dress is an alternative to a wrap dress. It is suitable for women with a physique “H”, “V”, “X”. At the same time, a large collection of these models is designed not only for office work and everyday wardrobe, like analogues on buttons, but also for special occasions. An elegant look in a wrap dress will make high-heeled shoes even more graceful.

summer dress patterns

A sheath dress with contrasting side panels divides the figure into vertical lines, visually making it slimmer. Such models are made from plain-dyed materials or from printed materials. Both of them are acceptable in the wardrobe of overweight ladies, subject to the proportion of vertical divisions. They go great with fashion accessories as well as jewelry.

Sheath dress

Any woman, regardless of her size, has the right to be beautiful. This is easy to achieve if you choose a wardrobe, following the above recommendations.

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